Mitt Romney- Putting Women on the Roof of His Cars

Mitt Romney- Putting Women on the Roof of His Cars

Mitt Romney’s women problem is joined by the dog problem he has convincing voters he is a rational, pet owner who put his dog on the roof of the car for a 12 hour trip.

The facts are that what Mitt Romney did to his dog was illegal by Massachusetts laws, besides being defined as animal cruelty it endangered the dog’s life. No dog wants to be on the roof of a car traveling at 80 miles per hour for 12 hours!!

The ABC Interview with Diane Sawyer

On an ABC interview with Diane Sawyer last night, Romney added that he would not put another dog on the roof because:

“The attention it’s received”.

It’s Mitt’s Time” says Ann Romney however he’s lost twice already and he has a big gender gap with women and a lack of knowledge of what women and men are going through in this country. The comment was one of a privileged woman who believes she is “entitled” and Michelle Obama would never have made that comment.

Even today, years after the stunningly idiotic pet abuse, the only reason he regrets putting Seamus on the roof is because of the attention his stunt received?
Amazingly, he doesn’t recognize how crazy that sounds and it amplifies his insensitivity towards animals but what does it say about how he feels about women? In the interview, Romney says that President Obama doesn’t understand the economy however far worse is the many examples of how Romney doesn’t understand the economy and his record of running Massachusetts as amongst the lowest job creation state leaves much to be desired.

How Romney is Putting Women on the Roof of His Cars

Would he put women on the roof of the car also, sort of like: out of sight out of mind?
Mitt Romney has already done just that by supporting anti-abortion rights legislation, stating he would gut Planned Parenthood and this last gem:
“Even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work”. You can bet he didn’t tell his wife that. Notice John McCain grimacing while Romney speaks. This was his speech in Manchester, New Hampshire in January, 2012, the kick off in his campaign for President. Telling mothers to go to work when there are hardly any jobs on the market, is like telling a blind man to see. Romney’s philosophy of do as I say not as I do seems to strike a cord of indifference to the struggles of mothers in today’s world of unemployment. In a staged question this was

Romney said:

“Couple of things, I would like to see us have an unemployment system where people had an unemployment account and if they become unemployed they can take money out. And they can use it for education, job training, they can use it for unemployment benefits and that would give people an incentive to move quickly they possibly could back to the workforce. I also like the idea that people who are receiving assistance, welfare assistance have a responsibility of working. In my state we made good progress in that regard ah..following the days of the welfare reform act but then when I was Governor 85% of the people on a form of welfare assistance in my state had no work requirement. And I wanted to increase the work requirement. I said for instance even if you have a child -two years of age – you need to go to work”.

At this point you can see John McCain is getting uncomfortable while eyeballing Romney’s comments.

“Well people said that’s heartless and I said “No, no …I’m willing to spend more giving daycare to allow those parents to go back to work”.

The Reality of Women, Welfare, Food Stamps and The Unemployed

With 47 million people on food stamps, the unemployed and the poor, the poverty has hit record levels in 2012, Romney has guts talking to Americans this way.

When unemployment rises, food stamps usage rises and amongst those who are on federal aid, they are comprised mostly of women and children. 

The program was designed to provide resources to all those who are elderly, single parent households who are going hungry, kids without food and women without jobs.  

Mitt Romney has no idea what Americans are going through and throwing women under the bus or as in his case -on the roof of his car is a disgrace to Americans and a degrading example of how he would govern women as a President.

Republicans this week are attempting to cut food stamps of which 50% goes to children and these are the poorest people on the planet.

The poverty line is $23,000 a year and many are going hungry in this stagnant economy and Romney’s answer is:

You gotta go to work!

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Mitt Romney doesn’t Know Squat about Self-Employment Taxes

Mitt Romney doesn’t Know Squat about Self-Employment Taxes

How horrible can that be?

The question was the need for sole proprietors to be able to deduct their health insurance premiums as a business expense.

The gentleman asked what Romney would do about the self-employment tax on small business who currently are paying a double tax, 23 million Americans are paying 15.3% flat tax on their income and that is before other taxes. The man mentions he is a farmer when he put the question to Mitt Romney.

Romney- The Used Car Salesman

who Doesn’t Know Squat about Self-Employment Taxes

Mitt Romney doesn't Know Squat about Self-Employment Taxes

Romney’s response:

“I want to help small business, big business, middle size business, I want to make America the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs and innovators”.

“Our tax rates I’d like to bring down”.
“I don’t know which business sector your in?
I’m a farmer” says the man.
Romney never answers the questions, but goes on some of his key political speech points on energy, regulations, and payroll taxes! Romney insists the Keystone pipeline is the answer to the man’s problems.

Romney: “There are too many regulators and too many regulations”, he skipped over the subject question. He then mentions that corporations are paying too much tax. Romney never acknowledges that self employed people pay double the taxes that corporations do not pay.

Romney: “I didn’t realize you were paying that double taxation” that’s worth taking a look at.

Romney doesn’t even know that small business owners or the self employed pay an added tax of 15.3% flat tax on all their income and he is running on helping small businesses?

The man said “If a farmer makes $35,000 dollars a year he has to pay upfront $ 5,000 dollars in self-employment tax before anything else”.
“It’s an outrageous tax, what else will you do for for the self-employed?”

Romney went to bat for corporations again, he did not state any ideas for the self-employed Americans, just the corporations that receive tax loopholes and write offs that deflate taxes. Romney had no solutions for American workers, he’s rather talk about corporate tax rates and the Keystone pipeline.

The Keystone Pipeline will not reduce taxes on small business, and again the ignorance Mitt Romney possesses on what is affecting jobs and the real tax burdens of Americans. That’s 23 million Americans.

Self-Employment taxes are extremely high and are killing the very small businesses that create jobs not the large corporations that outsource US jobs.

If Obama’s campaign is smart, they would use this video to exemplify how ignorant Mitt Romney is of the working business owners who get no tax breaks like big corporations do. 

Filmed Jan. 9, 2012

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Leaked CIA Memo: US Using Torture -A War Crime

Leaked CIA Memo: US Using Torture -A War Crime

“Because the lawyer said it was legal” says former President George Bush about water boarding that he endorsed during his term, which is still being carried out by the Obama administration.

George Bush said:

“The American people need to know we’re using techniques within the law to protect them”.

Two years after he left the White House he admitted he knew and admitted to water boarding suspected terrorists live on television after introducing his new book.

A secret CIA Memo Reveals:

During the Bush administration, George Bush and Dick Cheney an advocate for torture, were informed and knew that:

- water boarding, stress positions and cramped confinement are illegal and prohibited under US law and that these techniques were War Crimes.

The Bush administration called it: Enhanced Interrogation but they new it was illegal and applied to any terrorist suspect arrested in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world the US committed war crimes.  

President Obama did not follow international law either, and through the Department of Justice dropped 99 cases that were charged against CIA agents.


One of President Obama’s campaign promises was to end torture, close down the Guantanamo Bay prison but mainly to end the Bush era of war, war spending and clean up what the military industrial complex has done to American values.

He has not fulfilled any part of those promises in fact, he has accelerated wars, increased military spending and military operations, especially in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Obama also signed a one trillion dollar military budget, for this year of 2012, with all the funds borrowed from China.

Obama has also not gone after the previous administration for war crimes, for Wall Street and has neglected the freedoms of individual Americans by signing:

The Northern Defense Authorization Act – NDAA

This act alone, gives the President the authority, to arrest any American citizen on any soil in the world, for “suspected” terrorism activity on suspicion alone and circumvents the judicial system for an indefinite period of time. Not only this President, but future President’s can use this act on a whim and overtake Constitutional rights of a citizen.

Even if Mitt Romney is elected President in November, the torture will continue, an act of unconscionable disregard for International law, the United States has gone rogue using torture and continues to do so.

Ted Nugent Endorses Romney-The Kiss of Death

The Ted Nugent Stump show for Mitt Romney from the washed up rock singer of the 1970’s, wildly off in a world of his own, has taken his place in the Tea Party list of right wing nut jobs. You have to keep in mind Ted Nugent also endorsed Sarah Palin in many appearances four years ago, is an NRA advocate, hates animal rights groups and anything with the word “democrat” on it.

In this video Nugent, dressed in military camo gear expounds on his radical views of government, the Supreme Court, Obama and ultimately endorses a flip-flop candidate that he doesn’t really believe in just so the Republicans can gain power again. Doesn’t Ted Nugent know that Mitt Romney flip flopped on gun control and advocated for more controls of guns?

Ted Nugent seems to be a political nazi himself, radicalizing the masses, to do as he says, “Chop their heads off” is not an axiom for a peaceful, logical debate on democracy.

If you know Ted Nugent’s past you’ll know that he dodged the draft and never served his country, expecting others to do the fighting for him like black kids from the projects.


Nugent is so fearful of non-existent impending doom, he believes that four judges on the Supreme Court are trying to take “his” guns away. Unfortunately, the five conservative radical judges are better suited for being “activist judges who trampled the Constitution with Citizens United”.  

The main bone of contention he has is the Supreme Court’s decisions on what constitutes “The right to self-defense” which is being exemplified in the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida with the shooter being George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman claims he shot a 18 year old kid, because he “looked suspicious” and he had seen him around before the night of the shooting.

Zimmerman now claims the “Stand Your Ground Law” applied to his shooting of a innocent black kid based on his wearing a hoodie and doing nothing more than walking home with a pack of Skittles and an ice tea.

What Nugent and the tea party do not understand is that they are “pawns” used by the corporate world to fight against non-existent issues on guns! The outrageous claims made by Nugent are without question a paranoid freak out that President Obama will take their toy guns away.

Mostly, he ignores the economic facts that the Bush administration caused the Wall Street meltdown, and waged two invasions of foreign countries on a credit card. Guess, he’s never heard of compound interest on debt and wants to be beholding to China for generations to come.

This past fall the 2010 mid-term US Congress just passed another military budget for 2012, it was 1 Trillion Dollars! How many guns do you need Ted?

One trillion dollars buys a lot of bombs, bullets, and drones for all the military industrial complex that Ted Nugent is really working for the war machine, the military might and the gun totin’ radicals.


“If Barack Obama becomes the President in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year”.

“Our President, Attorney General, our Vice President, Hillary Clinton -they’re criminals”

“We are patriots, we are Braveheart, we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?”

The sublime hints of violence, hate, anger and inciting violence is quite clearly the way to go for voters. Ted Nugent is a man who clings to his guns, advocating violence with suggestive, implanted words designed to incite hate, violent actions and this type of Tea Party advocacy is the same rehotoric we’ve heard since 2008 against the new health care bill.  Just give an aging, old, rocker who’s lewd songs inspired the brainless 30 years ago a microphone and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Ted Nugent, still as wacky and deranged as ever.

Romney was all about Gun Control in Massachusetts in 2002

Julian Assange Premiere Show- The World Tomorrow

Julian Assange Premieres Show- The World Tomorrow

Julian Assange the man who founded Wikileaks, and the man still being held under house arrest in Britain opens his new show called The World Tomorrow.  

The show opened Tuesday April 17, 2012 on RT and has been called the most anticipated show this year began filming for the reasons Assange explains:

“A lot of the things that we have been trying to report have not been carried accurately in the mainstream press. There are many, many fine exceptions but when we look at international networks there’s really only two that are worth speaking about, and that’s RT and Al Jazeera.” RT [..]

The show appears to have a global audience in the same vein that Assange founded Wikileaks to expose the secrets that governments protect and to inform, educate and open the facts to the global public audiences.

Russia Today also characterized the global audience, that is one of “open minded people” that question main stream media news and reports in today’s network news business.  The show called The World Tomorrow opens a new outlet for Assange after the blockade of Wikileaks that financially censored the website after a release of non-classified US information.

 RT- New Show- The World Tomorrow with Julian Assange 

Assange has been held under UK house arrest, his extradition to Sweden still in the courts and no formal charges have ever been laid against him.

He has been under house arrest for 500 days without charge, and welcomes the  visitors to his show, for some interesting and information interviews that he will conduct with newsworthy individuals and important people.  The show will provide a venue for Julian Assange to explore the political power brokers and the forces affecting the world tomorrow.


You can catch The World Tomorrow on Russian Today TV