Occupy Food Safety or Pay The Medical Bills

April 23, 2012 Americans are so familiar with food recalls these days, it becomes a case of where they are numb to the bad news in our nation’s food supply.

When an American family, have to be concerned they will get food poisoning from their grocery store, a fast food restaurant, a small independent restaurant and everywhere they look there is a major uproar. The Pink Slime incident, is only the tip of the iceberg in the food industry.

Occupy Food is a Movement – To Stop Food Sickness

Below is the Rivera family.  An E. coli O157:H7 infection cost them over $6,000,000 in medical costs and kept Linda, still in a wheelchair, in the hospital for over two years.

Enough is Enough.

Food poisoning is not a new concern. The problem is, it’s not an old one either.  Consumers, Government and Industry have been working to eradicate foodborne illness in the United States since Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle revealed rampant contamination in the nation’s food supply and thrust food safety onto the national scene. And yet, pathogens continue to crop up in our food supply, sickening an estimated 48 million people per year, according to recently updated information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And these bugs don’t just land people on the toilet for a few days. Of those sickened, 128,000 are hospitalized each year and 3,000 don’t survive.

Not only are foodborne illnesses tragic; they are costly too. Illnesses from food poisoning pose a $77.7 billion economic burden in the United States annually.  (See, Economic Burden from Health Losses Due to Foodborne Illness in the United States, Author: Scharff, Robert L., Source: Journal of Food Protection®, Volume 75, Number 1, January 2012, pp. 123-131(9)).  That’s about the equivalent of what government spends on national intelligence each year. While agencies such as the CIA and FBI work to protect people from foreign and domestic threats, preventable foodborne diseases leak the same amount spent on these programs from the economy.

Please join us in pushing for a safer food supply so that the next time CDC updates its food borne illness statistics, there will be fewer to report.

What you can do:

A.     Find out more on the topic:

B.     Write or call your legislators to tell them why food safety deserves adequate funding and tight regulations, including increased testing and adherence to sanitation guidelines.

C.     Wear a t-shirt that spreads the message about the impact of food poisoning in the United States.  They are on sale at cost at www.occupyfoodsafety.com

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Plan B if SCOTUS Overturns Obama’s Healthcare Plan

Do the Democrats have a back up plan just incase the Supreme Court decides to take the daunting step of overturning Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, and disrupt 32 million Americans who now have healthcare?.

Plan B for Healthcare Plan

When asked what would happen if the Supreme Court overturned the health plan: James Carville, democratic advisor to the Bill Clinton campaign, states that “it would be the best thing that every happened to the Democratic Party”. The American people believe this whole thing is political. If SCOTUS overturns Obama’s healthcare plan, “Go see Scalia when you want healthcare” says Carville.

If the SCOTUS, plans to again play politics after changing an election outcome are playing with fire if they are determined to overrule the majority of Americans. This is not election 2004 where a decision was up in the air.

This decision, affects people’s very lives, the weight of this decision must bear some responsibility to the American people, the disenfranchisement from health care insurers who are cutting people off, using tactics such as pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. Heath insurance companies have brought this on themselves with skyrocketing health care costs and denial of coverage.

James Carville Responds to SCOTUS Overturning Obamacare


Besides the obvious of blaming a republican majority higher court who would play politics with people’s lives, the reserve plan would have to be contemplated. In the meantime the Republicans would have to answer to a big majority of voters, why they destroyed the only healthcare plan they could ever have, and after that, why they should win the election. Another daunting task, especially in a recession.

Republicans in Congress are getting ready to answer an election-year question that has dogged the party’s campaign for months: How would it replace President Barack Obama’s healthcare law if the measure is overturned or repealed?…More at Republicans eye health plan should court overturn reform – Chicago

Republican vs. Democrat 2012McCain and Dubya Bush enjoy cake as the Gulf Coast drowns, 29 August 2005

Piece of Cake for Republicans to replace Obamacare back to nothing.