Five Bills to Control the Internet CISPA and Not One Jobs Bill

Game Five: It is game five in the “Who Controls The Internet Game” that congress has been playing lately, five bills that have nothing to do with security. Yet not one jobs bill has been written, voted on or attempted by this Congress. It’s making people sick enough to turn politics right out of their lives. 

The internet has barely recovered from the outrageous bill in January called SOPA, PIPA and last October ACTA when another ball of misguided legislation comes out of the gate in Congress this week called CISPA.

CISPA also has the same bi-partisan player support as the last time in the game of “who will control” the internet it appears Congress is laying claim to a property they do not own. The World Wide Web.

In the same manner as the four other bills, Congress has eliminated the judicial system with no recourse for US businesses considered a threat by some bureaucrat in Washington.

The bill actually allows the government to share with private corporations, people’s private communications and information without a warrant and with a broad definition of ” cybersecurity” as their reasoning.

The bill will be debated tomorrow and a vote will be held on Friday, April 27th, 2012 decided by persons who are ignorant of the internet and it properties.

Again as with the four other bills CISPA is open to abuse, indiscriminate invasion of privacy, whimsical reasoning of what constitutes a security threat with large and broad definition of that term.

The Obama administration has stated out front that the President will Veto this bill and any bill that offers no reasoning, no validity and is merely a power grab by the movie industry and Chris Dodd’s pals.

There are five bills either pending a vote or planned in this Congress that deal with internet control, censorship or limits on business innovation since the mid-term election.

The players are representatives and senators who have accepted funds for their vote in both Houses and this includes Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

The list is getting longer each month as they drag out the masterpiece bills called SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, CFSAand now CISPA. CISPA is coming to a vote this week, again wasting precious time for the nonsensical ideology of Hollywood moguls, corporate interests and security companies.

This latest bill like all the others is fronted by none other than Chris Dodd, a former Democrat Senator who is now the head of the Motion Picture Association of America, a Hollywood lobby group for which he draws a huge salary.

Dodd is lobbying his former associates to support this ill-conceived idea that either the government, corporations, the FBI or security companies should control the world wide web to prevent a few pirates from sneaking content on the net.

The bills thus far, demonstrate these people, have no idea what they are doing, their damage to commerce will be irreparable and the whole idea is illegal. The US does not have legal rights to claim ownership of the “global internet”.

The waste of time in terms of Congressional hours spent voting these bills are costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Unfortunately the people who are drafting these bills are neither internet experts or knowledgeable on internet technology or how it operates and creates jobs.


Another Chris Dodd Production

Chris Dodd

Didn’t make it as a Senator-Bombs as Hollywood’s God of the Internet

Actually, Chris Dodd is legally barred from lobbying for two years after leaving Congress and within months he accepted this position as CEO, Chairman of the Board and King Pin in the Motion Picture industry.

“Recently retired Senator from Connecticut Christopher Dodd said upon leaving office he would not seek to become a corporate lobbyist. But that was two months ago, and times change. The former five-term Democratic senator announced yesterday he accepted a job as head of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Technically, Dodd is legally barred from becoming a lobbyist for two years after leaving the Senate” Tim Cogitorium

More Murdoch Denials and Hilarious Testimony at UK Investigation

More Murdoch Denials and Hilarious Testimony at UK Investigation

Too Rich to Fail – To Big to Topple -

The Rupert Empire Lives on in the UK To Tell Another Lie

The continued investigation of Rupert Murdoch’s influence peddling throughout decades of influencing UK politics and Prime Ministers from Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and now the infamous David Cameron yields comical laughs from the media. In his testimony today at the Leveson Inquiry, he was asked about his intimate relationships with British Prime Ministers led to the comic relief of the inquiry. (See quotes below)

The Murdoch Tag Team- Rupert and James his son continued Denials

Rupert Murdoch’s power and influence globally through his newspapers, are well known to many governments and his Fox News outlet in the States, is an arm of the US republican conservative party.  Fox News is known to “make stuff up” and reported inaccuracies in their news stories are laughable to US society.

A high ranking offical resigned today Jeremy Hunt who is the British Culture Secretary refused to acknowledge that he gave News Corp insider information. Adam Smith resigned as Hunt’s special adviser but there are howling calls for Jeremy Hunt’s resignation as well.

Adam Smith on the left- Jeremy Hunt on the right -Resignations are eminent

Here in Jeremy Hunt denies helping Murdoch with the Sky News take over when the phone hacking scandal,  shook the BSkyB bid by Murdoch. Hunt said he followed procedures but claims that “he wasn’t judging the bid -he was backing this bid” was articulated by Harriet Harman the Shadow Culture Secretary who continues to call for the resignation of  Jeremy Hunt, and the dirty dealings in the Murdoch influence peddling scandal.

James Murdoch Testifies Again in Levonson Inquiry

James Murdoch caught up in the lies, cover ups and denials of wrongdoing took the stand again in the Levonson Inquiry. Hopefully, although doubtful the father and son tag team will do so without lying on the stand but that is hoping for the impossible.

As video tape of the witnesses is not yet available from the UK – we will be posting updates to this inquiry as they are made available.

Hilarious Murdoch Tidbits from the Inquiry by Guardian Co. UK

“Gordon Brown has described as “wholly wrong” an account by Rupert Murdoch of a telephone call between the pair about the former prime minister “declaring war” on News Corporation

Former Times editor Sir Harold Evans said Murdoch showed “spectacular displays of imagination” in his evidence about a newsroom revolt at the title

Jeremy Hunt spent five days in the US holding meetings with News Corp at the same point Rupert and James Murdoch were first deciding whether to bid for Sky, official documents reveal

Rupert Murdoch says he was “as surprised as anyone” that David Cameron hired ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his spin doctor

Murdoch defends meetings with Cameron on family yachts as “part of the democratic process”

Prime minister gives Jeremy Hunt full backing as culture secretary’s special adviser resigns over the News Corp-BSkyB emails

Rupert Murdoch has claimed that Gordon Brown willfully misled people over a Sun story about the former prime minister’s son

Murdoch said Brown was “unbalanced” and had declared war on News Corporation end quote

Blue Dog Democrats Going Down to Defeat in 2012

Blue Dog Democrats Going Down to Defeat in 2012

The vanishing dwindling number of Blue Dog Democrats, is a trend that will continue to materialize in the 2012 election this year.

The same Blue Dog Democrats are going down to defeat again in 2012 as they did in 2010’s mid-term elections that practically wiped them out entirely.

Representative Tim Holden a Democrat from Pennsylvania and Jason Altmire Democrat for Pennsylvania both “conservative” democrats were defeated in primary races yesterday. Holden voted against Pres. Obama’s energy plan and for not holding to the building of clean energy in a dirty state where gas fracking and dirty energy continue to damage the environment largely by the republican party. Tim Holden also voted against the Obama healthcare reform bill which was a key issue in the first term for the President.

The Blue Dogs are losing to Progressive Democrats with the help of PAC’s that are for Campaign for Primary Accountability, League of Conservation Voters and MoveOn. Jason Altmire also voted against the President’s health care plan and was defeated

Advertisements against Blue Dog Democrats Changes the Landscape for 2012

Ads Against Democrat John Barrow Democrat Blue Dog for Georgia

Tim Holden- Blue Dog Democrat- Goes Down

More Ads for 2012 Democrats for Health Care Reform to Revitalize their Pledges

Gingrich Drops out of GOP Race to the White House

Breaking News: Gingrich Drops out of GOP Race to the White House

Newt Gingrich is getting out of the Republican race to the White House confirmed by CNN news. Gingrich lost in Delaware indicating his run in the race is one of consistent defeat to Mitt Romney.

Bye Bye Newt!

It could have been his Moon Colony, or his lack of funding or just the votes in general not going his way. Gingrich has run for President many times in the past, therefore the move to drop out today, did not come a surprise. This leaves only Ron Paul in the race for the GOP nomination who has done even more poorly in the delegate count than Newt Gingrich.

More news to follow.

Food Irradiation The Risks to Health

The process of making food last longer is so much more unhealthy processing than consumers are aware about or are even told about. Food Irradiation means just that: the food is passed through radiation.

Radiating Potatoes

Food that is radiated to destroy bacteria, increase shelf life, and chemically changes the properties of the food including damaging the DNA of fruit or vegetables.

Food Irradiation stops the ripening process to length the shipping times, the time spend on grocery shelves and by the time it reaches your mouth -it is void of nutritional benefit. For More information on how you can protect yourself:

Visit:  Food Irradiation with Doctor Mercola

Irradiation is Ionizing Radiation primarily for longer shelf life which increases sales for food makers. If food was made safer by radiation, why are people still getting e.coli, salmonella and other bacteria in their food?

On million Americans get food poisoning each week, this was in 2009 and continues to risk lives in 2012. But is radiation healthy in the long run does it remove any benefit of eating food or does it make the food even more dangerous. But is irradiation even working to reduce outbreaks of bacterial infection?

Why is food so infected these days, it was never like this 20 years ago, there were never these alarming rates of food poisoning, food recalls and infected food as there are now? Does profit come before the health of human beings?
The answer is yes.

More Reading here:

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Fukushima Wave of Radiation Heading for the USA West Coast

Fukushima Wave of Radiation Heading for the USA West Coast

The news of a large ocean radioactive plume is heading towards the United States and Canada’s west coast from Japan. The latest marine maps show the plume has already hit Hawaii just as the initial wave hit days after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Kevin Kamps explains the Nuclear damage coming to the United States and Canada

At the time of the earthquake and tsunami it was known by scientists that the radioactive damage would reach California within 2 to 3 years. But, it has arrived earlier than planned.

This is radioactive contamination emitted from Japan and is sweeping across the Pacific ocean to the west coast of the North American continent. The How Much radiation question remains in the hands of TEMPCO the power company that operates the nuclear plants and they are not revealing critical data to estimate how much radiation is coming to North America. What does this mean to people?

Well without any news reported of this in the mainstream media by scientists, and nuclear experts it is hard to determine what will be the outcome of the damaging radiation wave.

Most definitely any fishing areas off the west coast will be hit with this radioactive sludge material, from Alaska down to the Canadian salmon areas, down to fishing off the coast of western USA and Mexico. This will include whales, fish, shrimp and any food caught off the west coast in ocean waters.

TEMPCO dumped the nuclear waste into the ocean after  being “strongly urged by the US government”. Since TEMPCO never had on site storage for their nuclear waste, they collected it within the reactors to accumulate.

After the many explosions, TEPCO can not account for the nuclear sewage waste that ran into the ocean continuously for one year now. For example, there is a 10 inch thick cesium sludge at the bottom of Tokyo Bay.

TEPCO also “burned” nuclear waste into the atmosphere bring the nuclear damage to the environment from Japan to a catastrophic failure level. 

Feb 13, 2012 Third Radiation Test High Levels -St. Louis, Missouri

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