Poor Ann Romney- Working Mothers Furor

Poor Ann Romney- Working Mothers Furor

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The much to do about nothing fighting over some comment that Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life, still wages on in social media mostly fanned by CNN.


But CNN’s  Wolf Blitzer’s scathing comments against Hilary Rosen today just proved one more point on the glass ceiling in politics.  The same glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton faced in the democratic party when the party favored Barack Obama instead of her.


Ann Romney Repaired Her Own Image- No Praise for Working Pay Check Moms

For her part, Hilary Rosen was speaking of another world that Ann Romney has no conceptual understanding. The world of mothers who “have to work” to make ends meet. Where a husband has likely lost his job and a mother has to provide for her children. These are not choices they are mandatory in today’s world and that seems to have escaped Mrs. D. Romney.  

Today, she did not praise the women who have to work, the women who’s husband’s have lost their jobs, today she only repaired her own image, for that was all she was concerned about.

Today, Ann Romney said “we understand that people are struggling”., yet her husband is cutting funding for agencies that actually keeps women healthy so they can work. Mitt Romney has also come out against abortion rights, of women, supporting the evangelical hacking of Roe v. Wade by cutting funding for abortions.  

Let’s take a look at how hard it is for Ann Romney -really. Doubtfully after reading this article, any person of any political persuasion would call it – work.  

Romney’s Income

Mr. Romney opposes higher taxes on the rich because the Rich are “job Creators”.  We have yet to see any jobs created by the 27 million dollars he earned in 2010.


The Romney’s Do Hire Domestic Help but Pay Lousy Wages



The 2010 IRS tax returns of the Romney’s report his earnings are 27 Million dollars per year on investments tied up in the Cayman Islands.

The Romney’s also have millions stashed in a few Swiss Bank accounts and more millions in Cayman banks.

Mr. Romney indeed profits from the tax advantages of the wealthy and makes money on his taxes by only paying a 13% tax rate or possibly even less. 

The Romney’s actually earned 7 million from Bain Capital investments alone, still profiting from a company where he raided corporations and put Americans out of work.

Romney takes good advantage of offshore investments to reduce his income taxes. That works out to $57,000 per day which is double what most Americans make in one year’s work. As the wife of a very, very, wealthy man Ann Romney doesn’t really work, let’s face it would you work with that kind of money rolling in each year? Not really. 

The couple did not report any wage earnings in 2010, no actually wages earned by work. 

The 2010 tax returns do not also reflect his net assets of 190 to 250 Million Dollars, his retirement account of 101.6 million dollars and his blind trust for his wife Ann Romney of 10 million dollars.

The Romney’s also pay a tiny, tiny portion of their income in payroll taxes, while working Americans pay 6% in Payroll taxes, the Romney’s paid only 1 percent. 

The Six Houses

Everyone knows it takes more than one woman to take care of six houses. We know that Mitt Romney doesn’t cut his own lawn, since he hired illegal immigrants to take care of his lawns during last year’s GOP debates that all came out.

The Romney’s enjoy six, huge, luxurious homes in well-healed neighborhoods complete with large rooms, large lot sizes, multiple cars and all in six different cities. Think logistics- think maintenance -think hired help.

The Hired Help for Ann Romney

On Romney’s tax returns for 2010 there appears a cost for wages for hired help for which the Romney’s only claim $20,603.00 in total.

That amount was paid to four different women. From Huffington Post the four women are: 


Rosania Costa             $ 4,808.00

Kelli Harrison              $ 8,667.00

Susan Moore              $ 3,338.00

Valerie Cravens Anae   $ 4,890.00

This could be the job creators platform that the Republicans keep touching on that the rich create jobs.

The jobs Mitt Romney created was divided amongst four women for domestic help for a total of $ 20,603.00 when his income was $27 million dollars. 

** This represents the total of annual salaries Mitt and Ann Romney paid for domestic household help which is according to staffing agencies a very low salary level. In Boston, the average hourly wage for a domestic housekeeper is anywhere from $20 to $30.00 per hour.

Based on an annual salary this would amount to $ 40 to $ 50,000 a year. Either the Romney’s pay meager salaries or they are doing housekeeping for six houses by themselves which is very doubtful. 

The Romney’s seem to pay their domestic help only half of the actual going rate for this help in their six homes, which means they are cheap employers.

Now, they could also be hiring outside agencies to clean and manage their homes which is also quite possible.

Curated News

NY Times- For Romneys – Friendly Code Reduces Taxes

Crooks and Liars- Ann Romney- I Know What It’s Like to Struggle

“Look, I know what it’s like to struggle,” Ann Romney

“As of 2010, the Romneys had five women listed as domestic help on their tax returns. The presidential candidate has often deployed his wife to help reassure women voters. He has even said that Ann “reports to me” about what women care about.”

The sad part of all of this is that yes, the Romney’s hired domestics but they underpaid them the value of their labor even on a multimillionaire income. So much for Job Creators!

She Works Hard for the Money- Donna Summer

Ann Romney-The Talking Marshmallow

Ann Romney-The Talking Marshmallow

The Working Women Star Wars Battle wages on in Twitterland with Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen.

Ann Romney- She’s Not One of Us

While the faked outrage on Fox News pretends that Hilary offended Ann Romney for some misinterpretation on Romney’s part, Ann Romney is more concerned with the image you have of her. Not once has she come out to praise working women, women that HAVE to work and no mention of single women raising children and working on their own.

The Romney’s are so out of touch with the reality of the hardships of working women and they have no idea what working for a pay check really means.

After all Ann Romney had a rich, wealthy father in law that could always make their lives much easier than how hard they pretend it really was in the olden days. Romney had a fund to draw money from when they were both in college and he didn’t have to work at a part time job like most students do today.

Ann Romney is showing protection of her own self image as a tirelessly working mom, but she only ran a kept household.

The same happened with Sarah Palin who failed in her portrayal of a Hockey Mom in the 2008 campaign, Ann Romney is far from the average working woman.

As usual, this republican image spin on Ann Romney –  its just not resonating well with the majority of the female voters, as predicted.

Ann Romney the Talking Marshmallow

Ann Romney: I’m Running as a Mormon Wife For Pete’s Sake!

Ann Romney: I’m Running as a Mormon Wife For Pete’s Sake!  

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House, a funny thing called Ann Romney, who really isn’t an expert on women’s rights, women working outside the home, economic policies or being a Hockey Mom for the 2012 Election season.

A bit of a barrage on Twitter brings to mind what are Mitt Romney’s feelings on women, and for that you have to look at his religious beliefs.  

Romney is a tried and true Mormon and one of the beliefs of that faith is that:

Women belong in the home, taking care of children” 

“I’m a Mormon for Pete’s Sake!!” My wife doesn’t have to work.

I’m A Mormon Wife- I Can’t Work Outside of the Home

Translation: Women must not be allowed to work for a paycheck, instead take care of children, get pregnant often and never dare be more important or equal to their husbands.

Ruth Marcus does a great write up in the Washington Post that speaks to the fact that Mitt Romney doesn’t really know “that women problem thing” he handed that over to his wife. She writes: “

“My wife has the occasion, as you know, to campaign on her own and also with me,” Romney told newspaper editors, “and she reports to me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy.”

Note to candidate: Women aren’t a foreign country. You don’t need an interpreter to talk to them. Even if you’re not fluent in their language, they might appreciate if you gave it a try.”

The fact is Mitt Romney knows very little about the struggles of middle class American women, nor does he care about them.

The republicans have to attempt to repair the damage of the GOP in Congress in their slash and burn policies to cut health care for women based on their pro-life beliefs for two years.

In this case, Mitt Romney could not have picked a worse image than his own wife to capture the women’s votes in November.

Ann Romney: says she had six sons, Mitt Romney was as michievious and naughty as her other sons. She seems more like a mother to her husband, that an equal spouse, in this made to be warm and fuzzy video.

The relationship between Romney the bread winner and Ann the house wife is of a typical religious outdated relationship.

Ann Romney was added to the campaign because Mitt has a problem connecting, communicating and developing real concern for the middle class. Ann Romney is the front woman – to soften the edges around a rather cold, uncaring individual who has has no contact with the real world of work.

ACTA On Line Piracy Act- Stalls in Europe

ACTA On Line Piracy Act- Stalls in Europe  

The alarming number of internet censorship bills passed in the United States Congress so far include: SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and now CIPSA is sounding alarm bells with the rest of the world.  

You have to remember these bills all have authority over the judicial system of US courts and websites have no “LEGAL RIGHTS” given the power of the US Government.

ACTA works out side of international laws of property and implies the US has jurisdiction over other countries which it does not have legally. The world does not belong to the USA.

The gravity of online piracy as the US indicates, is so grave that interested parties wish the government to be in “control of the entire internet”.

Those interested parties are a mixture of Hollywood money, influence peddling and laws that would harm the billions of dollars of business on the world wide web.

Hollywood Puts the Burden on Business and Government to Monitor for Piracy:

Hollywood would rather censor the entire world from access to websites, putting business in grave danger of monitoring costs for a few songs and movies. 

The Man Behind all the Censorship Bills for Hollywood -Chris Dodd 

Chris Dodd Hollywood Lobbyist for Censorship of the Internet- ACTA 

The front runner of this effort is an ex-US Democrat Senator Chris Dodd who is now the head of the Motion Picture Associations and is a lobbyist for Hollywood. 

Dodd has gathered enough of his old cronies in Congress to pass numerous bills intended to put internet commerce in the hands of the FBI and US government agencies. One would call this making a claim of ownership on the internet that the US does not possess. These Senators and Representatives in return are paid very well with hundreds of thousands of dollars in repayment for their vote.

From the Net: 

“A controversial global pact to battle counterfeiting and online piracy faced a new setback on Thursday as the European Parliament’s point man on legislation urged fellow lawmakers to reject it.

Several European governments and lawmakers have voiced reservations about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) while protesters have marched against it in some cities, voicing fears that it may curtail Internet freedoms.” quote from Yahoo News

The Europeans see ACTA as “raising more fears than hopes” said David Martin a  lawmaker.  

The key issues are that to protect one aspect of Hollywood’s intellectual property rights the rest of the world have to give up their freedom of speech and more importantly it will stop internet creativity, business and financial transactions.

The bills are being drafted by individuals that have no concept of how the internet works, nor do they care about freedom of speech which is enshrined in the US Constitution.

Europe also questions whether the ACTA bill is even Legal.

ACTA implies that control of the internet must be placed in the hands of government.

ACTA On Line Piracy Act- Stalls in Europe

Chris Dodd- Internet Censorship is all about Protecting his clients- in Hollywood over a few pirated movies and videos. Hardly worth shutting down the entire world to protect billionaire CEO’s profits.

The Poster Boy for Internet Censorship for rich Hollywood movie makers, is ACTA worth removing internet freedoms and shutting down innocent websites under government control even if they are not violating any copyrights?



What Hilary Rosen Said about Ann Romney

What Hillary Rosen Actually Said about Ann Romney

A thunderous battle is being waged on Twitter regarding the comments Hilary Rosen made on a TV network show, however the comments were taken out of proportion. Rosen has not backed down on her comments and again this morning explained that she was talking about:

stay at home moms v.s. mothers who work and take care of children

Big Difference.

Ann Romney seems to have “taken offense” to the comment and misinterpreted Rosen’s comments meaning she did no work at home raising children.

In Obama’s camp David Axelrod seems to have taken a weak, response and condemned Rosen for her comments, and said she should apologize.”

But Romney does have a problem with women voters, due to his own statements and his own interpretation of the real problems women are facing today. This is what Hillary was illustrating and she’s right on the money.

The fact is:

1) Most middle class mothers “Have To Work” out side the home as well as take care of children, a much larger burden than Ann Romney had.

2) Ann Romney really “didn’t have to work” and her old fashioned husband advised her “just to stay home and take care of the kids”. So many women do not have those choices, they either through job losses, or illness go out and have to work to bring in an extra or primary income.

Ann Romney is not representative of your “hockey Mom” image that Sarah Palin attempted to portray, she’s not the bread winner, she had no burden to bring in cash, for the very survival of her family. Her faked outrage is just that, Faked.

What Hilary Rosen Actually Said – Full Context

” First can we get rid of this war on women, the Obama campaign does not use it, President Obama does not use it, this is something that people are accusing President Obama of using, but they’re actually the ones spreading it.

With respect to economic issues, I think actually that Mitt Romney is right that ultimately women care more about the economic well being of their family and the like.

But he doesn’t connect on that issue either.
What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying “well you know my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues. When I listen to my wife that’s what I’m hearing.”

Guess what?

His wife has actually never really worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing. In terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we..and why we worry about their future”.

“Yes, it’s about these positions and yes I think there will be a war of words about the positions, but there’s something more fundamental about Mitt Romney. Because he seems so old fashioned when it comes to women. And I think that comes across, and I think that’s going to hurt him over the long term.
He just doesn’t really see us as equal”. end quote.

Romney’s Image of Women Is Old Fashioned as per Mormon Religion

This is a very glaring point in Romney’s campaign because he does come across as a very, patriarchal candidate who believes a womens’ place is in the home, taking care of children, perhaps that is the Mormonism religious views he lives, but it is not the reality of life today for American mothers.

That equality stems from Romney’s statements on removing policies that help women ie) his stance on getting rid of funding for Planned Parenthood for example. Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer monitoring, exams and helps women who are poor to get health coverage they wouldn’t normally have access to. Romney’s plans are to remove those benefits and let poor women fend for themselves, poor women with families, children and single parent households.

His flip flopping on abortion issues range from: support for a women’s right to choose, and out and out denial of freedom of choice for women’s reproductive rights to ban abortions.

Ann Romney’s shot across the bow is that she “chose to stay home and raise five boys” and that it was hard work.

But did Ann Romney Have Help Raising her children, did she have access to an income?

Hilary Rosen was talking about EARNING MONEY!!!!

Hilary Rosen is a political communication expert and the mother of twins herself. She explained on Twitter again last night and said this about Ann Romney: “She never had to care for kids and earn a paycheck like most American women”.

She added in a tweet to Ann Romney: “please know, I admire you. But your husband shouldn’t say you are his expert on women and the economy”.

Truly, Romney refers to his wife as his economic and women’s issues expert in his speeches, these days.

Ann Romney- I worked ….at home….

misinterpreted and doesn’t understand the plight of working moms!


Comments from the Twitter Universe:

“Let’s talk about Ann Romney having to buy insurance on an open market without Obamacare” @Shoq

“republicans are making it seem Ann Romney stayed home and clipped coupons” @Ms_Raine

“Ann Romney may be a nice lady BUT she was no avg stay at home mom, plus she allowed her hubby to put their dog on the roof of their car!”.

Willard Mitt Romney “I am outraged Hilary Rosen would suggest my wife Ann Romney raised out children. We pay people for that” For pete’s sake. @MITT0Romney

Note to everybody: Ann Romney might be a nice person, But she’s is not running for anything”. @Katyshina

Curated News

USA Today- Swipe at Ann Romney

Monsanto Contaminating Drinking Water

Monsanto Contaminating Drinking Water  

There has been more than ample evidence, that the large agricultural use of pesticides, which has accumulated in volume over the years is making drinking water poisonous.

The carcinogen in Monsanto’s Round Up, is glyphosate and it is a known poison to human, plant and animal life.

New evidence has emerged proving the toxid pesticide is now contaminating ground water, making it’s way into wells, drinking water, springs and aquifers. The authors of the study are: Josep Sanchís, Lina Kantiani, Marta Llorca, Fernando Rubio, Antoni Ginebreda, Josep Fraile, Teresa Garrido and Marinella Farré.

The study was conducted by the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research in Barcelona, Spain. 

Study Findings:

1) The study report, released months ago found 41 percent of the 140  samples studied were analyzed and found to be above recommended limits to glyphosate and it is not breaking down quickly.

2) The claims made by Monsanto the chemical agriculture pesticide corporation claimed that glyphosate would break down quickly. 3) Finding that Glyphosate does not break down indicates that the chemical will be in ground water for a very, long time.  

3) Glyphosate is a deadly killer of human life with as little as 30 grams it can kill a person. 4) The Roundup Pesticides promised to be used “less” with Genetically Modified Organism Seed – GMO Seed but the opposite is true. More pesticides are used to kill the weeds, that farmers are experiencing with GMO seeds.


The study is available here:

Anal Bioanal Chem 2011 Nov 30 E pub 2011 Nov 20 PMID: 22101424

More Reading:

Natural Society – Monsanto Carcinogenic Round Up Herbicide -Contaminating Water Supply


Organic Common Sense- Monsanto Round Up Contaminating Groundwater Supplies

Exposing the Truth – Monsanto Carcinogenic Round Up Herbicide Contaminating Water Supply


Quote from Activist Posts:

Explosive Monsanto Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causig Devastating Birth Defects

“In other words, these farmers — many in dire economic conditions — were being directly exposed to Roundup in large concentrations without any protective gear (or even experience or skills in handling the substance). Still, the farmers say the tobacco giants required the struggling farmers to “purchase excessive quantities of Roundup and other pesticides.”

Most shocking, the farmers were ordered to discard leftover herbicides and pesticides in locations in which they leached directly into the water supply. With Monsanto’s Roundup already known to be contaminating the groundwater, this comes as a serious threat to pure water supplies.”

In other Stories:

Monsanto is accused of “Knowingly poisoning tobacco farmers with herbicides, causing devastating birth defects in their children”. Activist Post

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