Launch of North Korea’s Rocket

Launch of North Korea’s Rocket

The last rocket launch in 2009 were aimed north but yesterday N. Korea launched a rocket in a southern direction. Unfortunately, this rocket launch by North Korea carrying a weather satellite did not get too far.

The missile was in the air and head south that should have dropped harmlessly in the waters north of the Philippines which never made it that far. The missile height was almost 100 feet, the range was long range at 4,100 miles, it was fueled by liquid fuel in the first two stages and unknown fuel for the third stage. The technology was also an old model from the 1960’s in Russia a SSN-6 missile.

Neighboring countries from the Philippines, Japan, South Korea all vowed to shoot the missile down but that was not necessary.

Launch of the Rocket in North Korea

Korean Launch Creates Worries

Ted Kennedy- Mitt Romney And the Women’s Vote

Ted Kennedy- Mitt Romney And the Women’s Vote

Ted Kennedy was always called “The Lion of the Senate” and one of the most prolific legislative senators in American history.

Kennedy was best known as a lion for women’s rights, gay rights, and wrote over 300 bills that promoted a fairness in US laws and that advanced the equality of women.

2012 Presidential Campaign- Mitt Romney once again falls short on the Women’s Vote

Ted Kennedy was a sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment, The Family and Medical Leave Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964 and most importantly the Title IX Law that advanced women’s equality in athletics and academic programs.

Kennedy supported a woman’s right to chose even though he was a Catholic it did not interfere with the policies that gave women that right not his “own personal religious beliefs.”  

Kennedy was guided by the basic principals that few politicians have today, and that is the banner: “for the good of the people we serve”. Many politicians in 2012 serve corporate interests, back stabbing the very voters who put them in office but Kennedy didn’t bow down to corporate interests. 

How Kennedy Won Against Romney with Women’s Vote

In the 1994 Senator Race for Massachusetts Kennedy v.s. Romney the race was all about the woman’s vote. Romney made it easy for Kennedy by his very history regarding women in business.

Today, Romney touts his “business experience” as a qualifier for being President, however in 1994 he bragged that at Bain Capital there were only 10 % women hired.

As quoted in the Boston Globe:

“There are no minorities among the 95 Vice-Presidents of Bain Capital & Co., only 10 percent are women”. end quote.

Kennedy grabbed that as a campaign headliner and ran with it showing that Romney was very much against women getting ahead at Bain Capital and illustrated his true feelings on working women especially in his company.  

Ted Kennedy’s 1994 Campaign Ad Against Romney

Romney ended up losing in 1994 not only due to Ted Kennedy’s record on passing pro-women equality legislation, but because of Romney’s aversion towards hiring women and his own record of inaction on women’s rights.

Ted Kennedy’s long history on improving medicare for seniors, health insurance programs, prescription drug improvements, Fair Housing Act,  Job Training Partnerships, 2006 Women, Infant and Children’s Nutrition Program and the Pension Act of 2006 are now legendary bills that protected American families. 

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Romney’s Silence on Violence Against Women Act -VAWA

Romney’s Silence on Violence Against Women Act -VAWA

New figures on domestic violence indicate 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. The cost of that abuse is estimated to be 8 billion dollars in healthcare costs to taxpayers.

Last year in 2011, Democrat Representative Louise Slaughter re-introduced the Violence Against Women Health Initiative Act (HR 1578) to fund training for healthcare providers to recognize and help prevent domestic violence.


Romney's Silence on Violence Against Women Act -VAWA

New Figures on Domestic Violence:  

New 2011 data from the Society of General Internal Medicine show disturbing statistics that violence with women’s partners only 27% were identified as a domestic violence case.

Twenty nine percent of the women actually died at the hands of their intimate partners whether boyfriends, former boyfriends, husbands, or live in relationships.

Since the passage of VAWA domestic violence cases are lower and approximately one million women have come forth to use the justice system to protect themselves and their families. 

The problem Mitt Romney has about women, is that he does not support programs, laws or portrays an image he even cares that women are in need of assistance although he supports his wife’s work.

Over 19 years ago, the World Conference on Human Rights announced the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women that year was 1993.

The Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994 in the United States, and 2005 that applies to all domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking of women. The victims are able to use services that enhance the justice civil and criminal responses to domestic violence and violence against women in general and includes children and teenagers. Many states have already passed 600 laws to fight violence against women including passing laws that makes stalking a crime. States have also changed laws that include spousal rape that was once viewed as a lessor crime in the USA.

From Think Progress:

“Mitt Romney has not pubic any statements on this Act which is being delayed by Republicans and he has shrugged off making any comments on this Act.

During an “Ask Mitt Anything” forum at the Derry-Salem Elks Club here, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney demurred when an audience member asked him whether he would hold up reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act on the grounds that it kept men from visiting their children.”

“I’m not familiar with the Act,” Romney replied.

 The non-response has been par for the course for Mitt Romney, who has done very few speeches in regards to fairness for equal pay for women and has announced he would cut Planned Parenthood funding which alienates him even further  in the eyes of women voters.

Romney claims his wife says women are more concerned with the economy but that is their response for all questions and from a pool of well heeled conservative women.

Republicans have stalled on federal funding for protecting women against domestic violence as with other bills to cut funding on Planned Parenthood, and put limits on abortion funding.



The Hotline Get Help – Be Safe- 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Rescues Neighbor in Fire

Newark Mayor Rescues Neighbor in Fire

The mayor of Newwark, New Jersey Cory Booker, has saved a life and rescued his neighbor a woman, who faced certain death in a large fire of a two story building.

After Mayor Booker arrived home he saw his neighbors house engulfed in flames but Booker did not hesitate and rushed into the building to rescue any persons trapped inside.

Mayor Booker- I’m No Hero after saving a life in a burning building.

At one point, he said he thought of jumping out of the window but then “I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed,” Booker said in recounting the fire. Booker told The Star-Ledger he also suffered second-degree burns on his hand. 

A woman was screaming outside that her daughter was still in the building then the mayor and his security officers rushed into the building to find her.

Later, the Mayor who said he was not a hero, did what most people would do in such a situation.

He said “I did not feel bravery, I felt terror. It was a very scary moment. I couldn’t breathe. It was a moment I felt very religious”.

While inside he followed the woman’s screams for help and carried her out of the house on his shoulders. The daughter, is in stable condition with burns to her neck and back, Booker was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation and minor injuries on his hands.

 Cory Booker is a democrat who’s a graduate of Stanford and Yale Law School and possibly may run for Governor.

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