Obama Smirk at Harper – Priceless

You have to admit when Obama gets that mischievous look on his face -it’s downright funny!Even when the Three Amigo’s met at the White House there was a lot of scoping going on between President Obama, PM Harper and President Calderon.

In this picture Obama is looking at the Canadian Prime Minister with that swagger look like I got a file in the cake!!

Harper is looking down at his every expanding belly button in despair trying to sell the Keystone Pipeline as vital to the conservative party’s big oil contributors.

Then, looking past Pres. Obama is President Calderone eyeballing Obama and thinking:

“Did he really say that?

PM Harper is miffed at Obama for not approving the entire Keystone pipeline which is tied to the Alberta Tar Sands project, the most expensive way to produce oil in the world.


Harper has had difficulty trying to sell Tar Sands even to Canadians!!

The European Union grades Canadian Tar Sands the most polluting, destructive oil production known and may effectively ban it for sale.

The oil that is extracted from Tar Sands is very poor quality oil, and requires the destruction of five perishable natural resources to make it. The production of tar sands requires:


1) Natural gas in great quantities

2) Lots of water

3) The pollution of the air

4) The destruction of 114,000 square miles of trees

5) The destruction of large areas of land which will look like the moon after tar sands is extracted -large craters left with no vegetation possible or reclamation by the oil companies. 

The major oil production investor is Trans Canada which has a long history of violations both in repairs of pipelines, maintenance of pipelines and many oil spills.
Trans Canada has already purchased the steel from India to make the pipeline and it is of a low grade steel that is known to corrode but they bought it cheaply.

Trans Canada knows that Tar Sands oil is very corrosive and will wear down the inside of the cheap India steel very quickly. What awaits those who live along a 1,500 mile pipeline is the constant leaks that will result from this inconceivable and misguided plan called Keystone XL Pipeline.

The oil industry of both countries is tied at the hip with corporate money and the Koch Brothers who are invested heavily into this project.

Harper can’t find any takers on Low Quality _Expensive Tar Sand Oil

Obama looking at Conservative Steven Harper who is trying to sell Tar Sand Oil to the American President -The Dirtiest Lowest Quality Oil produced in the world- Tar Sands

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Google’s New Web Glasses

Google’s New Web Glasses

In the never ending search for Google to get in your face, now they have designed a pair of Web Glasses you can wear and Google stays in your field of vision but hopefully not while your driving a car.

You could call these new Google Gogs : Web Eyes

Then again Google maybe able to drive your car for you, in the near future as innovation takes our love for gadgets to a whole new level.

Apparently, Google is also running a fleet of cars that drive themselves -the self drive car, in a world where robotic machines take over the mundane tasks that plague society, like driving and searching the web.

The Google glasses are still top secret and still being perfected before production begins for a fall release.

Whether this new invention which isn’t really a new idea, is meant to take on the iPhone or iPod as just another gadget to carry around on your head remains to be seen.

The Google Glasses look like the Oakley Thump Mp3 glasses but they offer much, much more and all without reaching in your pocket for your iPhone.

Google’s New Web glasses will stream into your eyeballs straight from the web with a wireless connection, give you location data, check your email and voice control similar to Apple’s Siri activation system.The glasses will interact with the cloud to send data back and forth, and use Google Latitude to locate your friends.

Google Glasses May Look Like This



The future of Google seems to be in automating our lives from self drive cars to refrigerators that order their own groceries.

Cost of Google Glasses

The Google Glasses are expected to fetch around $250.00 to $600.00 retail, and will become the newest invention into the futuristic Web Wear product line aptly called The Heads Up Display or HUD. Google expects to launch their new eyeball wear in the later part of this year, most likely just before Christmas.

The Advancements of the New Robotic World

Computers are not only mobile now they are getting smaller with even more mobility and convenience for users. In fact, Babak Barviz an engineer predicts contact lenses computers, could possibly make mobile phones obsolete. The lenses would have a remote wireless connection which could be handy in security applications.

Computer Contact Lenses


Welcome to the new world of Google Goggles, Google cars and Google on the Go!!


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Forcible Strip Search of Female By Male Ohio Cops

Forcible Strip Search of Female By Male Cops

In Stark County, Ohio Police have forcibly strip searched a woman when a call for help was put into the police as she was the victim of an attack.

The woman’s name is Hope Steffey and she was brought into the Stark Police station and as the video tape shows she was stripped naked by male and female police officers who removed all her clothing.

The police assault happened on October 20, 2006, after Hope was assaulted by her cousin and had a friend call the police. The police claim she was suicidal and needed to be stripped naked to protect herself. The case was settled out of court later with the Stark police admitting no blame in their actions.

There was no legal reason for the police to strip search the subject of an attack, and she was then left completely naked in a cell for six hours. Her screams can be heard as the male police officer removes her sweater, bra, pants, shoes and underpants all on video tape.

Two male officers are seen stripping a female citizen of all her clothing which amounts to the same type of torture in the ABu Grhraib style handling of prisoners that happened in Iraq during the Bush administration.

The tape is very difficult to watch but what is more frightening is that strip searches are now allowed to happen in the United States against citizens. The Supreme Court just ruled in a 5 to 4 votes that anyone being held in jail can be strip searched no matter what the offense.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled yesterday than inmates arrested and put in jail can be strip searched for no reason other than to intimidate, humiliate a citizen for any reason. This new ruling means that if your arrested for a traffic violation you can be physically strip searched or jaywalking or an accident, or for being “suspicious”.

Most people thought this only happens in wars, in Iraq at Abu Ghraib prison where US military routinely humiliated Iraqi’s, taliban and Al Queda prisoners by stripping them naked and injuring them. Hope was injured also for no reason, her body was slammed to the ground until she almost suffocated. Her screams are a chilling reminder that the

The United States has become a virtual police state where the state has all rights to molest citizens at the airport including children, molest and strip search “accused but not convicted citizens” and to shoot a drone anywhere on USA soil under the NDAA.

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All Gov Supreme Court Rules Jailers Correct in Strip Search Anti-War Nun

Sister Bernie Galvin a Catholic nun who lives in San Francisco was arrested in 2003 in an anti-war demonstration and charged with trespassing was then strip searched by police including a “body cavity search”.

The case was brought up to the Supreme Court and the dissent statement by Justice Breyer pointed out “that people are being strip searched for a noisy Muffler or failing to use a turn signal” such minor offences.

The case decision confirms that not only is the US a police state, but this fact will certainly deter any tourists who wanted to visit the United States. The Supreme Court is over the top in a conservative activism that is harming the civil rights of the citizens and represents the atrocities of the US justice system.

Keith Olbermann Explains the Current Situation on Letterman

Keith Olbermann Explains the Current Situation on Letterman

Keith Olbermann explains his view of the Current situation and why he blames himself for not thinking his assignment at Current TV with Al Gore and says he should have known that.

Keith Olbermann and Dave Letterman- On the Current TV Situation

The Current TV network fired Keith Olbermann in the first year of a five year 50 million dollar contract, Olberman claims they fired him to save money.  The network Current TV is a network created by former VP Al Gore and Joel Hyatt claim that Olberman violated terms of his contract.

The rumors continued that there was much infighting after his hire, and that things were not going well at Current. Olbermann also says he had throat medical problems that prevented him from appearing on Super Tuesday reporting.

Keith Olbermann is filing a lawsuit against his wrongful dismissal for the balance of his contract salary.

If Current TV violated discriminatory laws on firing an employee due to medical reasons which they claim regarding his absences, Olbermann can win the case.

Keith said on Letterman that he has hired Conan O’Brien’s lawyers that represented him in the case of NBC’s switch up in the Tonight Show case. That would be the law firm of: Glasser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard Avchen & Sharpiro LLP.  

O’Brien won that case, NBC had to pay out his contract after a disputed time slot forced Conan to take legal action.


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AFA Files Bankruptcy After 958 Million in Profits?

One of the biggest ground beef meat packing companies in the US, a company called: AFA Foods has filed bankruptcy in Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, based on the scandal exposing them for making pink slime.

However, the company made 958 Million dollars last year finalized in December 2011, 958 Million Dollars according to an MSNBC Report. 

How does a company that sells almost a billion dollars worth of product and make that much profit, claim bankruptcy in a week? AFA does produce 500 million pounds of Pink Slime per year that used to go to:

McDonalds, Fast food joints, Safeway, Costco, Publix, canned chili, meatballs, swiss steaks and just about in anything which includes ground beef as an ingredient. The product is not beef, it is worse than filler and has to be treated with ammonia to kill the already existing e.coli bacteria. To kill the bacteria? What bacteria?

Tex Mex Seasoned Ground Beef 

Well, the story is that this scrap refuse, that could be anything from dead, diseased, disabled animals or any scrap meat that would have gone to dog food plants, is now used for human consumption and ground up with ammonia as : Lean Ground Beef.

The beef industry calls it Lean, Finely Textured Beef.

The Scientists at the USDA call it : Pink Slime

Consumers call it a Fraud on the public.

Another company called BPI or Beef Products Inc., is going to attempt to still stay in business making pink slime out of garbage refuse.

Someone has been able to convince Tom Vilsack the head of the USDA that it is safe to feed to children. E.coli is one of the most deadliest diseases to small children who’s immature immune systems cannot handle the quantity of toxins in e.coli hamburgers.  

Cooking the hamburger does not “guarantee” that all the bugs are killed and the new industry food scientists are playing with fire if they believe this slime is safe. Americans do not want to take a gamble with food, nor do they deserve to have to take risks eating food, and back 20 years ago that was never the case.

Today, 78 million Americans end up with food borne illnesses in hospitals, or die from e.coli or salmonella food poisoning. 

AFA is making the claim that although it made 958 million dollars last year, it is now bankrupt and cannot pay it’s bills. The pink slim bankruptcy courts will have to figure out how one company can lose 958 million dollars in three months. 

Business has been extremely good for AFA that is why it is so difficult to comprehend they are now “magically insolvent”. After all, the principals of the company “chose to make pink slime” and it appears that this was their main form of income.

Also, the company can change their production back to wholesome, healthy non-slime ground beef and still make a profit. It appears this is a rouse to get out of the business of defrauding the public and passing off a product containing refuse,  as real nutritious and safe food. 

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