Quebec Students Reject Offer on Tuition Hikes

A war over education costs is brewing in Quebec with no end in sight and a feeble offer by the Province of Quebec did not stop the uprising.

Students in Quebec have been rioting in Canada over a huge tuition hike by the province and have rejected an offer to implement the increase over seven years. A student organization called CLASSE is involved in the negotiations with the province, and the government perceives this group as “radical”.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is the Classe spokesperson and expresses the views of the students and organizations against the tuition hikes.(see video)

Last week, what started as a peaceful protest was further attacked by police force and then it came to police lobbing tear gas, beatings, pepper spray and arrests of the protesters. Over 85 arrests and 3 cops injured has not stopped the protests or the hardening of each side’s position.

Thousands marched in Montreal over the week and in this past month,  in support of the protests against the government by workers, families and students for hiking up student tuition rates. Students say why they are protesting a government that favors corporate tax breaks on the backs of their studies.

David Cameron Denies Favoring Murdoch’s Business

David Cameron Denies Favoring Murdoch’s Business

The Prime Minister of the UK today denies he “favored” Rupert Murdoch’s business deals in return for favorable write ups in Murdoch’s rags.

In particular the recent big deal was Murdoch’s take over of BSkyB a big satellite TV company and his monopoly of the British press. Anyone who has that much control over the media, would have serious influence clout in the political scene and Murdoch was no stranger to Cameron’s doorstep.

It is common knowledge that the ties of Rebeka Brooks who is a long time friend of Cameron so happened to be Murdoch’s right hand lady in News of the World the most despicable of Murdoch’s business with the main objective of hacking phones. Also, Cameron and Brooks live close to each other’s homes and often go riding horses together, how chummy is that? 

As deeply corrupted as News Corp is, with hacking, bribery and invading 3,500 people’s phones many who were famous, it is not a stretch of the imagination that Cameron was on board to assist.  Jeremy Hunt who is the media and culture secretary was chummy with Murdoch leading up to the sale of BSky to Murdoch. Finally after much bruhaha from Parliament of the hacking scandal the deal was scuttled, for now.

The opposition Labor Party, are on a quest for Hunt to resign over breaching the law. The Labor party has stated: “if the PM put the same energy into defending hundreds of thousands of jobs up and down the country as he is into Jeremy Hunt, one person in his cabinet -then he might not be losing trust so quickly”.

Support for Cameron’s party has fallen by 30 percent and has been chided by his own party for his latest budget that favored tax cuts for the wealthy, while he raised taxes on the elderly.

Cameron has even taxed Pasties!! Even butting heads with the Roman Catholic Church, Cameron is seen as abandoning his “moral obligation to the poor”. If Cameron had any ethics at all he would resign and bring in a less corrupt government that works for the people not corporations.

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Cameron Explains Why He is Taxing Pasties

The same tax is upheld in Canada where taxes are so very high, on food during a recession. It just gives the government more money to squander. Pasties in Britain are as close to the heart as hamburgers in the United States are to Americans. To tax pasties is a disgraceful tax grab.