FDA Suppressing Stem Cells Research and Cures

April 16, 2012 FDA Suppressing Stem Cells Research and Cures

A continued program by the FDA has really shaken up the practice of medicine and delves into the problem of the government claiming ownership of a person’s stem cells.

The FDA is attempting to claim that stem cell treatments using a person’s own cells are subject to FDA government regulation and ownership. This requires a person to give up the sovereignty of their own body, its cells and hand that ownership to the FDA. However, the FDA does not have the “authority” to regulate medicine nor does it have the authority over a person’s body or parts thereof nor does it have any rights to do so.

FDA a Hindrance to Medical Cures

The FDA has long been a contentious agency in bed with pharmaceutical companies who are foiling any proven cure and takes issue with modern day medicine research for actual cures of diseases.

President Obama’s Executive Order to Fund Stem Cell Research Abandoned by the FDA

Rather than improving the health of Americans, the FDA stands in the way of real cures, even though President Obama signed an Executive Order to fund and encourage stem cell research the FDA has accomplished the exact opposite for the profits of drug companies. There is no safer bet than allowing the human body to accomplish the miracles that it already possesses and that is of healing through the immune system.

Proven Cures from Our Own Stem Cells, Reversal of Aging is the Future of Medicine

In actual fact stem cell transplants have been done for years in the cure for leukemia using bone marrow stem cells from the person’s own body.

While other countries are perfecting cures for cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases and using stem cells to stave off aging, the FDA is heading for the wrong direction in stalling, suppressing and outlawing medicine treatments that work.

Time for the FDA to Get Out of the Way of Medicine and Doctors

After decades of supporting failed dangerous drugs, surgeries with little results the FDA has now turned to unfounded laws that it has no authority to claim.
By challenging medical doctors, shutting down clinics and forbidding treatments within the US borders the FDA has forced Americans to travel overseas for stem cell treatments.

The FDA is a failed Agency with failed policies that have been to blame for causing more sickness, through unregulated vaccinations, not enforcing food inspections that fail to stop food poisoning and now this, stopping doctors and medical research that can save lives.

FDA – A Failed Agency on Food and Drugs Cannot Do their Real Job

The FDA was founded to regulate food and drug suppliers, having done a pretty terrible job of actually fulfilling its own mandate by law.

The agency has long hired pharmaceutical executives to approve drugs and as a result these same operators are delaying or outlawing stem cell cures for their friends in the drug industry. The prolonging of treatments is causing needless deaths, injury and higher healthcare costs to taxpayers every year the FDA delays approving researchers and doctors.

Adult Stem Cells -Your Own Cells are Not Harmful as the FDA Pretends

The treatments using a person’s own stem cells are not harmful, and there has never been a case of harm or ill effects using the same person’s stem cells. The procedure involves extracting stem cells from blood, or fat, multiplying the cells and reinserting them to the same person’s joints, heart or the affected area that requires healing. There are no drugs involved, there are no possibilities of rejection because the body recognizes and identifies the stem cells as it’s own.

Embryo Stem Cells – A Set up for Taking Drugs for A Lifetime- Profits for Drug Companies

Unlike, embryo stem cells or foreign cells from another person, there is no chance of rejection which saves on a lifetime of rejection drugs. In the meantime, the FDA is wasting all funding on fetal stem cells which will not work successfully in curing a person’s illness. The FDA refuses to fund same stem cell research and is actually taking doctors to court to stop same stem cell treatments in Colorado.

In the meantime, the FDA is by this very act of court action, taken a dangerous turn in government control of a person’s very own stem cells which is not only stifling medicine and attempting to control cures, and modern medical technology.

The massive commercialization and profiteering from medicine has prevented adult stem cell research and treatments within the United States, mainly because of the actions of the FDA.

FDA Policy- Keep the Drug Companies making Billions in Profits

This agency would rather see drug companies continue to profit from useless drugs, surgeries and failed medicine and stay in the dark ages of the past. The FDA is venturing into dangerous territory in an area that denies treatments, forces Americans to go overseas, threatens the US economy, threatens jobs, and the very lives of those who are dying needless from curable illnesses.

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Quote by Tommy Curry, Professor at Texas A & M University:

“We have to recognize that the FDA is not simply a neutral agency. Despite advancing certain definitions that are supposed to protect the public, it’s still subject to economic, social and political structures,” Curry said. He cited the economic benefit to pharmaceutical companies that would be the first to develop stem cell products that fit the FDA’s expanded definition of a drug, and “lock the market.” end quote

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Oracle – Google Go to Trial Over Android Java Patents

Updated: Aug 3, 2012 Oracle – Google Reach Settlement on Patents

Two major internet and technology titans, Oracle and Google go head to head over Android patent issues when in August 2010 Oracle sued Google after acquiring Sun Microsystems.

Google’s Android operating system seems to have violated Java patent rights and Oracle is suing for big damages.

Google denies this claim stating that Oracle cannot isolate certain portions of Java’s intellectual property.

The damages can be quite significant, as much as 6 billion dollars in damages that are up for grabs. The trial, case Number 10-3561, takes place in San Francisco where jury selection is underway and is expected to take up two months of the court’s time. The proceedings will be adjudicated by Judge William Alsup of the US Northern District Court of California.

The judge has amplified the importance of the case with “This is the World Series” of high tech cases.

Judge Alsup is a veteran 66 year old, no nonsense type of guy, and has sat on the Barry Bonds case and some death penalty cases. He usually gets to work at 5:30 a.m. when court is in session and has been known to run up 20 flights of stairs for his exercises.

Potential witnesses include the CEO’s of the major corporations the CEO of Google, Larry Page and the CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison as filed in court papers.
This trial should be on interest to the internet industry which will also reveal Google’s ad revenues, both current and projected.
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New Voter ID Laws Disenfranchised Minority Voters

New Voter ID Laws are disenfranchising minorities and creating road blocks for the poor and the elderly to vote in November’s General Election.

Wisconsin is among many red held states that are enforcing new laws on voter ID which is disenfranchising the elderly, students, the poor and regular citizens preventing them from voting.

The 87 year old woman in Wisconsin is not the first case where voters are being turned away from the polls. The woman and her daughter did not possess “up to date” photo identification, and were prevented from voting even though their names were on the voters list.

The workers at the polls kept them waiting, never gave them a ballot due to Wisconsin’s new voter ID law despite the fact that the woman was elderly and had no where to sit down.

The Wisconsin voter ID law was struck down last month by a state judge ruled it unconstitutional. There is no requirement in the Constitution that requires citizens to produce identification and especially when the voters are on the list as verified citizens.

Other states like Texas, South Carolina are using new voter ID laws with a larger goal of stopping minorities such as: Hispanics, the poor, the elderly and students who normally vote democrat from voting at all.

The Justice Department prevented South Carolina’s new voter ID law and is reviewing new Texas laws requiring voter ID. The DOJ concluded that a large majority of voters are Hispanics and would be prevented from voting.

Nickie Halley Signed the Law into effect on Defrauding Voters but was denied by the Dept. of Justice.

Newsy and KTVU TV Report

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Huffington Post- Religious Questions for Non-Photo ID Law in Pennsylvania

Note: Amongst Mennonites, a religious faith prohibits the Amish from having their picture taken, and new Voter ID Laws in Pennsylvania are disenfranchising their vote.

Instead Pennsylvania’s new state laws force them to describe their religion and fill out length forms which again is a hardship for their religious beliefs and of the privacy of information of the Amish community. Republicans are supporting and passing the laws on mandatory Voter ID with photos in this state. As well, ALEC a group of conservatives is behind the passage of these laws in red states.

The Atlantic- How Voter ID Laws are being used to disenfranchaise Minorities and the Poor

Quote: “Conservatives say this kind of legislation is meant to curb boater fraud. Bus while evidence of fraud is scant, proof of the regulations’ failings is not”.

Romney Defends Putting Dog on the Roof of the Car

Mitt Romney the leading contender set to battle with President Obama for the 2012 National Presidential Election has a few skeletons in the closet namely his dog.

It is not unusual, how the media latches onto something that happened so many years ago, but that shows a side of Mitt Romney that certain dog lovers (mainly the whole nation) can’t understand “What was he thinking?”

The story has been repeated constantly in the last year but more intensely as the official GOP nomination draws nearer.

In 1983, Mitt Romney took the family on a long drive to Canada from Boston, a long 12 hour drive with the family dog an Irish Setter named Seamus and a long 12 hours home.

At some point the dog was strapped to the roof of the car in his cage, braving the 80 miles per hour winds and the elements of fear for a brave dog that actually lived through the experience. One of Romney’s sons eventually noticed a brown liquid streaming down one of the windows presumably emitted by Seamus.

What did Mitt Romney do then?

Well oddly, not being experienced in safe dog care, Romney pulled over into a gas station and hosed down the dog and the car. But what then? Mitt Romney then returned the dog to the cage on the roof of the car!! Unbelievable!

Some dog lovers just cannot understand the stupidity of such actions and have vowed not to vote for him just for that incident. Romney sure showed his lack of understanding of animals, safe travel for pets and basically exhibited inhumane treatment of his own dog. Poor Seamus.

Social media has illustrated how it would be if Romney was strapped to the roof of a car in Dog Hell.

In an interview wit Chris Wallace of Fox News, Wallace tells Romney that “under Massachusetts Law” there is an ordinance that “prohibits carrying a animal on top of a car even in a kennel as cruel and inhumane.”

Mitt Romney laughs it off and said that the dog often climbed up the roof of the car, into the kennel most likely, to get away from his family. Romney goes on to mention that the kennel was also “air tight”. Was Seamus having difficulty breathing during this hair raising trip?

If Romney still had Seamus, would he be riding on the wing of a private jet today? The story is not likely to go away anytime soon, especially with seven more months of campaigning until the General Election. 

Romney Defends Putting Dog on the Roof of the Car

Asia Stocks Tumble Amidst Economic Worries

Asia Stocks Tumble Amidst Economic Worries  

Mon. April 16, 2012

Asian stocks took a tumble this morning as more global economic worries about Europe and slow growth in China worries investors.

Japan’s Nikkei went down 1.4 % to 9,505.27 due to higher yen values and Sony’s announcement of 10,000 job cuts didn’t make matters any better. On Friday, Wall Street also held down any gains and lost 1.1 percent, Standards & Poor’s index fell 1.3% and also the Nasdaq fell 1.5%.  Currency Trading also showed drops for the US dollar in comparison to the Yen, and the Euro fell to 1.3081 last Friday.

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Tuscon Citizen

“Electronics behemoth Sony, battling years of profit losses, on Thursday said it will slash 10,000 jobs and slim down its far-flung TV line in an effort to right its ailing business.

Sony’s massive overhaul comes two days after the electronics maker forecast a more than twofold increase in losses, from $2.7 billion to $6.4 billion, than previously projected for fiscal 2011.”

I B Times – Australian Stock Market Report April 16, 2012

“Australian stocks have started the trading week in the red, dragged down by falls on European and US share markets at the end of last week. Typically, US investors bail out of equities on Friday 13th, the mood last week not helped by ongoing concerns surrounding the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis. Lower commodity prices haven’t helped sentiment locally, with the All Ordinaries Index (XAO) down 20.5pts or 0.5pct in early trade to 4383.7.”

Homophobic People are Really Gay Study Shows

April 16, 2012 – Original Post

Homophobia is the fear of or disdain of gay men or gay women and in politics it seemed to have been the main topic of some of the candidates of the 2012 race for the republican party.

Rick Santorum an extreme catholic made statements that reflected his true disdain for gays and lesbians consistently throughout his campaign speeches.

Rick Santorum also came out against birth control, abortions and blacks in his appeal for the severely evangelical voters.

In fact, most republican candidates have stated they would repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military and force gay soldiers back into the closet.

A new study, by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reveals some interesting characteristics in people who show hatred for gays. Richard Ryan a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, New York.

” This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself why?”.

He indicated “Those intense emotions should serve as a call for self-reflection”.

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CBS Homophobic may Reveal Denial of Own Same Sex Attraction- Study Suggests

Live Science- Study- Homphobes Maybe Hidden Homosexuals

The prejudice of homophobia may also stem from authoritarian parents, particularly those with homophobic views as well, the researchers added.


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