ALEC Conservative Lobby Loses Major Funders

ALEC Conservative Lobby Loses Major Funders

ALEC the American Legislative Exchange Council a lobbying group for extremely conservative views has lost two major fund contributors, Coca Cola and Pepsico have distanced themselves from the group. Pepsi dropped ALEC a few months ago but Coco Cola made a statement today about their move.

The major corporate donor the Coca Cola Company made statements that they will cease to be involved with the conservative organization:

“The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council. Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business. We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry.”

ALEC’s major investors include billionaires like The Koch Brothers and Exxon Mobil with promise to fight for deregulating pollution controls that create major damage to American families and their property.  ALEC is a movement of extremist conservative measures that are corporate friendly or so they appear, and the enemy of democratic principals of justice, equality for minorities and benefit only the wealthy of society.

ALEC -The Authors of Stand Your Ground Law Legislation

As a result of ALEC pushing the “Stand Your Ground Laws” in many US states, their relationship to both major corporations, casts a negative view of their corporate image.

ALEC- The Authors of Voter Suppression Laws

ALEC has also been very politically active in voter suppression laws requiring ID from each Citizen who have to now prove they have the “Right to Vote”. Never before in American history has this impediment to voting been passed into a law that restricts and redefines the role of the citizen in the political process.

 ALEC -The Authors of Deregulating the Environmental Protection Agency for the Profits of Big Oil

Another mantlepiece of ALEC is the deregulation of the environmental protection policies that protect Americans from inherent and rampant pollution that exists in oil production leaks, gas fracking, Keystone Pipeline XL, Gulf Oil Spills and fossil fuel pollution.

ALEC calls the EPA a Train wreck and the major GOP candidates all want to deregulate the oil industry, so they do not have to pay for environmental clean ups if that is even possible today.Yet the EPA is the ONLY protection the public has against rough riding corporations who don’t want to clean up their pollution and leave it up to the public.

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania for instance, have had to move out of their homes due to contaminated drinking water near fracking drilling and the companies deny responsibility.

Gas Fracking has been halted in many areas due to the fact that it causes earthquakes by blasting thousands of feed underground which shifts the earth’s plates.

Earthquakes have occurred in the states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Ohio as a result of gas fracking in the areas of the earthquake hits.

Earthquakes cause property damage to homes, businesses and government buildings that the gas companies will never pay for and will never be held accountable.

 Several organizations have informed the sponsors of ALEC as to how their money is really being spent and it is on extremely detrimental policies that negatively impact on society. Groups such as Color of and Campus Change have informed donors that ALEC is responsible for spreading Stand Your Ground Legislation
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Pennsylvania Lawmakers are following the key policies of ALEC even to the point of copying word for word, from the ALEC books. ALEC a Conservative group that pushes Keystone Oil, gas fracking, no taxes on big corporations.

Daily Kos -Republicans Crank Up Volume on Voter Suppression Machine

ALEC the Conservative organization pushing the NRA gun laws that produced the Stand Your Ground Law involved in the Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin, are also sponsoring Voter Suppression Laws requiring voter ID in 30 states in an attempt to stop minorities from voting.

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GSA Spending Spree Sparks Rage from Public

GSA Spending Spree Sparks Rage from Public

An Obama administration conference in Los Vegas has raised an uproar from the public from the GSA who poured almost a million dollars partying in Vegas.
The expense report includes a training conference that included entertainment from:
a mind reader, a clown and comedian. People in Washington need a clown for entertainment? Most of the public believe they are clowns anyway.

What does the GSA do?

The General Services Administration is an independent agency of the United States government,  that supports functioning of the government in aspects of: providing office space, transportation and oddly enough provides cost minimizing projects! 

If that is the case, this agency has proven to be totally dysfunctional. The GSA provides product procurement for the government and as an outside agency it is not “reporting to the taxpayer” but spending their money like drunken sailors.


Former Head of GSA Martha Johnson resigns over big Glitzy party in Vegas

Martha Johnson Resigns as Head of GSA after luxury partying in Los Vegas paid for by taxpayers

The head of the GSA, Martha Johnson has since resigned on Monday, from her position as head of the General Services Administration. The White House remains unamused by the hefty bill paid for by taxpayers while most of the country is unemployed in a continuous recession.

The Inspector General’s Report cites big government wasteful spending at the Vegas party which took place in October of 2010 after President Obama received a shellacking at the voting booth. Other employees have received administrative leaves for the spending spree on the taxpayer’s dime. Wasteful government spending is a key issue to reducing the US debt and in the eyes of the taxpayer it becomes an outrageous lack of regulating every penny the government is now spending.

Apparently, President Obama was irritated by the reports of a $835,000 dollar bill for the four day event which was supposed to be a training event. This training event included $75,000 to learn how to build a bicycle, and a mind reader. This entertainment was for 300 government employees who spent more money on $6,000 commemorative coins, key chains and T-Shirts. This is not the way to win points with voters in an Election year. Before she resigned Johnson also canceled future training sessions and announced there would be some tightening of the belt in future expenses for the department.

Clowns in Washington


Clowns in Washington -GSA Spending

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Google’s Virtual Tour Of The White House

Google’s Virtual Tour of the White House

Now every American can tour the White House even without leaving their home, with a Google Virtual Tour using a high resolution technology.Many Americans have never been on a White House Tour and more so, with other countries who have never been to the United States.

The tour gives people around the world the ability to see where the President and First Family lives, works and plays everyday as well as welcoming international leaders.

The video includes all the rooms where past President’s have made special additions like furniture, artwork or carpets and includes the view from the President’s backyard.

Mrs. Michelle Obama Introduces the Google Virtual Tour of the White House

Google's Virtual Tour Of The White House

Mrs. Obama “This is The People’s House- Look around – Enjoy the history and the beauty of these rooms, because after all – This is Your House Too!”

Google's Virtual Tour Of The White House


Google’s White House Virtual Tour



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A behind the scenes look at how the whole Google tour was made with high tech cameras and expert technicians.