The Polls Say Obama and Romney are Even?

The Polls Say Obama and Romney are Even?

Polls are fallible estimates and not even an accurate system of knowing day to day how voters will vote seven months from now. Well today they are all over the place and will change like a roller coaster before the General US Election.

On April 16, 2012, CNN said President Obama held a 9 point lead over Romney

On April 18, 2012 CBS News showed Obama and Romney are in a dead heat in a CBS NY Times poll, by 47 % for Obama, and 45% for Romney. Too close to call in some polls the margin is a few points or less.

Fox News shows, Romney has a slight lead over President Obama, go figure that one out.

In a Marist College poll, Obama leads Romney by 22 points.

A Public Policy Poll found Obama leading by 5 points in Florida.

ABC/Washington Post poll has Obama at 51% to Romney’s 44%.

Reuters/Ipsos has Obama at 47 % to Romney’s 43%.

Gallup Tracking has Obama at 47% to Romney’s 44%.

Who are you to believe? Who writes this stuff anyway?

In the swing states unemployment is down, Obama seems well on his way ahead of Romney and yet some polls say they are either neck and neck or he’s 8 points behind Romney.

Odds are the polls are fixed, inaccurate and geared towards asking certain demographics skewed towards Republicans instead of a general sampling. Either lame stream media is skewing the numbers, or they’re making this stuff up.

The swing states that could go either way are reporting some relief after six years of a recession caused by the Wall Street Meltdown. Jobs are being created, companies are coming back from China to US labor and economic trends are positive.

The Economy:

For the mainstream media to keep insisting that President Obama has any control over a global economy, over jobs, and even gas prices is a foolish notion. The recession was a global event precipitated by the US banks, therefore the remedy will have to come from a global effort.

The problems of unemployment are a world wide side effect of a catastrophic event such as 2008 reverberated from housing, jobs, retail sales and the continuation of the war has depleted any chance of recovery.

Jobs have been leaving the country due to China’s cheaper labor and for no other reason, it is a corporate decision to move offshore, President Obama cannot stop the 1989 Free Trade Agreement signed by Ronald Reagan that bled jobs out of the country.

Romney and Friends Going After the “Let’s Bring Back the Bush Economy”

Wall Street Meltdown Cost the World 14 Trillion Dollars The world is still paying for the Bush deregulation of Wall Street and the big scam. Do voters believe that regressing is the way to the future?

Opponents of President Obama believe he should have been Merlin the Magician, wave a wand and magically and we’d be right back in the pre-Bush era where Bill Clinton handed over a surplus and times were great!!

That was a dream that could never have ever materialized in reality in the midst of a stormy recession that still hangs over us like a black cloud.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) this year alone had to come up with another 430 billion dollars of magic money this weekend, to fight off the five year old stagnation crisis caused by Wall Street.

In addition, the world has lost a total of 14 Trillion dollars to fight off the greatest recession since the 1940’s. The world’s countries and their economies are joined at the hip and are incredibly still deeply in debt.

Voters Need to Remember the Problem with the Bush Economy

Is No One Knows Where The Money Went, there was no accounting of where the money actually went, to which banks.
It was the Fastest Scam on Earth of the American Taxpayer that still irritates most Americans each day. The loss of jobs, homes, lives and most of all the future of our children all came crashing down will never be forgotten.

This is what President Obama Inherited

 Going back to the Bush Economy goes something like this:

Michelle Bachmann Stoops to Racial Slurs Against Obama

Fresh from her major losses in the GOP bid for the Nomination, Michelle Bachmann stoops to a new low if that is possible, in a racial slur against “her” President of the United States Barack Obama.

Looking a little old and haggard, Michele Bachmann hit the airwaves with a slam on Obama’s energy policy, and rooting for the poorly planned Keystone pipeline.

In 2008, before the election Bill O’Reilly said that:

“President’s can’t fix gas prices” and for everyone to ride a bicycle.

He also said:

“The next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it is completely BS”.

Bachmann stoops to new lows having lost miserably in her campaign

of $2.00 Gasoline

We won’t repeat the phrase here, out of respect for our President, but here is the two minutes of a hellish candidate who lost miserably, and decisively in the GOP candidacy.

This is the same candidate that promised $2.00 a gallon gasoline as a campaign platform.

Hawaii and Vermont File Bills on Mandatory GMO Labeling

Hawaii and Vermont File Bills on Mandatory GMO Labeling  

April 19, 2012  Two women in both the States of Hawaii and Vermon filed bills requiring mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients in all products sold in both States.

In the USA, 90% of consumers demand GMO ingredients be labeled to ensure they have choices in buying food for their families.

The public is increasingly demanding required labeling of GMO in their food, before they purchase said foods in grocery stores.  

Ellen Cochran a Maui Councilor and Kate Webb representing the State of Vermont are heading up bills in response to the public demands.

In any given grocery store today, over 85% of food products are hiding GMO ingredients and these are not labeled for a consumer’s choice  to make, that right is taken away by government agencies, both the FDA and USDA who have failed to provide accurate information on food products. ie) Pink Slime ie) Arsenic in Apple juice, fungicides in orange juice, and the list goes on and on.  

There is a massive take over of the food industry by corporations such as factory farms and chemical seed companies such as Monsanto, Dupont and Bayer. Recently the USDA approved Agent Orange to be used in food production, a pesticide to be consumed by American families.

The uproar is growing and consumers feel helpless to stop the contamination of the food supply by government and large corporations who are partners in profits before safety.

Monsanto to Sue the State of Vermont for GMO Labeling Legislation

Threatened by exposure to their deadly pesticides in food, Monsanto issued a statement that it will “sue the State of Vermont” for passing such a bill requiring the identification of their pesticides in US foods.

The Island of Oahu Votes Against Mandatory Labeling

Even though the state of Hawaii voted for a GMO Labeling bill the island of Oahu has voted against it, since it has been conducting research for Monsanto for fifty years and no doubt corporate money is at play with legislators through influence peddling.  

Elle Cochran points out that local farmers and citizens do not support Monsanto’s GMO produce

There are many studies of Genetically Modified Organisms that have been linked to development damage to babies, and GMO pesticide foods are in baby foods, infant formula which not only damages the babies chances at a healthy life but also is damaging adults and elderly persons.

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“Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has less than two weeks to either stand with the 90% of his constituents who support a mandatory labeling bill for genetically engineered foods — or cave in to Monsanto’s threat to sue the state if legislatiors pass H.722″. However Mr. Shumlin has already said that this bill would not stand up in court, indicating he is bending to Monsanto’s orders, against his own voters.

Organic farmers, seed farmers, consumers, and parents are all on the side of labeling and consumers still have favored “organic” foods not GMO foods. Strong scientific evidence again has proven pesticide GMO foods are damaging health, costing taxpayers billions and contaminating the food supply of Vermont farms.

The fight for consumer choice continues.

Five Bills Congress Wrote to Control the Internet for Special Interest Groups

Five Bills Congress Wrote to Control the Internet for Special Interest Groups

In the past several years, mainly the Hollywood power brokers have been successful, in bringing forth legislation that is designed (they say) to protect intellectual property of Hollywood and corporations. 

CISPA- Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act-to be voted – this week
SOPA- Stop Online Piracy Act-Forced the entire internet to monitor content for Hollywood failed to pass after Internet uproar and blackouts.
PIPA- Personal Information Protection Act- postponed by Harry Reid
ACTA- Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement -worldwide control by the USA, signed into law by President Obama in October, 2011 -no media coverage
CFSA – Commercial Felon Streaming Act -S. 978-making streaming a felony act, with 5 years prison time

Count them, the five bills that have to do with special interest groups paying millions of dollars to politicians in Congress in controlling, censoring or monitoring the internet, a trillion dollar industry vital to economic growth.

This stream of funds, has quietly been paid to politicians in order to protect the special interest groups, namely Hollywood moguls and large corporate donors to republican and democratic party causes.

Many if not all the bills infringe privacy, ignore the Constitution freedom of speech, and infringes on the privacy of American citizens who have no lobbyist groups and millions of dollars to buy political favor.

Since July 2011 Congress has been busy designing new legislation to protect special interest groups and to date there are five bills that have taken up two or more years of legislative time, when the country is in a recession, unemployment is 9%, people are being foreclosed on and the economy continues to stagnate.
Instead, this congress has been intensely overly occupied with controlling, censoring, invading privacy laws of the internet in the name of “security”. But who’s security is being protected here, and who paid for this utter waste of time and money in the government.

Last year in 2011, Congress was preoccupied with Commercial Felon Streaming Act another bill that has to do with penalties for streaming content whether the individual knew it was illegal or not.

The little known act called CFSA which stands for:  Commercial Felony Streaming Act S.978, was sponsored by Amy Klobuchar Democrat from Minnesota, co-sponsors were Republican John Cornyn and Democrat Chris Coons.

The motion picture production and distribution corporations (Hollywood for short) paid $ 3.6 million dollars to Senators and Representatives to support this bill.

For each bill more campaign donations have streamed into the political system that “he who greases the palm, gets the attention” but what about Americans?

The bill’s language was again broad and unclear if a viewer for example is seen to have a personal gain to avoid their cable services fees, or to avoid paying to rent a movie, that would be classified as personal financial gain. Again this bill would fill up the prisons of American which cost taxpayers 80 billion a year. see Reuters *

PIPA Video-Sponsored by Hollywood

CISPA Video- Sponsored by Hollywood

ACTA- Video -Sponsored by Hollywood, Corporations, Pharmaceuticals

SOPA- Sponsored by Hollywood, Corporations, Oil Companies

SOPA from Eli Perez on Vimeo.

Bill S. 978- CFSA- The End of YouTube Uploading Videos

The best explanation of all these bills combined is here at a

TED Conference by Clay Shirky:

Under These Laws You Are Presumed Guilty with No Legal Recourse

Under all of these acts, the presumption of guilt is taken up that violates judicial laws of “innocent until proven guilty”. This Congress has obliterated the justice system of America to attempt to pass these outlaw bills that are “outside the law” and possess illegal clauses.

The Entire Internet Has to Monitor (Work For) Hollywood and Corporations

All it takes is one complaint, against a website owner, a small business, an independent author to take down a site by government monitoring from the FBI, Secret Service, Dept. of Justice or any other agency or special security forces including Homeland Security. All these bills require the entire internet to spend millions to monitor the internet for these special interest and Hollywood movie companies.

A Waste of Taxpayers Dollars in Congress – A Cost to the Prison System

Just the cost of the imprisonment of authors, website owners or Internet providers sent to jail for copyright infringement cases alone, will balloon the billions of dollars spent in US prison costs per year.


MapLight -S. 978 A Bill To Amend The Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright and For Other Purposes

3.5 Million dollars in Slush Money  from the Motion Picture Production and Distribution Industry in 2011- 2012

MapLight- Legislators Who Accepted Money for S- 978 – CFSA

Five Bills Congress Wrote to Control the Internet for Special Interest Groups

[easyazon-image asin="0761351183" alt="Internet Censorship: Protecting Citizens or Trampling Freedom? (USA Today's Debate: Voices & Perspectives)" src="" align="center" width="300" height="400"]

John Edwards on Trial

John Edwards once the Democratic Party front runner for the Presidency in 2008, starts jury selection in his trial on Monday.

In the US District Court Judge Catherine Eagles has selected 42 potential jurors to be whittled down to 12 for the case. Among the six charges allege that John Edwards  used campaign funds to support his mistress and their baby. John Edwards has pleaded not guilty to all six charges which could see him spend a maximum of 30 years in jail, and a fine of 1.5 million dollars if he is found guilty.

The case is being brought against Edwards after a long, drawn out investigation and the 2010 death of his wife Elizabeth Edwards of cancer. The funds said to have been received from a wealthy Texas fellow lawyer Fred Baron which was reported as a gift, not a campaign donation to John Edwards.

The trial is about campaign financing wrong doing and campaign law put to the test and the charges are federal criminal charges with the addition of the words: “knowingly and willfully” an important key to prove in this case. The jury selection will determine whether “Edwards knowingly and willfully broke the law directly”.

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United which allows unlimited campaign donations from corporations to a candidate this trial could be a complete waste of time and money.

Campaign Contribution Sources Disappearing into the Night- Mitt Romney Shell Company

The laws changed withing the last two years and critics indicate this is just a publicity stunt for the FEC -Federal Election Commission to show they are doing a good job. As recently as 2011, a campaign donation was made to Mitt Romney’s campaign through a shell company, that quickly became non-existent after a one million dollar contribution from an “unknown” source.

Campaign Contributions- Who’s Monitoring Accounts?

There is nothing new about politicians using campaign funds for personal use in the cesspool we call election campaigns in the US, with millions of dollars being held in accounts where politicians “suspend” their campaigns. The funds are never returned to contributors but held in accounts to be used as they see fit. The examples are Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum who still have access to campaign contributions in accounts from their runs for President that run into the millions of dollars. Is the Federal Election Commission monitoring those funds as well is a good question.

US campaign funding has been corrupted system from the beginning of time and prosecutors will have to prove John Edwards, willfully misappropriated the funds or whether it was gifted to him.

John Edwards on Trial

Another example is the case of Senator John Ensign in September 2009, and payments to his mistress who was married to his campaign manager Doug Hampton. Cindy Hampton had served as the treasurer of Ensign’s political committees and had received a payment of sums of money including one payment of $86,000 dollars. Ensign stated his parents paid that amount as hush money to hide the affair from the public. The trial takes place in Greensboro, North Carolina courtroom and is expected to last several months. 

Rielle Hunter the mistress appears to be on the witness list for both the prosecutors and the defense team.


Andrew Young is listed as a witness for the prosecution who was a former aide to John Edwards in a war of words between lies on both sides could be key to the whole trial. Young apparently once claimed the baby was his, although he was married, as part of a cover up for the media to which he agreed.

Edwards has two small children at home, Emma Claire 13 years old and Jack who is 11 years old. The case is about whether John Edwards violated campaign laws or whether the amount of money was a gift.

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