Damages Cap Unconstitutional Says Miss. Judge

A judge in Mississippi has declared a law that requires a cap on jury awarded damages as unconstitutional.

A Mississippi law that has been in effect for 8 years limited the amounts jury can award for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.  

Circuit Court Judge Charles Webster declared that the law interferes with the authority of the justice system for plaintiffs who have suffered damages that are curtailed by such laws. 

For years, certain political parties have attempted to legislate tort reform that either prohibits or disallows citizens to sue which eliminates their constitutional rights.

Lawsuits are a hazard of bad business practices where an ordinary citizen has a chance to recuperate losses from large companies that have ample legal representation.

To eliminate or reduce jury awards defeats the purpose of a legal system’s main obligation to citizens and their rights to a fair, equitable resolution to damages by another party.

Under Mississippi statutes the law states that every citizens have a right to those remedies without limits, to recover damage to their person, land, possessions and character as determined by a jury.

Judge Webster stated: “Rights guaranteed through the constitution may be changed, limited and /or removed. However, they cannot be changed, limited and/or removed by legislative enactment. There is a process by which such might occur – it is through amendment to the constitution”.

This case of the Constitutionality of limited awards in the judicial along with others will undoubtedly be brought up to the Supreme Court.

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Monsanto a US Company of Poison and Deceit

Monsanto the huge seed, pesticide and chemical company that claims it holds a patent on seeds, made by nature by injecting pesticide in the germ of the seed, is under enormous world wide condemnation and lawsuits.

Yet under the direction of the USDA Tom Vilsack who is a former Monsanto lawyer himself, was appointed by Pres. Barack Obama. It is clear that Obama receives campaign contributions from Monsanto, Dow, pharmaceuticals and other large corporations, but Monsanto is one of the vilest companies in the world.

Total World Food Domination for Monsanto is their Primary Goal besides selling pesticides to farmers to kill off even more people. Bill Gates is now promoting GMO seeds to poor countries in Africa, taking advantage of their vulnerability and lack of knowledge of what GMO seeds will do to their people.

A mass of protests, calls for the USDA head to step down and a litany of lawsuits has not stopped the President of the United States from taking decisive action to prevent the losses, the costs to consumers and the degradation of food production in the country.

The stories are real, the anger is growing and the political stakes could not get much higher. If Obama chooses to ignore the wants and needs of voters, he will only add to the chances that he will fail to win re-election in November.

Monsanto Sued for Poisoning Farmers – Argentina

“A lawsuit filed this week claims that the Monsanto corporation, “motivated by a desire for unwarranted economic gain,” knowingly poisoned farmers that were pressured to use the company’s chemicals.

“Farmers from Argentina claim that agricultural giant Monsanto, along with Philip Morris and other major American tobacco companies, asked them to use chemicals on their crops that caused “devastating birth defects.” The plaintiffs say that the corporations being included in the suit were aware of the implications but failed to warn the farmers, instead acting “by a desire for unwarranted economic gain and profit.”

“In the suit, filed this week at New Castle County Court in the state of Delaware, Monsanto, Philip Morris and others are said to have “wrongfully caused the parental and infant plaintiffs to be exposed to those chemicals and substances which they both knew, or should have known, would cause the infant offspring of the parental plaintiffs to be born with devastating birth defects.” A 55-page complaint filed in court alleges that those chemicals caused conditions to develop that include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida, congenital heart defects, Down syndrome, missing fingers and blindness.”

The perfect drug? Monsanto hooks Nepal on GMO corn

The Nepalese government has teamed up with notorious agricultural giant Monsanto to force farmers use its GMO seeds. The strain, banned in several EU countries, will be used to substitute imports and boost the starving nation’s maize production.

The ultimate goal of the protests was to put pressure on the government of Nepal to cancel its agreement with USAID and Monsanto before the consequences hit. They say the partnership will shift the country’s dependence from imported maize to genetically modified seeds from abroad.

Monsanto’s history is not exactly branded in glory. Allegations of monopolization of local markets follow the corporation, as it has been sued by hundreds of thousands of farmers around the globe.”

Monsanto Threatens to Sue the Entire State of Vermont for Food Labeling of GMO

“Lawmakers in Vermont are looking to regulate food labels so customers can know which products are made from genetically modified crops, but agricultural giants Monsanto say they will sue if the state follows through.

If the bill in question, H-722 (the “VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”) passes the state Senate and House, manufacturers will be required to label products that are created either partially or in full from a genetically modified organism, or GMO”

“With Vermont legislators now standing in the way of what could mean even more money for Monsanto, the company says they will sue the state if H-722 is approved.”

OSGATA v. Monsanto Battle over Farmer’s Rights Against Monsanto

Monsanto Banned in France

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

US to Start Trade Wars with Nations who Opposed to Monsanto GMO Crops

Dow and Monsanto in War for GMO Corn

Breaking News: Monsanto To Face Biopiracy Charges in India

New Salvo in War with Monsanto and GMO Roundup Ready Seed

Monsanto Plans Massive Bio-Experiment in USA

3000 Farmers Hope for Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Scientists Under Attack

Scientists Under Attack Part 2

American Food Safety Bill Not What it Seems

Thom Hartman -Patent on Seeds By Monsanto and Others

Occupy Monsanto

Haitian Farmers To Burn Donated Monsanto Seeds

Peru Passes Monumental Ten Year Ban on Genetically Engineered Foods

Occupy Monsanto Protest in Washington, DC

Monsanto GMO Corn in Peril: Beetle Develops Bt-Resistance

Monsanto Develops “Genetically Modified Pig”

Monsanto Buys Terminator Seed Company

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USDA Tom Vilsack Wants To Fire Food Inspectors?

Last week the head of the USDA Tom Vilsack announced that he wants to have food makers “regulate and inspect themselves”.

This week we have four cows that “could have” made their way to the food supply with deadly Mad Cow disease.

A Mad Cow- Tom Vilsack has reduced Food Safety in the last three years


Last month it was the Pink Slime scandal that revealed “dog food scraps” were being incorporated into hamburger meat as “lean textured fine beef”.

The US food standards have become a joke and a deadly game of protecting food maker’s profits while endangering American families.

If a child gets e.coli their kidneys shut down and they can die. Is President Obama really concerned? He doesn’t appear to be and he stands behind Tom Vilsack a former lawyer for Monsanto.

A disgraceful liaison where corporate interests and profits from filthy food comes first.  Obama is not far from what Mitt Romney’s policies are:

Corporate profits before public safety. Corporations are people, my friend.

Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in US Confirmed by USDA in 4 Cows

Breaking News: Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in US Confirmed by USDA in 4 Cows

The USDA today confirmed four cows in the US one in California, have been found to have Mad Cow Disease which is deadly to humans. The USDA Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford announced this afternoon that the cow’s meat did not enter the food supply was found at a slaughter house.

What is Barack Obama doing about this?

Nothing at all. He stands by Tom Vilsack a former Monsanto lawyer.

He stated there was no concern for alarm.

Mad Cow is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE according to a statement from the USDA:

“”We are sharing our laboratory results with international animal health reference laboratories in Canada and England, which have official World Animal Health (OIE) reference labs. These labs have extensive experience diagnosing atypical BSE and will review our confirmation of this form of the disease.”

Mad cow is deadly if consumed by humans, and have been found in cattle both in Canada and the United States. In the 1990’s the disease was rampant in the UK, killing 150 people.

Symptoms of Mad Cow Disease in Humans:

Mad cow disease is contaminated beef with BSE and has no cure.
The infection spreads to the brain tissue and can be spread throughout a family.

Symptoms of Mad Cow include: Coma, Death, memory problems, rapid dementia, jerking movements, insomnia, depression, confusion, personality disorder or changes in behavior, vision and coordination problems. Source: About.com *

Blood tests can identify whether a person has Mad Cow Disease by a medical doctor and is primarily a brain disease that becomes worse with time.

Cows develop the disease through their feed for instance if they eat other dead animals or infected animals in their feed but scientists are not sure.

This announcement comes one week after the head of the USDA Tom Vilsack announced that food inspectors will be laid off and his plan to let food manufacturers inspect themselves. This idea would have put the public’s health in danger if these animals would have made their way to the grocery stores.

The USDA should be inspecting more not less to protect the public food safety and insure that Americans do not contract deadly poison from their food.

Curated News:

ABC Health News: Mad Cow Disease Case Confirmed by USDA

USDA Statement on Mad Cow Disease Found in Four Animals April 24, 2012

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Let Them Eat Chicken 

Raw If Possible

Why the USDA Needs to Be Overhauled- Why has President Obama Fell In Love with Tom Vilsack a former Monsanto Lawyer who is deregulating Food Safety.
We might as well eat chicken raw. Fecal contamination, 100% infected food: The Young Turks Report

Security Experts Urge Congress to Stop Cyber Security Bills

News from Congressional hearings on CISPA the latest attempt from private industry to join with government security to transfer internet usage to each other in a new bill.

“A senior Obama administration official has stressed the White House’s opposition to a controversial cybersecurity bill ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives later this week.”  Guardian Co. UK quote
CISPA will be voted on this week by a Congress that does not understand the internet, do not have the legal right to assert control and censorship the world wide web.

Security Experts Urge Congress to Stop Cyber Security Bills

CISPA is more a general “invasion of privacy” rather that establishing any form of increased security, rather it decreases security by the government.

CISPA which is the latest modified form of internet censorship in other bills such as: SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and CFSA which are sponsored by Hollywood and corporate special interest groups.

Under the veiled disguise of “piracy” “security” these bills are engineered for US control of the internet, censorship, surveillance of anyone and will as experts say threatened internet commerce as well as jobs.

The Security Experts, Academics and Engineers of the US have sent a letter to lawmakers which opposes CISPA and the series of five internet security bills put forth by this congress. Excerpts of the letter:

“We are writing you today as professionals, academics, and policy experts who have researched, analyzed, and defended against security threats to the Internet and its infrastructure. We have devoted our careers to building security technologies, and to protecting networks, computers, and critical infrastructure against attacks of many stripes.”

“The bills currently under consideration, including Rep. Rogers’ Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (H.R. 3523) and Sen. McCain’s SECURE IT Act (S. 2151), are drafted to allow entities who participate in relaying or receiving Internet traffic to freely monitor and redistribute those network communications”

“In summary, we urge you to reject legislation that:

    Uses vague language to describe network security attacks, threat indicators, and countermeasures, allowing for the possibility that innocuous online activities could be construed as “cybersecurity” threats.
    Exempts “cybersecurity” activities from existing laws that protect individuals’ privacy and devices, such as the Wiretap Act, the Stored Communications Act, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
    Gives sweeping immunity from liability to companies even if they violate individuals’ privacy, and without evidence of wrongdoing.
    Allows data originally collected through “cybersecurity” programs to be used to prosecute unrelated crimes.”

The numerous companies that signed this letter are listed at EFF.org

For more information on how you can stop these unnecessary bills that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars in wasted Congress hearings go to:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

An Open Letter From Security Experts and Engineers to U.S. Congress: Stop Bad CyberSecurity Bills

ONA Issues

Press Background Briefing: SOPA Redux: The Problem with CISPA with Rainey Reitman and Josh Levy


Harper Cuts Food Inspectors- Safety of Food – Risks for Canadians

Canada Cuts Food Inspector – Animal Vet Jobs- Risks of Food Safety

The Harper government announces radical changes with cuts to food inspector jobs across Canada, ensuring more unsafe foods makes it’s way to Canadian consumers and to their dinner tables.

After the Pink Slime scandal last month in the USA, when it was found that hamburger meat contained left over refuse from slaughter houses you’d think more inspectors were needed.

Under the USDA  pink slime that was “not labeled” in human food and normally used for dog food, was sold in hamburger meat as “totally safe” by the USDA and FDA.

Even though food recalls are announced daily in the US and Canada, this will not be the case any longer. For years, hamburger meat recalls took place for salmonella and e.coli found in meats which in some cases (5,000 per year in the USA) causes death.

Corporate Freedom to Self Monitor Means Unsafe Food

We know that big factory food makers like to “cut corners” use scrap dog food as filler for a bigger profit and they have done so. Canadian food recalls include tainted food sold in Canadian manufacturing that go out of business to avoid legal repercussions.

The move announced today, will mean the “Free Markets” literally, freedom from regulations and that the government of Canada will no longer be protecting consumer foods.  The announcement states that the corporations will monitor their own products.

The deep cuts to government inspectors means food inspectors and veterinarians in Canada’s food supply will be gone.

The announcement includes 19,200 jobs of food inspectors across Canada, means literally no inspections and that the accuracy of required labels will decline.

The CFIA Canada Food Inspection Agency and it’s veterinarians inspect food coming from the USA at the border, and are Canada’s necessary defense against tainted foods coming from the USA. The function of the CFIA is to also put out recall announcements which will no longer be the case.

How are consumers protected now? The industry will monitor itself.
In 2008 the same Conservative government included the biggest food recall in the Maple Leaf Food scandal of Listeriosis that caused 22 deaths in Canada from deli meats.  At the time, the Harper government promised “more food inspections” not less.

This is at a time today, when tainted foods come from China and the USA unlabeled are causing more recalls and more sickness across the border on both sides.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and (PIPSC) Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada  union leaders say the “volume of job cuts” indicates the Conservatives are going back on their word of limiting cuts to “back office” efficiencies.

Union leader Gary Corbett the President of PIPSC is “very shocked” and outlines the budget cut will impacts thousands of jobs.

Union leader Bob Kingston of PSAC Agriculture Union said “it is impossible to cut that many people and not affect food safety”.

No Government Food Inspections in Canada- 19,200 Jobs Cut by Harper Government follows the USDA cuts in their inspectors as well.

Canadian consumers will be eating more food that isn’t inspected or labeled
including the country of origin when most meat, poultry and pork is now imported from the United States.

More industry self-regulation means large food makers who are the culprit in most food infected with e.coli, bacteria, slime etc will regulate themselves.
It seems Harper is turning over food safety to corporations and is following the USDA Tom Vilsack’s drastic measures to stop food inspections entirely in the USA.

What it means for Canadian and American Consumers:

More tainted foods entering the food supply.
Less safe foods, less regulation of corporate food suppliers.
No  charges against factor farm violators who sell tainted food.
Higher medical bills, higher healthcare costs for taxpayers.
More sick children who’s immune system will be damaged.
It means the government no longer will protect consumer food.

Curated News

Globe and Mail (Update: Globe and Mail has removed this article from the internet. August 24, 2012

Food Safety Workers Among Hardest Hit by Harper Budget Cuts

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Food Inspection Cuts Prompt Safety Concerns

E Food Alert

New Food Classics Goes Bankrupt Then Recalls Beef


“New Food Classics applied for bankruptcy protection on January 17, 2012. The ground beef producer and its associated companies are in liquidation.

On February 15th (according to a report filed with the Court), the company learned that a case of E. coli O157:H7 illness had been linked to the consumption of frozen hamburger manufactured in October 2011 at New Food Classics’ production facility (Establishment Registration Number 761, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). Three days later, the company recalled 3,800 cases of frozen hamburger products. On February 22nd, the company and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced that another 767 cases of product had been added to the recall list.”

FDA Food Inspectors – Once Every 10 Years???

Wheels Fall Off at Wal-Mart

Original Post: April 24, 2012

Updated August 21, 2012 -Due to removal of a YouTube Video regarding the WalMart bribery scandal. 

Updated September 1, 2012 Due to the removal of a photograph.


The wheels are falling off at Wal-Mart as news of the scandal spreads, the shake up goes right to the top of the food chain to the CEO Mike Duke.

Wal-Mart actually claimed that bribery is how “business is done” in Mexico, an illegal foreign act according to international laws.  

A congressional investigation has now also opened up. It is strange but the Dept of Justice knew about the bribery back in December of 2011, and yet no action was taken.  Perhaps, Wal-Mart is bribing members of US congress as well to keep a lid on this scandal of criminal activity in Mexico and perhaps other countries as well. 

In a country where the Supreme Court rules a “corporation is a person” rightfully, Wal-Mart can be sued by every American citizen as a person, as an entity. 

The fact that the top brass allegedly covered up the bribery scandal and that the case involves a Foreign Corrupt Practice doesn’t make for a great public relations campaign for new stores in Mexico. 

Wall-Mart Stock Crashes from Scandal of Bribery in Mexico

Wal-Mart stock fell almost 5 percent on Monday, accounting for about one-fifth of the losses in the Dow Jones industrial average, as investors reacted to a bribery scandal at the retailer’s Mexican subsidiary and a report that an internal investigation was quashed at corporate headquarters in Arkansas.

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WalMart’s Cover up of Scandal of Bribery in Mexico

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A Personal View of What the People Think of Wal-Mart

24 Million Dollars Paid By Wal-Mart in Bribes of Mexican Officials
They’re own executives shut down their own internal investigation so the news would not get to the public or the authorities.

WalMart Bribery

Wal-Mart Faces Charges on Bribery in Mexico Scandal

Originally Posted: April 24, 2012

Updated: Sept. 7, 2012 Wal-Mart suspected of Money Laundering by Lawmakers

Updated: August 23, 2012  Fresh New Allegations have surfaced indicating Wal-Mart may have been involved in tax evasion as well as money laundering in Mexico as well as bribery. Where there is smoke there is fire. Two US congressman have obtained more internal documents which leads them to believe the major retail is facing further charges in a letter sent to CEO Michael Duke.

Mr. Ellijah Cummings and Henry Waxman sent the letter urging Duke to respond under accusations of violating FCPA and gives him until Aug. 28, 2012 to respond.

Further, Mr. Duke has not provided documents requested by the US Congressional investigation as well as investigations conducted by the US. Department of Justice, the SEC and the Mexican government that are all running at the same time. Wal-Mart is in a big heap of trouble that would make Michael Duke’s job a precarious one.

Wal-Mart’s latest scandal of charges of bribery, in Mexico has caused a stock market plunge in shares and may cost a few top executives their jobs. (Source: Telegraph.co UK)

Wal-Mart -The High Cost of Crime

A story broke in the New York Times reveals that Wal-Mart attempted to cover up a bribery scheme worth millions of dollars to Mexican officials, for speeding up building permits for their stores.

The Mexican subsidiary has been accused of bribing local officials which internal investigators did not report to law enforcement.

Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Henry Waxman plan to launch an investigation and have notified the CEO of Wal-Mart Mike Duke.

The Dept. of Justice has been investigating since December 2011 now several months later the news has exploded on the stock market.

The charges if found to have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act could cost the company millions of dollars in fines and possible jail time for the individuals involved.

The nightmare for Wal-Mart is just beginning in a public relations bloodbath that they reported to the Securities Commission that their investigation revealed some laws may have been broken in their Mexican subsidiary and it’s part in a corrupt practice.

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Wal-Mart actually squashed their own internal investigation of accusations of bribery