Walker Anti-Abortion Bill Violates Patient – Doctor Relations

Republican controlled Wisconsin assembly passed a bill that will stop abortion coverage for women under the health insurance exchange set up by Obamacare.  

In addition, the state imposed a law prohibiting sex education which mainly discusses vital information on reproduction for teenagers. The bill actually enforces a religious concept of abstinence-only teaching which goes back to the dark ages.

Therefore, sex education would be left up to parents which some democrats state will cause an increase in teen pregnancy and keep students in the dark about their own body and reproductive systems.

Most parents are unwilling to talk about sexual matters with their children and leave that information up to the schools in health classes. In Wisconsin that will no longer be the case. 

 Walker Anti-Abortion Bill Violates Patient - Doctor Relations

In a country still reeling from a deep recession where jump starting the economy and stimulating job creation, republicans have used the past two years since the mid-term election to pass anti-abortion bills.

In most red states these anti-abortion bills were passed in republican controlled states throughout the country. The bill would prohibit abortion coverage even if the woman is paying for her own healthcare coverage.

Womens’ groups have come out against the anti-abortion bills and also a large medical association who have asked Gov. Walker not to sign the bill. The Wisconsin Medical Society sent a letter to the Governor stating the bill would “infringe on the doctor – patient relationship”.  

Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Bill Charges Doctors with a Felony 

The bill also has an attached punishment for doctors who fail to follow the edict exactly to the letter and they can be charged with a Class I felony charge.

The bill keeps doctors leery for the type of language they use when speaking to women about abortions and opponents argue that the bill creates obstacles to getting an abortion if required. The bill does nothing to create jobs, improve the economy of the state but regresses back into a religious government law banning abortion talk between patient and doctors. 

 Source: Twin Cities 

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SNL and GOP Candidates

SNL has done numerous skits on the GOP candidates and Lawrence on the Last Word interviewed Harry Shearer “The Big Uneasy” on many topics including Katrina, relief funding for disasters and more.

Shearer’s film dealt with the cause of Katrina, the republicans attempt to cut disaster relief after many storms have left some states annihilated with damages.


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Eating Alabama A New Film

Eating Alabama a new film about a journey of Andrew Beck Grace and his wife Rashmi who return to Alabama and attempt to grow their own food.

When the Graces first started their film in 2008, more he took a more in-depth look at agriculture as a whole, and as he says how far we’ve come from the way food was grown in the past.

Alabama is a state rich in resources and local food growers are getting back to the basics of safe, nutritious farming methods on the local lands.

Eating Alabama A New Film

Local food Production is far more superior in nutrition, less costs for transportation, healthier for children
As young people graduate from college with no job prospects they are returning to the land for sustainence and mending that disconnect that many of the next generation have with real local farming.

Today’s Food and Agriculture

Most children buy food in cardboard boxes with no nutritional value and very little value. Today’s food is becoming repulsive to many as factory farms have industrialized agriculture across the country making eating today’s food a Gamble.  Some kids have never seen a real tomato, a real cucumber or real vegetables at all, they’ve grown up on pizza, hotdogs and candy and as a result children are exposed to more chemicals, additives and filler.  (See: Pink Slime -USDA)

Today, more parents are realizing that real food is hardly grown locally, let along in the US anymore and more is imported from China or South America with dangerous ingredients especially in apple, orange juice or baby’s formula milk. 

Back to the Farm- Back to the Future

Andrew Grace notes that today, there is a “real harmony between the land and the people who work it, one that has never existed in Alabama agriculture until recently”.
“And I am really hopeful that …a more equitable situation for farmers will be the end result of a growing movement towards local food economies”. A story about change, and going back to the farm for local communities- a story about why food matters.

“Now that really cut down on the transportation and delivery costs”.

Eating Alabama Trailer by Moon Winx Films

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 SXSW Film- Eating Alabama- is about community, the South, Sustainability and why food matters