Romney Appeals to Women Voters by Gutting Planned Parenthood

Mitt Romney is appealing to women voters after a year of attacks on women’s reproductive rights, their wages and even breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood by the Republican party.

Actually, Romney came out and actually said these words he wasn’t appealing to women voters he was appealing the right wing religious Evangelicals of the party who want to ban abortions by gutting women’s health and reproductive funding.

“We’re going to get rid of Planned Parenthood”

Romney claims that his test for funding is: are we going to borrow from China to fund it?

Romney’s Records on Women’s Reproductive Rights which are Covered by A Federal Law

During the Susan B. Komen clash of funding cuts to Planned Parenthood in February Romney sided with Susan B. Komen in their cut back of funding! Romney is playing both sides of the fence while attempting to appeal to women voters and by supporting anti-abortion religious evangelicals determined to kill abortion rights.

We’re Going to Get Rid of Planned Parenthood  

In this same clip, Romney says he would cut Amtrack obviously to produce more cars on the roads, he would start more drilling in the Gulf.

But President Obama has already started more drilling in the Gulf, so why is that anything new in Romney’s plans?

Romney thinks that some more supply of oil will produce lower prices and it will not. The price is set by the Saudi’s and greedy oil company’s and they will not listen to Romney to reduce those prices.

We’ll Cut Anything that Benefits Women, We’ll get rid of Obama Romney Care




Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder

After 44 days of waiting, tensions and a boiling backlash, an investigation has come to a conclusion regarding Trayvon Martin.  Today, Florida special Prosecutor Angela Corey announced in a Jacksonvill news conference the charges and the fact that George Zimmerman is now in custody without bail.

Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder

The case of a young teen boy shot dead for no reason, with a pack of Skittles and Ice Tea, George Zimmerman the night watchman in a neighborhood watch organization was never charged until today with Second Degree Murder.

The case has drawn international attention, numerous marches have taken place from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and in Sanford, Florida where the murder took place. For 44 days, Trayvon Martin’s parents Chris Martin and 

Zimmerman had disappeared yesterday and his lawyers Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig held a press conference that they had taken themselves off the case and George was on his own.  

Then they reported that Zimmerman had contacted the State Prosecutor by himself, which attorneys always advise against. The case became  The charge is just one single charge of second degree murder with no other charges and the state attorney 


The fact that Zimmerman is held without bail would require his lawyers to now state he is not a flight risk while yesterday they admitted that they lost track of him and did not know where he was but he was “far away from Florida”. In their bizarre statements, they added that although they do not “represent” George Zimmerman, they are sure that his case is solid and claim his innocence.


The conviction of second degree murder includes the definition of a “depraved mind” murder and if found guilty George Zimmerman can spend the rest of his life in jail or a possible 25 years in jail for the death of Trayvon Martin.

The qualifying definition of second degree murder:

a person with a a depraved mind which means “showing the intent” and committing an act of imminent danger to the other person. The evidence must support what was going on in George Zimmerman’s mind when he shot Trayvon Martin and his state of mind.

The trial will be televised as Florida law has a requirement of televised trials whenever the trial date is set and preliminary hearings are completed.

Mark O’Mera will be George Zimmerman’s lawyer now and the previous lawyers are not making any announcements to the contrary.

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who says he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot an unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida, has been charged with second-degree murder, special prosecutor Angela Corey announced Wednesday….

More at George Zimmerman charged, is in custody George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who says he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot an unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida, has been charged with second-degree murder, special prosecutor Angela Corey announced Wednesday.…More at George Zimmerman charged, is in custody


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Teen Electrocuted For Refusing to take Off His Coat

In 2002, a young teen boy was electrocuted in a school for refusing to take off his coat, and restrained while school officials were laughing while the boy was on the floor.

*****   Warning Video is Difficult to Watch

An outrageous story of torture of kids allowed by a Massachusetts school called the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. For four years the school sought to hide the tapes from the public until a lawsuit was in progress.

Andre McCollins Tortured and electrocuted while school officials laughed 

The school is a facility for special needs children some of whom could be autistic or have emotional behavior disorders. The center is known to use adverse methods, harmful to human life as a treatment for these children. Even withholding food in some cases as interventions to correct behavior problems which is outrageous. 

Fox Undercover Mike Beaudet covers the story and shows a video that a lower court judge requested sealed, now is revealed in the courtroom in a higher court proceeding.  The lawyers for the school even tried to forbid Fox News from filming the video but the judge refused. 

The student was a disabled 18 year old Andre McCollins who was strapped to a table, searched, screaming in pain and received 31 jolts of electricity to restrain him all in seven long hours. Andre is calling for help and yells NO No No….and this is what the Judge Rotenburg center calls “treatment”.

Andre’s mother, Cheryl McCollins was shocked to know that her son was tortured in school for simply refusing to remove his coat and that she had never agreed to the procedures of shock treatment or electrocution of her son.

She testified in Court:

“I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized and abused. I had no idea that they tortured the children in this school.”

Three days later she visited him “I couldn’t turn his head to the left or to the right. He was just staring straight, I took my hands and went like this – he didn’t blink”. 


Attorneys for the school hoped this judge would squash the tapes but now they are in the public domain.  


The center is known for and is causing more psychological damage with these procedures including the forced inhalation of ammonia.

The facility sounds more like a torture chamber than a useful aid to early childhood education and should be shut down forever.

The Judge Rotenberg Center- A Torture Chamber for Disabled Children

All this for not taking his coat off and the Rotenberg Center defends this treatment that can actually kill human beings as necessary, it is more like torture.  

It is a disgusting display of a society that tortures those born “less than perfect” in a very imperfect world at the rotten Rotenberg Center for Human Torture.

Obama’s Ronald Reagan Rule

President Obama’s Ronald Reagan Rule is the old name for the new Buffet Rule. Confused?  The Republican President Ronald Reagan’s speeches show he actually is the creator of the Buffet Rule dating back to the 1980’s during his Presidency. 

For Republicans in 2012 who think that Ronald Reagan is their hero, fear has struck them of accusing President Obama from being anti-corporation and pro-union. Reagan was the Republican President for two terms: 1981- 1985 and 1985 to 1989 and in his first term he raised the deficit by raising military spending by a whopping forty percent! 

Ronald Reagan’s Pro-Union and Tax The Rich Campaign

The speeches of Reagan during his two terms, that’s eight years indicate he saw the unfairness of taxing the poor, while the wealthy take advantage of loopholes and tax breaks. The proof is in his speeches and we quote:

Reagan was Pro- Unions:

“The Polish government has trampled under foot solid commitments to the UN Charter and the Helsinki Accords. It has even broken the Gdansk Agreement of  August 1980 by which the polish government recognized the basic right of it’s people to form free trade unions and to strike.”

NB (The Gdansk Agreement was a social contract attempting to resolve the Polish government’s attempt to squash labor strikes of workers.  In the 1960’s Poland’s economy was in the same condition as the US economy now, still stalled.)

Reagan on Taxing the Rich 

Class warfare on Ronald Reagan: 

“were going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that allowed some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share In theory some of those loopholes were understandable, but in practice they sometimes made it possible for billionaires to pay nothing. While a bus driver was paying 10 % of his salary and that’s crazy!”

Do you think the billionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver or less? he asked the crowd.

The crowd yells back “More!!”


President Ronald Reagan ” Raise the Corporate Tax Rates!!

 Obama's Ronald Reagan Rule


Reagan: Tax the Corporation Special Interest Groups

In June 1985 President Reagan in his bid for a second term and already four years experience in dealing with the budget, with the deficit and with taxes and revenue -still came out for taxing the rich, taxing the special interest groups as he called them and taxing the rich corporations.

It appears corporations were rich back then in 1985  and that was 27 year ago.

The rich corporations have enjoyed 27 years of low taxes, or no taxes and when you look at the big three oil companies who make billions in profits by price gouging each quarter -they still enjoy a virtual tax free status.

For 27 years Republicans have allowed Corporations virtually tax free status:

Reagan said this about that:

“The result is that workers sometimes find themselves paying higher taxes than the giant corporations they work for. And hard working families have to struggle under a growing tax burden, while the special interests get a free ride”.

Reagan acknowledges that corporate tax rates were low 27 years ago!

He goes on to say he received a letter from a wealthy executive of a corporation:

“An executive who is earning in six figures well above $100,000 a year he wrote me in support of the tax plan because he said “I am legally able to take advantage of the present tax code nothing dishonest – doing what the law prescribes and wind up paying a smaller salary than my secretary gets- I mean paying a smaller sorry- paying a smaller tax than my secretary pays”.

“He didn’t think a secretary should be paying a higher tax rate than her boss who makes a much higher income” said Ed Shultz

We should be calling it The Reagan Rule. Oddly, Reagan did not mention that the rich corporations should not be taxed because they are the Job Creators. That is a current spin on the GOP platform -to evade taxes for another 27 years.

The fact is that corporate taxes are too low, and are making the top executives only- very rich and the loopholes in place for almost thirty years must be closed.  President Obama wants to introduce a bill that does just that and it is what Ronald Reagan on for his second term in office


Ronald Reagan’s– Buffet Rule is in the Obama Plan

North Korea Ready To Launch

News of North Korea’s preparations for launch indicate the rocket is now injected with liquid fuel and ready to go.

North Korea a country where starvation, darkness and poverty reign, is set to launch a eminent spectacular display of fireworks that worrying many surrounding countries and world powers.

The first is a prepatory, long range missile rocket said to be for peaceful purposes, but with modifications that can eventually carry a nuclear warhead. The pretense of launch is a satellite that will orbit the earth and provide a monitor for fires, and the weather.

The second display is a nuclear teset with underground bombs, visible from satellite pictures in an area where previous nuclear tests have taken place.

The third is the celebration of the 100 year anniversary birthday party of Kim II Sung the founder of North Korea and the rocket is a tribute to him.

It all sounds a little too contrived and fishy coming from a hermit country where secrecy is the word. While China, Russia, USA, Japan and South Korea are all monitoring this fire power display many seem concerned at where North Korea is heading and possibly aiming its rockets.

The rocket will shoot over the sea that separates China from South Korea and heads towards the Phillipines in south easterly direction. Rocket fragments are expected to fall in the archipelago region and Phillipine President Aquino is worried of possible damages or injuries.


“Neighbouring countries that may be in the rocket’s path have made preparations. South Korea and Japan have said they will shoot down the rocket if it threatens their territory, and the Philippines has re-routed air and sea traffic.

South Korea has also warned the North it risks further isolation if it goes ahead….More at North Korea starts to fuel rocket


Kim II-sung Statue
Image by Joseph A Ferris III via Flickr

The United States issued this statement:

We consider Pyongyang’s decision to conduct a launch of a satellite an example of disregard forU.N. Security Council decisions,” state-run news agency RIA quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich as saying.

“It is necessary to seek a way out of the situation on the political-diplomatic track,” he said.


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