George Zimmerman Freed on 150K Bail Bond

A Florida judge just released George Zimmerman on bail with a small bail amount of $150,000 with conditions of a GPS Electronic Monitoring system, no possession of firearms, no contact with the victim’s family and witnesses, no alcohol and other conditions.

Zimmerman took the stand which is highly unusual, making three statements: that he is sorry for the loss of the Martin’s family, he said he did not know if Trayvon Martin had a weapon or not and he thought that Trayvon was the same age as him. He didn’t say what he was supposed to say according to his lawyer Mark O’Mara.

This testimony given today of his thoughts on the day of the shooting, is inconsistent with his previous statements in a long list of inconsistent statements.  The state investigator gave witness to the statement of the charges and the arrest of George Zimmerman on the night of the murder.

In the testimony which included George Zimmerman’s father a judge Robert Zimmerman who did not appear in court but gave telephone testimony. The whole Zimmerman family testified by telephone. You would think they would make their faces shown in court.  

Three other charges of violence against George Zimmerman were discussed by the State District Attorney including two domestic violence charges and one attack of a police officer in bar that were never brought to trial. 

George Zimmerman Takes Stand in Bail Hearing

April 20, 2011: Judge Sets Bail for George Zimmerman for $ 150,000 with conditions of : No alcohol, no firearms, and other restrictions imposing an electronic monitoring system.  George Zimmerman is freed on bail. 

George Zimmerman Takes Stand in Bail Hearing

April 20, 2011: 11:02 a.m., The bond hearing for George Zimmerman is taking place now in Sanford, Florida to determine if he should be allowed out on bail. In a surprising turn of events, George Zimmerman took the stand to testify, but turned out to offer an apology to the parents of Trayvon Martin.  The statement he made: “I am sorry for the loss of your son, I did not know how old he was”  “I thought he was the same age as me, maybe a little younger”, “I did not know if he was armed”.

 Critics say that it is unusual he did not make this statement the night of the shooting, the fact that he might have made this statement to appear sorry for the purpose of the television cameras.

The assistant prosecutor asks the court to keep George Zimmerman for many reasons, a history of violence, his danger to the community and for the reasons that he is facing life in prison.  

The Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara put forth a series of telephone witnesses from George Zimmerman’s family, his wife, his mother and his father Robert Zimmerman a former Florida judge.  

The testimony they gave is that George was non-violent, was honest all of his life, although three former charges of violence are on the record they were never adjudicated.  

Two charges involved domestic violence, and one charge involved a police officer at a bar, where Zimmerman was involved in physical violence against the officer.


Romney Insults Cookie Maker in Pennsylvania

It is actually getting to be a case of “What Will He Say Next” with Mitt Romney, the sole self-destruct candidate we’ve seen in years. Kids say the darndest things.

You can tell a lot about a man, about how he talks about your Cookies.

In Bethal Park Pennsylvania, with seemingly no opposition to a primary race in that state, Mitt Romney actually insulted a local American bakery business by saying this:

“I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them.
Did you make those cookies, you didn’t did ya?
No. No.
They came from the local 7-11 Bakery or whatever”.

When the owner of the Bethal bakery John Walsh heard what Romney said about his fresh, home baked cookies he said:
“When I heard – I thought oh my goodness -this guy has no idea how beloved this institution is that provided these cookies. They are right from the heart of Bethal Park”.

This is just another gaff by Mitt Romney, the snobby millionaire that looks down on cookies, passes judgement and condemns cookies made at 7-11. How dare he?  When he looked at the woman sitting next to him he accuses her of not slaving away on a hot stove to bake home made cookies for him?

Mitt Romney has the savoir faire of an imbecilic dolt.

How can this man walk and talk at the same time? Out of the goodness of their hearts the Bethal Bakery donated the cookeis for his visit and he turns around and insults them as cheap, no good cookies made at the 7-11. In the meantime he insults 7-11 stores !!

Mitt Romney- an out of touch, multi-millionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth who doesn’t appreciate the kindness of people.

Huffington Post-  Cookie Gate

Romney Insults Cookie Maker in Pennsylvania

Fewer Chicken Inspectors at USDA-Salmonella at All Time High

Fewer Chicken Inspectors at USDA-Salmonella at All Time High

The USDA has decided to reduce food inspectors at chicken processing plants in the United States and claims this will increase food safety for American households. The public would disagree with this move to speed up food production which actually will help profiteering corporations, but what would it do to the public’s safety?

Instead, the USDA proposes that the factory farms that produce millions of pounds of chicken yearly, can inspect themselves.  There have been dozens of causes of salmonella poisoning at even higher rates  last year than at any time in history. 

A pilot program has already commenced in 20 US chicken factories, but unions and food experts say this is a very bad mistake.

The new system of “not-monitoring” chicken production also does not include laboratory testing, no sampling, no quality control tests and inspectors must rely on a visual look at chickens flying by them at a faster than normal speed on assembly lines.  

The food factories already employ a technique of adding more cleansers and bleach to the chickens when they know an inspection is coming at their location. Now they won’t have to since they will do their own inspections. More chemicals, more bleach and more danger to the public all for the sole purpose of speeding up production.

Fewer Chicken Inspectors at USDA-Salmonella at All Time High


What Foreign Countries Need to Know about US Chicken

The US also provides chicken meat to other countries and the news will travel fast that this product will no longer be inspected as it once was in the past. Already, other countries are wise to the fact that US meats, including beef, pork and chicken products are  contaminated with antibiotic drugs, bacteria, MRSA, H1N1, chemicals and household cleansers. Drugs are employed on factory farms to make animals hold more water, drugs to make them fatter, drugs to make them grow faster and a whole lot of unnatural processes.  

Whistleblowers Revealed the Slime in Hamburger is Not Beef

Making Slime out of Dog Food Scraps

Last month, the USDA had to do “damage control” when the news was leaked by two former USDA scientists, that the public was being defrauded with left over scrapes once used for dog food that was put in hamburger. The USDA approves of hamburger slime to increase profits for producers while endangering the public’s health.

The main producer Beef Products Inc., put on a PR show for the cameras and claimed all the slime was safe although the left over scraps were so badly decomposed and rotting that ammonia had to be sprayed on to kill the smell and supposedly the bacteria in Pink Slime hamburger meat.

Some politicians even had the gall to request a congressional investigation into the critics of Pink Slime and those who were attacking the meat industry as if they were protecting some ethical businesses. In light of the fact that US food regulations do not require any labeling, anything can be put in food and the consumer is purposefully kept in the dark as to what they are buying, ingesting and giving to their children.

It is only through people like the Food Integrity Campaign, OMB Watch, whistleblowers and networks such as ABC that the public is even remotely aware of what is actually in their food!

The USDA is an outrageous agency in our system of government which forces citizens to start boycotting the stores that carry these products if for any reason than to protect their health.  Only is the USA, has food been so degraded to a level never seen in history, and the recalls are just the tip of the iceberg known to the agency. The unknown and unreported food poisonings are never truly accurately reported by the public. 

Only through civic action can consumers turn this agency around to serve the safety of the public rather than siding with the corporate profits of large factory farms.

If President Obama truly wanted to reduce health care costs, he would reverse this action by the USDA.  Instead of 78 million people getting food poisoning there will be double that number which will skyrocket health care costs. Instead of 5,000 deaths per year due to food poisoning there will be 10,000 or more. 

The Problem with the USDA -They Are Not Doing their Job

Last year in the spring, the USDA conducted an inspection of the Wright County Egg Company a massive, factory farm in Iowa. The USDA inspection gave the company a clean bill of health and passed the company with no problems.  

Several months later the same company produced 500 million eggs with salmonella contamination and sold those eggs to grocery stores across the country.

Now, how can the USDA pass a factory farm that had mountains of chicken feces, rats, filthy, and diseases on such a company that had also many previous violations?  

The problem is that the USDA is not working for food safety, they are working to pass filthy factories that need to be shut down and their owners put in jail. This process will continue to infect the public with parasites, bacteria, gut diseases that can shut down the kidneys of a small young child and cause death.

The USDA is operating on a system of profits at All cost, and have lost their ethics and morals by allowing this corrupt system of corporate welfare at the cost of human life. 


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ABC -USDA To Let Industry Self Inspect Chicken