Secret Service to Meet with Ted Nugent

Secret Service to Meet with Ted Nugent 

Ted Nugent the fading rocker who’s most famous song is a salty, rendition of a sexually transmitted disease “Cat Scratch Fever” is meeting with the Secret Service tomorrow.

After Nugent made some very strange, violent comments about the election like “Chop their heads off” and “I’ll either be in dead or in jail this time next year” on the air waves in regards to getting the President out of office, he has attracted the condemnation of the left.

Ted Nugent- in his hay day.

Mitt Romney actually requested Ted Nugent’s endorsement after he made a speech at the NRA -National Rifle Association for his bid to capture the right wing gun owners votes. Romney’s son commented on Twitter about the endorsement saying “How cool is that?”. Not very it appears.

After that radio broadcast, the whole social media universe came down on Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney and some of them were conservative republcians that would distance themselves from the “fringe” element of the radical Tea Party.

In 2008, Ted Nugent also endorsed Sarah Palin who also portrayed an image of promoting guns, and coined the phrase:

Don’t Retreat, Reload.

Lawmakers at the time took exception to that phrase ripping the campaign for their choice of words in attempting to incite the right wing gun activists.

If, Andrew Braitbart were alive today, he would be supporting Ted Nugent’s right to free speech. However, after the Sarah Palin comments with gun scope images on her website of Representative Gabrielle Giffords office, Homeland Security is taking no chances on this incident.

Ted Nugent has long been critical and uses crude language in discussing the President and other democrats who are in office since before the last election. His main contention is that President Obama will take his guns and he fears new gun law restrictions by the democrats which of course never materialized.

Whether Nugent still feels this battle cry of imaginary gun controls, still works to rally the Tea party gun owners or not, he has caught the attention of Homeland Security and they are taking him very seriously.  In the video at one of his concerts or rallies he holds up a machine gun and again uses some profane language in describing the President.

The Secret Service has requested a meeting with Nugent on his comments and perhaps they will advise him to stop inciting violence against the President or attempting to “enrage” the voting public who carry guns everywhere. The fireworks are just beginning in what will be a bumpy campaign on both sides in a run up to the General Election in November.

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Some of the phrases Ted Nugent used in his NRA speech yesterday:

Nugent had said in his address that “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

“If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made of,” he said at the NRA.

Nugent’s words got even more descriptive at times, calling Obama a criminal and saying his administration is “wiping its a– with the Constitution.”

He also flayed four Supreme Court justices for what he says is their stance against Americans’ “right to keep and bear arms.”

He ended with a call to politically decapitate Democrats in November: “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?”

Canada’s New Coin – Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs

Not in a million years would anyone think that such a quiet, laid back country like Canada would come up with a Glow in the Dark Coin with dinosaurs on it.

The Canadian Mint has come up with a new sci-fi coin that costs $ 29.95 each and has a glow in the dark dinosaur, a kids dream come true. The coin is made of copper-nickel and on face value is only worth .25 cents.

The dinosaur is actually a Pachyrhinosaurs Lakustai which weighed four tons and was 26 feet high when it roamed the earth around Alberta where a skeleton was actually found.

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Remembering Dick Clark

Dick Clark died today and with him six decades of music that rocked the world with memories through the decades and a few generations that will never be the same.

Today, Dick Clark died of a massive heart attack at the age of 82 years old, after suffering a stroke which in 2004, left him paralyzed.

Dick Clarke hosted musical show American Bandstand as well as games shows, worked in movies, feature films in both radio and television.

Remembering Dick Clark Dick Clark started so many careers on the road to fame and fortune and was the innovator who gave black music stars a stage to perform even during a time of extreme racism.

His friends too numerous to mention here, remember his graceful, easy going composure and his honest friendship that endeared many hearts to his side.

Dick Clark was music’s legendary power broker and he had an eye and a vision with an innate nose for talent when he saw it.

Each year Dick Clark hosted his show: Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve every New Year’s Eve from Times Square in New York broadcasting musical talent and braving the chill of New York in December. 

Dick Clark began his career in the mail room of an AM station in Utica, New York and worked his way up the ladder to news broadcaster.

He graduated from Syracuse University in Business, and was at the start of when the innovative idea of having records played transition to television shows devoted to playing the top hits of the day. American Bandstand was born in 1957 and skyrocketed Dick Clark as a headliner of American music scene. 

Dick Clark will be sadly missed and having reshaped the landscape of music and television can never be matched as an icon in the music industry.

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Republicans cut 33 Billion in Food Stamps Bill

Republicans cut 33 Billion in Food Stamps Bill

If the 2012 Election will be about any policy it will be the war the republicans are waging on the poor, disabled and elderly who are existing on food stamps today.

Republicans cut 33 Billion in Food Stamps Bill

The House of Representatives Agriculture Committee just voted to pass a bill that will cut 33 billion dollars in food aid for the next 10 years.  The bill called the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP for short) will make it difficult to qualify for food stamps and also removes a farm subsidy written in 2009.  

There are 31 million Americans who are jobless, have no income and are barely existing on any funding and yet the GOP would threaten their very existence in a recession. However, the wealthy are able to collect food stamps and welfare as some already have admitted to requesting both funding aids even though they are very wealthy. For that there must be some changes in qualifications but certainly not 33 billion dollars in cuts to the very vulnerable of society.  The bill is expected to be:

Dead on Arrival in the Senate. 

The House is waiting out the clock until November’s election at which time most of these clowns will be voted out of office. Collin Peterson a Democrat in the Committee said ” I would contend this entire process is a waste of time”.

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“Millionaires are now legally entitled to collect food stamps as long as they have little or no monthly income. Thirty-five states have abolished asset tests for most food-stamp recipients.”

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2012 -The Dirtiest Campaign You’ll See-Fox News

Mitt Romney is facing a fight for the White House and some conservative pundits are predicting it is going to get dirty.

Charles Krauthammer a Fox News contributor, made the prediction that “you’ll have to shower several times a day” up until November’s General Election.

Oddly enough making stuff up is a Fox News favorite and the network has been attacking President Obama for three years. Certainly, Krauthammer can’t expect the Obama campaign to take it lying down and give Romney any advantage especially after the bills the GOP have been passing in Congress. The GOP attacks on the HealthCare Reform bill have been fierce and steady, hitting Obama’s greatest achievement.

Romney has much to worry about, however his own past flip flops makes him a very insecure candidate, one whom his own party are having to hold their noses to vote for in the Republican nomination.

Negative campaigns can work, and we’re getting a taste of it right now” said Krauthammer today on the Bill O’Reilly Show. The hypocrisy of his statements however show that the negativity has actually come from the republican party in their attacks on legislation affecting women and minorities the most. From Wisconsin to Virginia the failed laws on vaginal probes has made the GOP look and feel ridiculous to the public.

Outrageous laws such as muzzling doctors in Pennsylvania from discussing franking chemicals with their patients who are damaged by them, utter and sheer anti-human laws!

The advice to Romney to face his competitor head on is not exactly Romney’s style after his failures in the past to secure the nomination or even a VP role in McCain’s win in 2008.

After the circus performed by the GOP candidates for one year now, that has usurped air time on CNN and Fox News it is time for Obama’s campaign to assume the narrative and fire back at the extraordinary attacks on his first term. It has been a “dirty four years” from Republicans attacking President Obama’s every move, every detail and every bill has been shot down by the GOP. The fight even affect the country’s credit rating in a battle royal over the debt ceiling causing a crisis for the US credit rating for the first time in history!

If Mitt Romney has any chance at all in beating Obama he has to look at his own past history not because the prediction that Obama will go rogue on Romney.

Most recently, Mitt Romney asked for the endorsement of a right wing fanatical gun advocate like Ted Nugent, shooting himself in the foot again. Mitt Romney’s repeat performances of gaffs, flip-flops and his non-disclosure of Iran oil investments in his tax returns -the Obama campaign will not have to work very hard.

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Deformed Gulf Shrimp Alarms Scientists

Deformed Gulf of Mexico shrimp and other crusteaceans are showing up with no eyes and deformities threatening the future of shrimp fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shrimp Born with No Eyes

Ever since the 2010 Gulf Oil spill by British Petroleum caused by an explosion 5,000 feet below the surface, the oil leaked for a whole summer before it was stopped.  

After the leak, BP Oil dispersed a chemical called Corexit or Corexit 9500 an unacceptable toxin by EPA classification and continued to dump the chemical into the Gulf in great volumes.  

British Petroleum did this, to sink the oil to the bottom of the gulf, out of sight and out of mind so it would not have to be cleaned up by hand.  Needless to say the oil got to the treasured, delicate shrimp beds and fishing areas where the state Louisiana drew much of its income and damaged a whole industry.

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Mitt Romney Rolls in the Mud with Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever Endorsement

Mitt Romney Rolls in the Mud with Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever Endorsement

You have to wonder how badly Mitt Romney wants to beat President Obama but to reduce himself to “asking for Ted Nugent’s endorsement” is a new all time low.  The don’t tread on me crowd is back from the backwaters of the swamp and Mitt Romney is courting their vote.

This is Romney's Endorser-Ted Nugent calling for Violence

Mitt Romney off the heels of a speech to the National Rifle Association, promising to protect gun ownership although he promised not to disturb gun control laws in previous speeches, is desperate enough to reduce the game to appeal to the radicalized elements of society.

The lilly white Romney’s rolling in the Swamp with the Likes of

Ted Nugent


Good Old Family Values Mormon Mitt Romney Begged for the Nugent Endorsement??

Mitt Romney has degraded himself for the NRA Vote and wimped out on denouncing the violence in Ted Nugent’s radio call for supporting Romney. We all know the filthy lyrics to this Nugent song, which some would say should be offensive to the most delicate ears of Ann Romney and her family.

Apparently, the need for greed, power, money and a seventh house, the White House, has no boundaries of ethics, morals in the Mormon Romney household.


Mitt Romney Sought Ted Nugent’s Endorsement!!

Mitt Romney Sought Ted Nugent’s Endorsement!! 

Mitt Romney gave a lame weak rebuke of Ted Nugent’s calls for violence including the chop their heads off comments in his plug for Romney.

In an attempt to get the NRA vote of the gun toting right wing terrorists, Mitt Romney gave a speech to the NRA yesterday which included an endorsement from Ted Nugent who also endorsed Sarah Palin during the last election.

Mitt Romney actually said: It’s been fun getting to know Ted Nugent!” It’s been fun, really Mitt? 

“I will either be dead or in jail this time next year!”

We hope the Secret Service can tear themselves away from the prostitutes and actually do their job and put this guy under surveillance -he’s also inciting the type of violent rhetoric that caused Gabrielle Gifford’s shooter to commit murder.

Rep Markey v.s. Transcanada Claims-Pipeline not Provide Energy Security

Does the Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline really provide energy security for the United States as TransCanada claims?

TransCanada has used so called “energy security” as a selling feature to the US government to build the Keystone pipeline.

In this in depth questioning on Dec. 8, 2011 of the TransCanada CEO, Representative Ed Markey, of Massachusetts corners the President of Transcanada Mr. Alexander Pourbaix to commit to their energy security claims for the United States.

Rep Markey v.s. Transcanada Claims-Pipeline not Provide Energy Security

Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts

Rep. Ed Markey and others believe rather, than Keystone will just be providing a transportation route for oil to be shipped to South America and other foreign countries providing no security to the United States.

He requested that clauses be inserted in the Keystone Pipeline agreement to ensure the United States’ energy security comes before, the profits of the oil companies and Transcanada’s financial interests. No assurances or written commitments were offered by Mr. Pourbaix to confirm the claims of energy security.

Most likely what will happen to that oil, is it will be dumped on the open market and the US will have to “bid” on that oil just like China and other countries and this provides no energy security for the United States. The only benefits of Keystone XL Pipeline is to the profiteering oil companies and refineries not the US consumer. It isn’t a stretch to realize that gas prices will be at the same price at the pumps as they are now.

In actual fact the Keystone pipeline only benefits Canada and provides a gateway to foreign markets for Canada, not the energy security of the United States.
Once the pipeline is in place, oil companies can then divert US oil to the foreign markets for even greater profits and the US will be left holding the bag.

In his statement Representative Ed Markey has identified the real problems with the TransCanada proposal:

The Proposed Keystone Pipeline:

1) TransCanada has entered into long-term contracts with Gulf Coast Refineries to re-export diesel and other refined products to Latin American countries.

2) Mostly all the oil from the TransCanada pipeline will be sent to Port Arthur, Texas which is a designated foreign trade zone.

3) If these oil company refineries re-exported the diesel or other products they wouldn’t even have to pay US taxes on those exports.

Mr. Pourbaix, TransCanada replies:

Pourbaix ” In order to get enough refined products that needed for the US the refineries produce “more diesel than they use and they tend to export that diesel to Europe and they import incremental volumes of refined products”.

President of Transcanada Alex Pourbaix can’t assure Energy Security for US

Ed Markey: “Would you agree that there would be no net difference? The total amount of oil that is transported through the pipeline, then has to have an exact corresponding amount that is imported in any other form in order to make sure that the amount stays exactly the same so that our security in the United States backing off this oil from the Middle East, is in fact achieved as a goal?”

Pourbaix: Once again I …I …in many ways I can’t do that I am merely the shipper of this oil and that is a question…

Ed Markey: No I want you to make it a condition of shipping, that your not dealing with these people? Can you do that?

Pourbaix: No I can’t do that, we’ve already agreed to our shipping arrangements with our

Ed Markey: “Well you can see why I’m very skeptical and the American people are very skeptical – this is just going to be a conduit to Port Arthur tax free to send this stuff around the planet and you just say Oh market conditions changed and there’s nothing in the free market that stops us from sending this overseas.

“Meanwhile all these environmental concerns have now been overridden.

“You can see why we’re a little bit skeptical. We just want a little guarantee that we do get the national security benefit from it and a corporation isn’t allowed because they are not legally bound to then skirt that commitment.

“I have very serious reservations about this company and its real commitment to meeting the national energy security objectives”.

Ed Markey and the Trans Canada Executive -Dec. 8, 2011- Video

Conclusion: Transcanada’s goals benefit Canada and oil companies, not the United States and has very little to do with energy security. The oil will be shipped to Port Arthur then sold on the open world wide market for greater oil company profits.

The US will risk great environmental hazards, gas prices will still be at the same level, jobs will be temporary and no net benefit will be achieved by the Keystone project.

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Trans Canada Website- News Archives: Oct. 7, 2011 Washington DC

Quote: “WASHINGTON D.C. – October 7, 2011 – TransCanada Corporation’s (TSX, NYSE:TRP) (TransCanada) President and CEO was in Washington, D.C. to discuss the fundamental reasons why the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest of the United States and should be built. Russ Girling explained the pipeline would help Americans achieve two primary goals: increase domestic energy security and create thousands of jobs.” end quote

In terms of jobs TransCanada has overly stated and inflated the number of jobs created which most likely are temporary construction jobs soon to be laid off after completion of the pipeline.

Keystone is funded by private interested parties like the Koch Brothers and other oil company investors that have failed to prove their claims on the job numbers.

“The Keystone XL project is a privately funded $7 billion dollar undertaking that will directly create thousands of construction and manufacturing jobs and indirectly stimulate additional private sector investment and job creation,” said Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and chief executive officer.”

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