Rough White House Press Corp Dinner

Rough White House Press Corp Dinner

It was a rough and tumble night at the White House Press Corp Dinner tonight and the jokes were hilariously funny if not pointed and sharp but not for some Americans. There’s no problem with having some fun, but 80 parties in Washington to celebrate another year of a miserable job by Congress.

The annual dinner arranged by the Press Corp usually attracts the famous, the political elitists, major network media journos, and of course the same politicians that dined after not working for two years in Congress. 

There will be likely 80 parties in the next few days while Washington dines, wines and swills their way through another year of nothingness, another year of stalled economics and five bills to kill the internet through censorship.

President Obama made fun of his own hair turning gray and in his second term he’d end up like and a picture of Morgan Freeman showed on the screen. Every President has left after their term(s) with whiter hair it wouldn’t be the first time.

In attendance were famous celebrities invited to the White House Dinner:

Stevie Wonder, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Martha Stewart, Diane Keaton, Charlize Theron and of course the main roaster Jimmy Kimmel.

It was a night of the A-List Celebrities and star studded “nobody knew why they were invited people” who were also included on the guest list that don’t even work at celebrity.

For the unemployed, the jobless, the people living on the street because of the economy and Wall Street it was not a funny night.

Kimmel’s Famous One Liners To Obama: at the 2012 White House Press Corp Dinner:

“Remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious”.

“I know you won’t be able to laugh at my jokes about the Secret Service. Please cover your ears if that is physically possible”.

This night gives celebrities a chance to promote their films and hob nob with the politicians that passed the CISPA bill and four others contemplated to reduce the internet to a policed zone for Hollywood’s piddly piracy problems.

It is time that Congress get to the business of the people- for those that put them in office and for those that will vote them out in a few more months.

Of the notable quips by President Obama when speaking of the 2012 Election campaign:
“Families are off limits, dogs however are fair game”. 

Unfortunately dog food is in hamburger meat in the form of pink slime these days that’s how much they care about the US Dept. of Agriculture. Americans are eating dog food.

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Government Cuts Hurt Economic Growth

Government Cuts Hurt Economic Growth

Since the 2008 meltdown American consumers who comprise 85 percent of the US economic engine, were found to be spending more than their earnings.

That statistic has changed drastically for years, which in turn slows down the economy today. More Americans are paying off their debt as best they can and consuming less. The economy dwindled due to lack of jobs, the housing foreclosures and general a malaise in consumer attitudes regarding what were bad lifestyle choices. With less disposable income, consumers have developed a “necessity only” criteria in spending habits which is about to change.

2012 Government Spending Cuts is Bad for Economic Growth

Unless the job and housing market improve drastically the trend for the rest of this year and next will be drastic cuts in both government and consumer spending which will in turn reduce economic growth. This is why large corporate businesses are looking at emerging markets and nations where growth rates are predicted to be higher and a fresh batch of hungry consumers.

Housing Market Beginning to Show Signs of Life in 2012

The first quarter figures show signs of life in the home construction industry for the first time in six years, in pre-Obama housing market crunch that began in 2005 during the Bush administration.

The car industry has rebounded, thanks to life support from the government loans which have virtually been paid back by General Motors which is indeed showing healthy profits in the last two quarters.

Government Spending Cuts Slow the Economy

“Government spending cuts are weighing on the U.S. economy in a way that hasn’t been seen in generations. Those cuts have reduced growth for six straight quarters — the longest stretch since 1955.

Reduced government spending subtracted 0.6 percentage point from the first quarter’s growth.


Fortunately, the drag may decline the rest of this year. Defense spending fell sharply in the past two quarters, which isn’t likely to continue. And state tax revenue is recovering, closing budget gaps.


“It’s hard for the economy to accelerate when the government has its foot on the brake,” said Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors.” Yahoo News 

Government Cuts Hurt Economic Growth