Large Babies Setting World’s Record

Large Babies Setting World’s Record

Some babies are being born large these days and world records are being exceeded each years. In November, 2011 a large baby was born in Germany that weighed 13 pounds born to a forty year old woman. In the boy’s family there are nine brothers and sisters who weighed more than 5 kilograms. (11 pounds).

Large Babies Setting World's Record
China's Latest Record Breaking Big Baby


The heaviest baby ever born, that survived was recorded in 1955 Aversa, Italy, weighing in at 22 pounds, 8 ounces.

In China another baby was born weighing 7.04 kilograms on Feb 7, 2012 at 15.5 pounds with happy parents. The father said his wife ate and drank normally. The couple’s daughter weighed 4 kilograms at birth and was not expecting her son Chun Chun to weigh so much. The biggest baby born in China this Year a Dragon Year means a very lucky year or one of prosperity and good fortune.

In the USA an Iowa woman on Jan. 31, 2012 weighed 13 pounds another big baby boy delivered naturally.

Video Courtesy of Reuters Video Gallery

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Paul Ryan Budget Cuts to the Poor, Elderly and Catholics

Paul Ryan Budget Cuts to the Poor, Elderly and Catholics

Paul Ryan is grasping for some hope that people will understand his budget cut plan that leaves the elderly, poor and disabled, without life support is what Pope Benedict preaches about to his flock.

At the Jesuit Institution, at Georgetown University Paul Ryan defended his budget plan against the criticism he received from the US Catholic bishops that he violates Church Laws which teaches to have compassion for the sick, the poor, the disabled and the dying not to mention to take care of our elders.

On April 17, 2012 In USA Today, the Catholic Bishops issued a letter, a strongly worded statement to Paul Ryan that said his budget “fails to meet the moral criteria” as stated in the Catholic religion.

Catholic Bishop’s Dust Up with Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget Cuts to the Poor

In response Ryan gave a speech today, at the Georgetown University an institution where he backed up his budget by quoting Pope Benedict that governments are “living at the expense of future generations” and “living in untruth”.  Paul Ryan was met by Catholics United, a group that protests his speech with signs that read:

“Were you there when they crucified the poor?” which was a slant on “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”.

Ryan proceed to fight off the critics with “the overarching threat to our whole society today is the exploding federal debt”. No, the overarching threat to our whole society is the greed of Wall Street crooks that brought down the financial system, the greed of the few and the poor who had to pay for it.

Paul Ryan’s budget lives by a code that is not faith based in reality and not a christian principal, but more an Ayn Rand philosophy “every man for himself”. In today’s christian world the leaders of religious groups have adopted a “man eat man” world at the expense of the majority of society.

Paul Ryan Quotes the Pope on Cuts to the Poor, Elderly and CatholicsPaul Ryan  follows the selfish code of Ayn Rand

This belief is why there is so much backlash against republican so called christians, they have abandoned their faith, for selfishness, and expect to live in a communal society.

This fundamental belief directly opposes any christian teachings of the past, call it the New Christian Greed of 2012, which is to raise up the haves and abandon the “have nots”. It is a cancer that has spread in the republican party which insists that the poor pay for the rich to enjoy their spoils often stolen from this segment of society.

It is doubtful that pope Benedict would endorse Paul Ryan’s budget that taxes the middle class and not the upper crust one percent. Although, it was a nice try its not floating the boats of voters who still have christian values without the greed proposed by Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand.

There is obviously a disconnect between Paul Ryan and Catholic voters going forward to the November elections.

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Google Docs A Letter to Paul Ryan from Georgetown

In a welcome letter give to Rep. Paul Ryan signed by Theology Senior fellows, Professors, Researchers, most of who are PhD’s of Georgetown they said this:

“we would be remiss in our duty to you and our students if we did not challenge your continued misuse of Catholic teaching to defend a budget plan that decimates food programs for struggling families, radically weakens protections for the elderly and sick and gives more tax breaks to the wealthiest few”.

“In short your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her call to selfishness and her antagonism toward religion are antithetical to the Gospel values of compassion and love”.

“Cuts to anti-hunger programs have devastating consequences. Last year, one in six Americans lived below the official poverty level and 46 million Americans – almost half of them children  –used food stamps for basic nutrition.”

Charles Taylor Convicted 11 Counts at the Hague Tribunal

Charles Taylor Convicted 11 Counts at the Hague Tribunal

The former President of Liberia Charles Taylor was convicted today for war crimes, crimes against humanity on all 11 charges before the Hague International War Crimes Tribunal.

Charles Taylor, President of Liberia Convicted on 11 Counts of Crimes against Humanity

He had pleaded not guilty to all charges in seven months of a long, arduous trial where he presented himself as a statesman and peacemaker in the Liberian West Africa nation.

The judge said Taylor left 50,000 people dead, in a civil war where he committed brutal atrocities and inhumanity that left a generation with physical amputations and emotional scars.

Taylor was convicted by unanimous decision on all eleven of the counts listed as: his aiding and abetting in the crimes for which he was charged.  Taylor faces a maximum of life in prison to be served in the United Kingdom when he is sentenced on May 30, 2012.

It has taken nearly four years for the case to conclude and 1.500 exhibits, 115 witnesses and 420 days of trial.

Courtenay Griffiths who is Charles Taylor’s lawyer, accused the prosecution of using “tainted and corrupt evidence” in the trial has not disclosed whether they will appeal the verdict.

The trial represents the first in many decades of this stature since the 1940’s Nuremberg trails and convictions of Nazi war criminals under Adolf Hitler.

Elise Keppler a senior international counsel for Human Rights Watch and  Amnesty International both made a statement that praised the ruling toay. Keppler said “Taylor’s conviction sends a message to those in power that they can be held to account for grave crimes”.

Count One: Guilty of -Acts of Terrorism

Count Two: Guilty of – Murder  A Crime against Humanity 

Count Three: Guilty of -Violence to Life, Health and Physical Well Being of Persons- Murder

Count Four: Guilty of Rape-Crime Against Humanity

Count Five: Guilty of – Sexual Slavery A crime Against Humanity

Count Six: Guilty of – Outrages Upon Personal Dignity 

Count Seven: Guilty of Violence to Life, Health, and Physical or Mental Well Being of Persons in particular Cruel Treatment. 

Count Eight: Guilty of -Other Inhumane Acts a Crime Against Humanity

Count Nine: Conscripting or Enlisting Children under the age of 15 years  in Armed Forces or groups and using them to participate actively in hostilities.

Count Ten: Guilty of enslavement, a Crime Against Humanity.

Count Eleven: Guilty of Pillage a Violation of Geneva Convention.

Rupert Murdoch Apologizes for Hacking

Rupert Murdoch apologizes for the cover up, but he denies it happened with his full knowledge.

“The buck stops with me” he said today after three separate investigations have been ongoing since last year and the past few decades of allegations that were never proven until now.Murdoch acknowledged that News of the World covered up the scandal, lied and mislead investigators last year.

Partners in Crime- Rupert Murdoch and Rebeka Brooks Smile in 2011

Murdoch also denied yesterday that he was an influence peddler to several decades of British Prime Ministers from Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron. He also denied he had a war on with Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the news media who was reported in a bad light in his newspapers.

Watch Reuters Video:

Murdoch took the stand again in the UK testifying in front of a Judiciary Committee after months of protecting his son James Murdoch, his right hand protegee Rebecca Brooks.

Murdoch accepted that in any organization the head of the company takes responsibility for any actions of their employees, regardless of claims he knew nothing of it. Today his testimony was: “I’m sorry I didn’t close it years ago (speaking of News of the World). The News of the World, to be quite honest was an aberration, and it’s my fault”.

To protect his other holding the Sun tabloid he attempted to explain that the Sun was different than the News of the World, however several journos as the Sun have been arrested on charges of “bribery” to police officials. Murdoch still claims the coverup was the working of his employees, without his knowledge however it went on for over five years in which he claims he was in the dark.

Even though Murdoch claims the cover up initiated from the corporate lawyer, journalists who hired investigators to bribe officials and commit the phone email hacking offenses had to have been paid from company accounting records.

Meanwhile on this side of the pond, US investigators have yet to publish any news on investigation of phone hacking in the US operations of Murdoch’s empire. The Dept. of Justice has not issued any findings yet, on New York

Last year, Rebekah Brooks a close friend of David Cameron the Prime Minister of England, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy that prevented investigators from learning the truth about the phone hacking that went on for years.

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Canada Keeps Importing US Beef After Mad Cow Scare

Canada Keeps Importing US Beef After Mad Cow Scare

Canada is one of the USA’s major buyers of US beef, and even after the Mad Cow Scare they will continue to import US beef regardless of a failure to inspect slaughtering houses by the US Dept. of Agriculture.  

Many critics said when the Pink Slime scandal broke a month ago, in March 2012 that this was “only the tip of the iceberg” and that seems to be the case.

The USDA only inspects “Rendering Plants” not slaughter houses which goes into the food supply. Rendering plants, render cows for other uses, but slaughterhouses go into the food chain for human consumption.

Last week, Tom Vilsack stated he was ready to cut food inspector jobs that would identify bacteria, infections and Mad Cow diseases by the thousands. At the same time, PM Stephen Harper indicated in his new budget that 19.,200 food Inspectors at the US border would be cut also. With both countries cutting food inspectors the same theme is present:

To allow large factory food corporations to inspect themselves, despite the fact that recalls are posted almost daily on the USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency websites. These policies by both the USA and Canada would endanger lives, and ensure higher healthcare costs as people end up in the hospital after eating food.

Mad Cow disease, e.coli, salmonella and MRSA have been found in US beef no matter if it was found at a rendering plant or a slaughterhouse the dangers are present.

Higher cases of food borne illness is costing citizens from loss of work, sickness, bacterial infections and plainly both governments have teamed up to allow this to continue. The filth is also costing US exports of meat, as South Korea has put a ban on US meat due to the Mad Cow disease found in four cows in California.

Costs to the Economy of Lax Food Inspections and Factory Farms

The costs to both countries in terms of exports is plainly due to poor standards on both sides of the border.

On March 20, 2012 Canada had a beef recall for e.coli of 135 meat products!! 135 products consumers buy daily in Canada were infected with e.coli. From hamburger to cold cuts, to beef steak, these products were sold to hotels, restaurants and institutional buyers such as schools, or hospitals.

See: Toronto Star Article March 20, 2012

The company New Food Classics, a Canadian company responsible for this outbreak was allowed to go out of business, a technique being used in the US to avoid criminal charges, court costs for being sued or any legal responsibility in lawsuits. The company is called:

New Food Classics is located in St. Catharines, Hamilton in Ontario and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The company was allowed to go out of business before the food recall was announced and with no responsibility or fines.

See: CBC News

Canadian Government Protecting Corporate Food Operators after E.Coli Outbreak

Government and Corporate Food Profits

The Canadian government obviously did not inspect this company and yet the plant has operations in two provinces: Ontario and Saskatchewan.

In the year 2000, the meat was contaminated from this company with E.Coli Strain O157:H7 that killed seven people in Walkerton, Ontario.

Therefore, New Food Classics had a history of tainted meat and yet was allowed to continue production by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We can only assume that both countries have agreed to allow more poisons into the food supply to ensure corporations make bigger profits, without inspections and without concern for the public’s safety.

The public will not buy these new policies and demand of their respective governments that food inspection agencies “step up the monitoring” for poison in their food, not reduce the inspections.

By both governments allowing food companies such as New Food Classics and Beef Products Inc., to declare bankruptcy after an outbreak is discovered is aiding these corporations to evade legal responsibility.

The taxpayer ends up paying for higher healthcare costs, and if deaths occur these company’s and their CEO’s can escape culpability.  A system where the government helps the evasion of legal responsibility of these dirty food operators.

New Food Classics produced hamburgers for major food restaurants such as:

Heros, Licks, The Keg, Loblaws, Maple Lodge Farms, Grillhouse, Western Family, Country Morning, and Metro. These products were also falsely labeled as:
Prime Rib Beef Burgers, Angus Beef Burgers, and Sliders.

At the time of the outbreak in March, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not report whether the hamburger meat contained Pink Slime found in the USA, or whether the company imported Pink Slime from the United States.

New Food Classics went into receivership on February 22, 2012
New Food Classics also received a 1 Million dollar grant from the Ontario Govt., to establish a business in the meat food business.

See Complete List of Beef Affected by E.Coli

Canada Food Inspection Agency

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TSA Screeners Busted for Accepting Bribes from Drug Smugglers

Four TSA screeners at several airports have been arrested by federal officials, for accepting bribes to allow drug smugglers through security checks.

The arrests include four people in their twenties and thirties that could potentially spend the rest of their lives in jail or at least 10 years in a federal prison.

The security agents were alleged to have accepted payments up to several thousand dollars for looking the other way while drug smugglers traveled by air, some transactions took place at LAX.

TSA Screeners Busted for Accepting Bribes from Drug Smugglers
TSA Screeners Busted for Accepting Bribes from Drug Smugglers

The Department of Homeland Security that operates the TSA have suspended two of the employees who were currently on staff, and the other two were former officials of the TSA. The indictment includes 22 counts in five incidents where the employees allowed drug shipments through airport security. In total seven people are facing charges thus far, and four have been arrested.

The four employees arrested so far are:John Whitfield, 23 yrs old, Los Angeles, Joy White, 27 yrs old, Compton, Capeline McKinney 25, Los Angeles and Naral Richardson, 30 years old of Los Angeles.

This is not the first incident of arrests involving drug smuggling, last week a former TSA agent pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the distribution of oxycodone.

It is apparent that some TSA screeners have their hands on more than your just junk.

More on the bust at : ABC News 


Dana Rohrabacher Kicked Out of Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai threw out a demand that US Representative Dana Rohrabacher from California, a republican not be allowed to visit his country.

President Karzai told Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, that he wanted Rohrabacher not to visit Afghanistan on a military flight causing an uproar in the media. Clinton then advised Rohrabacher not to continue on to Afghanistan on his trip.

Dana Rohrabacher -The One Man Destruction Team

The Congressman was part of an envoy set to visit US troops in Kabul and was in Dubai when the news came, with parts of the delegation allowed to continue to Afghanistan.

Rohrabacher stated: “All I know is that I was prevented from going with the rest of my delegation to Afghanistan and was told that if I was on the plane, the plane wouldn’t be permitted to take off.”

Representative Rohrabacher has been extremely vocal in his descent of the involvement of US troops in Afghanistan and has even gone as far as attempting to revamp the Afghan government into a federal state, taking Karzai’s power away.

In a way, he has interfered with the internal politics of the country and has even joined forces with opposition warlords to Karzai’s government.

Rohrabacher called Karzai a “corrupt prima donna” and has been highly critical of President Karzai in the past.

“Soldiers are dying in vain” said Rohrabacher on a news network today and a year ago he decided not to back the troops going to Afghanistan.

Mr. Rohrabacher has a history of interests in Afghanistan dating back a few decades and his colleagues in the Republican party have advised him to back off his involvement on reforming the country’s government.

He has also infuriated Pakistan officials in February, by calling for the splitting up of Pakistan’s province of Baluchistan dredging up a plan for separation in that country. (NY Times)

Pakistan’s Prime Ministery Yousaf Gilani viewed that interference as an attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Since former President Bush invaded Afghanistan a decade ago however, the US has been involved in a war on terror in the wrong country.

In 2011, Dana Rohrabacher also asked the Iraqi government to pay back the 3 trillion dollars the US has spent in the War on Terror, and was asked to leave Iraq also.

It appears that Rohrabacher has overstepped the boundaries of diplomacy and exceeded the limits of his job description and in short, he is a troublemaker.

Mexico Begins Investigating Wal-Mart Bribery Case

Mexico Begins Investigating Wal-Mart Bribery Case The government of Mexico opened an investigation on the case involving Wal-Mart executives bribing local officials to speed up the building permit process for their new stores in Mexico called : WalMex.

Mexico’s Federal Comptroller’s Office are looking into the paperwork on the permits that would allow Wal-Mart to speed up the building of its new stores. The Mexico Comptroller will work with US authorities as it moves through the inquiry process.

On the US side, Wal-Mart faces criminal charges from the Department of Justice that have been sitting on the case since December 2011.

The suspected payments amount to 24 million dollars, however on the stock market the companies shares fell 4.6% in one day, as news spread of the criminal charges. Wal-Mart is amassing a firewall of attorney’s to fight the charges in court.

Mexico Begins Investigating Wal-Mart Bribery Case
Michael Duke CEO of Wal-Mart

So far the CEO of Wal-Mart Michael Duke has made no comment on the charges.

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S. Korea Bans US Meat Imports- Mad Cow Disease

S. Korea Bans US Meat Imports- Mad Cow Disease 

South Korea is the first country to ban US meat imports until further investigations are conducted to ensure the complete safety of American meat. These are the consequences of an outrageous USDA system of testing only rendering plant cows, and not the slaughter houses.

Consumers Union reports that the USDA, or FDA are not testing the human food chain, only the cows that are used for other purposes -other than human food. This incident of Mad Cow disease once again threatens US food exports and will send shock waves around the world.

People don’t want to buy meat that is tainted and/or if they are suspicious that their government is not being thorough enough, on testing foods for pathogens and diseases. Japan also imports US meat and have said they are not banning the meat yet however, that can change at anytime.

Earlier today, the USDA confirmed Mad Cow Disease was found in a California rendering plant or so it was reported. However, other reports found Mad Cow in four cows and information is lacking on exactly where the other three cows were found.

The mainstream media reports are not giving any details on what company, where, how many and why this information is being kept from the public and other countries.

South Korea is the first country to ban US meat imports until further investigations are conducted to ensure the complete safety of American meat.

Now instead of the USDA inspecting meat products, and the processes used at US meat factories, foreign countries have to inspect US meat for Mad Cow. Although the USDA head, Tom Vilsack assures the public that “all is well and safe” in US agriculture, he has lost all credibility with the Pink Slime episode weeks ago.

It wasn’t until former USDA scientists revealed that “dog food scraps from the same rendering plants” were used in hamburger meat. Vilsack once again insured that the Pink Slime was safe although it had to be doused with ammonia to kill the e.coli bacteria first.

Mad Cow or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE is a deadly disease that strikes the brain of humans and renders them into sponge like consistency and it is deadly. 

The disease is also deadly to other cows and can infect a herd of cows through their feed if it consists of body parts of other dead animals especially brain or spinal cord.  A person can be infected with Mad Cow and never even know it, for the bacteria can lie dormant for quite some time.

The USDA believes that testing only 40,000 cows in a country that slaughters 35 million cows in one year. Elisa Odabashian, Director of the West Coast Office of Consumers Union says he USDA is not testing enough and therefore they are not finding it because they are not looking hard enough she said on CNN.

If truth be told the USDA is not sampling enough, and last week Tom Vilsack announced that he was laying off food inspectors, allowing factory farms to inspect themselves. This incident could be considered a “lucky break” for the USDA that the disease was not caught in the human food chain, however they are not off the hook as far as removing inspectors, lowering standards and allowing corporate profits to rule over consumer safety.

For More Information see: Consumers Union

A statement from the Consumers Union:

Consumers Union statement on BSE positive cow

Consumers Union is seriously concerned by the announcement today of a new case of mad cow disease in a cow from Central California. This raises three important questions about the safety of US beef.

First, the USDA testing program for mad cow disease is way too small. USDA only tests some 40,000 cows a year of the millions slaughtered annually. So we really don’t know if this is an isolated unusual event or whether there are more cases in US beef. Our monitoring program is just too small.

Second, detection of BSE is needlessly hindered by the fact that USDA prohibits private companies from testing their own beef. Private testing could augment USDA testing and provide an extra measure of monitoring and assurance of safety to consumers.

“The USDA only tests cattle that are sent to the rendering plants and doesn’t test at slaughterhouses. We find it hard to understand why USDA prohibits private companies from testing.” end quote

A cow suffering from Mad Cow Disease was usually infected by eating parts of another animal, especially brain and nervous system parts that carried the same infection. Animal farmers do not see the disease until it is too late and the cow is struggling to stand up.

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References to consistent Mad Cow Disease found in US meats exported in 2006, 2012.

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