Romney Blames A Bush Factory Shut Down on Obama

Romney Blames A Bush Factory Shut Down on Obama

Mitt Romney has gone from one disaster to another in two days. On the heels of a speech Romney gave to the NRA, Ted Nugent’s violent outburst and threats to a factory visit today. Romney just can’t get any luck this week. Today, Mitt Romney gave an eloquent speech on how President Obama’s economic decisions has shut down a plant in Lorain, Ohio.

Romney has been playing the game of blame “everything on Obama” recently but today he made a big mistake. A huge campaign error leaves Mitt Romney with the egg on his face while visiting a drywall plant that closed down during 2008 before the last election under George Bush’s Administration.

It was the collapse of the housing market during Bush that allowed the plant to close down plus the fact that companies are now buying drywall from China, not the USA. Talk about shooting yourself in the Foot!!


But you have to have some other strategies than blaming the Bush Adminstration’s failures on President Obama, apparently Mitt Romney has nothing to offer to fix the Bush Problems.

In fact US Gypsum has taken a big hit from the failures of Wall Street, and housing starts that dried up during the continued foreclosure disaster. US Gypsum makes drywall, compound and building supplies and that sector has taken massive losses due to Wall Street. Building anything new with so many empty houses on the market has stalled the building trades for over five years now.

Many factories that build drywall have gone out of business because the US imports drywall from China now and has for many years. Unfortunately, that drywall became a problem when it was found to be defective.

Still under George Bush’s administration in 2001 began the move towards importing drywall from China.

Drywall from China was an environmental disaster and was purchased by many companies including Home Depot. The drywall contained sulfurous gas like carbon disulfide. Carbonyl Sulfide and hydrogen sulfide. The results were a smell of rotten eggs in a house and many reports of asthma, headaches and breathing problems from the imported drywall especially in Florida. See: Wikipedia

Some campaigns have to do more homework.

Romney Blames A Bush Factory Shut Down on Obama

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Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

“Sorry that’s not what I meant” seems to be the standard answer Mitt Romney has for question for voters this fall. The problem with Romney’s campaign is Mitt Romney.

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

Who Knows – The Real Mitt Romney

The gaffs, the flip flops and the that’s not what I mean are adding up to a massive image problem.

So will the Real Mitt Romney -Please Stand Up!!

I will Preserve and Protect a Woman’s right to Chose”.

“I think there is need for economic stimulus”.

“I’m not trying to return to Reagan Bush”.

“I’ve been as consistent as a human being can be”.

A million dollar donation from a company that disappeared into the night.

“To get that kind of money you’ve got to cozy up to all the special interest groups who can go out and raise money for you from their members, that kind of relationship has an influence on how your going to vote”.

Oddly enough Mitt Romney has entered into that cesspool of dirty, hidden, operators who will not reveal themselves that he is accepting campaign money from and these people are in the shadows. Do we really know “who Mitt Romney works for?” is a good question for voters.

NRA Goes Nuclear on Ted Nugent Video

NRA Goes Nuclear on Ted Nugent Video 

After his childish, outrageous and offensive rant at an NRA summit, honoring the new GOP lead, Mitt Romney Ted Nugent created a huge disaster for Romney.Nugent uttered words of veiled threats and insinuated he would be in jail or dead by the same time next year. We are to assume for some kind of crime he was willing to commit to put him in jail or get himself killed.

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year”.

The fall out has been reverberating on the social network for days and it is all negative feedback in the race to the White House. Nugent created such a fuss that the Secret Service scheduled to meet with him today to discuss his calls for violence and chopping people’s heads off.  

Ted Nugent Last Endorsed Sarah Palin for her VP role in 2008

NRA Goes Nuclear on Ted Nugent Video

That kind of publicity, Mitt Romney doesn’t need nor does the National Rifle Association. Surely Ted Nugent can get his point across without threatening the life of the President or any member of government but he did go over the line. Today, the NRA removed Nugent’s video off their website, and from Google’s YouTube collection of videos.

The NRA are surely attempted to distance themselves from the rants of Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney made a very wimpy statement about “both sides” using violent language. There haven’t been many democrats that threatened the lives of President either now or in the past. Ted Nugent was the flavor of the month but is now being hidden from the GOP political scenery, he just created too much “Negative Controversy” for the likes of Mitt Romney who actually asked for Ted Nugent’s endorsement.

Ted Nugent must realize that being over the top is a “little on the rough side” for lilly white Mitt Romney. If Nugent expects Romney to protect his gun’s rights – he’s got another thing coming. 


New Affidavit of Robocaller in Canada’s Election -Rigged Voting Locations

New Affidavit of Robocaller in Canada’s Election -Rigged Voting Locations

An affidavit filed in Canada’s Federal Court by a person hired by the Conservative Party to conduct Robocalls indicates there was election fraud in Canada’s National Election according to her affidavit statement.

This affidavit confirms the worst of the scandal in that the Conservative Party hired callers to direct voters to the wrong polling locations which affected the election outcome in favor of the Conservatives and put Steven Harper as the winner.

New Robocall Testimony Sent to Elections Canada on Voter Fraud:

Published April 19, 2012 in The Toronto Star an employee, Annette Desgagne who worked at Response Marketing Group which was a Call Center that was used by the Conservative Party has come forth. In her affidavit she describes startling revelations about the days leading up to the May 2, national election.

Annette Desgagne said in her statement: You can read the whole statement here:

“She was a former employee of Responsive Marketing Group where she worked as a telephone caller for Thunder Bay calling center of RMG prior to the federal election in May 2011.

“In 2011 she was asked by RMG to work on the federal election calling on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada”.

She proceeds to describe how the calls were live calls made to voters using a computer, an automatic dialing system and once connected would read from a script she was given.

She states there were approximately 30 to 40 callers in her call center doing the same tasks as she was asked to perform in Thunder Bay. The call room was also monitored by a supervisor who was equipped with a headset to monitor all the calls.

It was her understanding that RMG operated other call centers in Canada and their hours of operation were: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week with 9- to 6 p.m., on Sundays. These call centers were operation across the country for three days or more before the election leading up to Election Day.

Annette Desgagne was to introduce herself to the listener, and state she was calling on behalf of the Conservative candidate for that riding, for the Conservative Party of Canada.  She would attempt to ask if the voter was going to vote Conservative and try to identify the voters party preferences.  She would then ask for their vote, ask if they could put a sign on the front lawn of the voter, etc. If the voter identified themselves as a Liberal or NDP she would not ask further questions.

About 3 days before the election the script was changed and she was asked to use a new protocol of logging into the system then logging back out.

At this time she was to read that the voting locations or the location of the polling stations were changed. The new script did not mention the Conservative Party at all,

but the NEW SCRIPT  “did identify new information from Elections Canada.”
The voter had to “assume the call was really Elections Canada” although that was not stated in the script technically it was implied.

She was then asked if the voter had their Voter ID card handy and then gave them a different address for the polling or voting station.

Miss Desgange then gave a different address for the polling station that was on her computer monitor and these were identified to her by RMG as  “Change of Address Calls”.

She became concerned about the calls and the voters she spoke to across Canada questioned her about the change of address of the polling stations. She said one woman in Winnipeg told her the new location was over 1 hour away from her home.

New Affidavit of Robocaller in Canada’s Election -Rigged Voting Locations

The woman said that Desgagne was wrong and she gave the woman a phone number to call if they had further questions.  The lady said she had called that number but it was not a correct number.

Another conversation Desgagne recalled was a woman living in a seniors home, and again the voter said Desgagne was wrong since she always voted in the lobby of her seniors home.  (this is verified as true since seniors homes are set up with polling stations to make it easier on the elderly to vote).

Most listeners she said did not question her and simply wrote down the “new” location on where to vote.

Desgagne also said that other caller employees of RMG were also concerned that they were giving out the wrong information, and during their breaks they were discussing the matter.

Annette Desgagne also advised her supervisor who chatted with two other supervisors and they said: “Just stick to the scripts”. She then told her Supervisor “I think we are sending people to the wrong places?” Their concerns were ignored and they kept the calls going on changes to voting locations for Elections Canada.

New Affidavit of Robocaller in Canada’s Election -Rigged Voting Locations

 Canadians want independent Investigation- and have been calling for one for months

Deagagne also went on to say she overheard other callers using the phrase “I am calling from Elections Canada”. She recalled making calls to Winnipeg and Nippissing-Timiskaming about changes of address for the voting stations. She said she talked to many people all over Canada during the three days leading up to the election from her new script.

She also recalled that she heard “news on her radio after work” that there were complaints about Robocalls, and she stated

“those are not robocalls. They are live calls”.

On election day she was then directed to say she was calling from the Conservative Party of Canada again, and they were not informing people of the Change of Address of the Polls on Election Day itself.

She was alarmed that she was doing something wrong and she wrote down what she could about the script of the Change of Address Calls and gave that information to the RCMP- Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a national police force in Canada.

Annette Desgagne has also submitted this information to Elections Canada, as well to the undersigned below, she informed everyone she could think of to advise them of the election fraud. The affidavit was given on April 13, 2012 and is now hitting the media.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage for a person to tell the truth under these circumstances, of obvious deception and fraud foisted on Canadian voters.

The Harper Conservative government continues to deny “any” wrong doing instead blaming the other parties as a diversion to the obvious fraud committed by his party to win an election.

The statement was sent to the: Attorney General of Canada, Marc Mayrand (chief Electoral Officer) Dianne James Mallory (Returning Officer for Nipissing – Timiskaming, Jay Apin, Scott Edward Daley, Rona Eckert and Anthony Rota

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Huffington Post- Annette Desgagne Former Employee For Group that Worked for Tories Files Sworn Affidavit on Polling Location Calls

Vancouver Sun Conservatives Reject Affidavit that Phone Workers Misdirected Voters

Canada’s Election Robocall Fraud Still Unresolved

On the national election day of May 2, 2011 some Canadians were sent robocalls sending them to the wrong polling stations and some calls were even live calls.  

While Election Canada is still investigating, as well a RCMP investigation is ongoing, the results of the election are still in question and fraud charges can be the outcome. It could be termed “Canada’s Answer to the Wisconsin Voter Fraud of Republican Governor Scott Walker”.

Certain key ridings were targeted including in Guelph, Ontario, where student voting was to be allowed on campus.  At that time, the Conservative Party attempted to quash the student votes even though the voting station was legal at the University of Guelph under the laws of Election Canada. Other targeted areas were in Thunderbay, Winnipeg, Vancouver and across the country where a tight race could win or lose the election for the Conservatives.

Canada’s Election Robocall Fraud Still Unresolved

Over 45 ridings were affected by robocalls that led voters to the wrong polling stations or to locations where there were no polling stations which is a crime under Election Canada laws. The Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper won the election however the investigation is still ongoing one year later and in one riding the Conservative candidate won by tight margins like 18 votes.

A petition and many voter rights group have called on Elections Canada to provide a thorough independent investigation as well as the two that are ongoing. 

In March 2012 Election Canada investigators found the IP address of the computer that a certain “Pierre Poutine” used to set up the robo calls in Guelph, Ontario. 

Whoever set up these fake messages “tried to cover up their tracks” says the National Post.

** The National Post – A Conservative Supporting News media newspaper

The Elections Canada chief Marc Mayrand has offered no details on why 7,670 robocalls where made to Guelph voters under a fake account name leading back to RackNine, a company hired by the Conservatives.  Another company called Responsive Marketing Group has more answers to provide with one of their former employees who came forth with a sworn affidavit that states she had called many voters with a script that indicated a Change in Address of the polling stations across Canada.  (See our next article)

Whomever used the robocall process tried to cover their tracks by using a pre-paid cell phone, a pre-paid credit card and the use of a fake account which was traced to a company called RackNine. The fake name of “Pierre Poutine, Separatist Street, Joliette, Quebec. was used for the account. In March, Matt Meier the CEO of RackNine at the Edmonton Call Center said that Pierre Poutine account name was used to send voters to the wrong polling locations.

Opposition parties, the NDP-New Democrat Party, Liberal Party and the Green Party all have called for an independent investigation and that the results be made public to voters. Over 75% of all Canadians want the robocalls investigated since the scandal broke out several months ago.

A recent Toronto Sun poll showed 68% of Canadians want by-elections in the ridings where the fraud occurred. Fifty percent of those polled said they believe the Conservatives “co-ordinated” a campaign of illegal robo-calling. Those who do not object must provide a logical conclusion to allowing a Canadian election to be hi-jacked by one party, a party so ingrained in the Republican party of the USA that anything criminal or illegal is acceptable to Canadian citizens, and that is hardly the case.

Robocall protests have been set up in many cities as people feel their democratic right to vote has been destroyed and so has the confidence that the Conservative Party had nothing to do with the calls.

Curated News:

National Post-  /2012/04/25/investigators-diving-into-records-to-track-suspicious-election-day-calls-in-northern-ontario/

National Post- Pierre Poutine ? 

Quote: “The mysterious “Pierre Poutine” who launched misleading robocalls into Guelph, Ont., on election day also recorded another voice message in support of the local Liberal candidate in the riding.

The second recording was revealed in a sworn statement by Al Mathews, the Elections Canada investigator leading the probe into robocalls in Guelph that went out to more 5,000 people, directing them to the wrong polling stations on election day.”

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