7 Dead in Christian School Shootings Oakland

7 Dead in Christian School Shootings Oakland This morning a lone gunman went into the Oikos University in Oakland California and open fire killing seven people and injuring three.

Oikos University -scene of a shooting

The gunman was a former student a Korean man and was captured just hours after the shooting at a shopping center.

Officers surrounded the building but are not providing any details on the shooting other than a suspect an Asian man in his 40’s is under arrest.

After five or six shots rang out students were told to run out of the building and they did.

More details to follow as the story progresses.


Katie Couric v.s. Sarah Palin- Dueling Morning Show Ratings

The ratings must be that bad on NBC’s Today Show- look what the cat dragged in, as a co-host none other than the irrelevant Sarah Palin.

It appears there is a dueling battle for who can beat ABC-‘s Good Morning America that will feature Katie Couric a former Today Show Co-host. ABC is the leader in morning show ratings.


Oddly, Sarah Palin blames the Librul Media for distorting stories on her background during the 2008 Presidential race as a running mate to John McCain who didn’t bother vetting her.


When your Hot –  Your Hot- Katie Couric on Good Morning America for one Full Week

Katie Couric- v.s. Sarah Palin

While, Matt Laurer asked Sarah Palin how she was going to prepare for the show by asking her if she’ll read any newspapers, a slight jab in the jaw the nation just can’t wait to see Palin’s performance.

We know Katie reads the papers.

What waits in store for us all will go something like this comment on:

Matt Lauer asks her” “What else would you like to weigh in on?”

Palin: “Oh my goodness there is so much to weigh in on …hopefully we won’t bore viewers with too much in depth political talk” What?

There is so many issues going on with energy crisis (not true) and uh….you know the national security issues that have to be addressed….

No, we wouldn’t want any “in-depth political talk” from Sarah Palin since there is not much depth there to begin with in her speeches other than angry vitriol aimed at President Obama.

Most likely Sarah Palin will appeal to the lower lifeforms of NBC viewers from the Tea Party supporters, she seems to entice with angry sound bytes and endless nonsensical sentences that do not resemble a thought pattern.

No we don’t want none of that political talk.We expect the conversation will appeal to all those viewers who need a recipe for Moose Burgers and Reindeer Ragu Stew. The co-hosting will give Sarah Palin plenty of audience to pimp her failed books and continue on with the hate on she has for President Obama and democrats. 

We’ll give this show a miss. No Thanks NBC ….

Irrelevant Sarah Palin Co-Hosts Today ShowAnything for a Buck -Sarah Palin on Librul TV Show

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Judge Orders FDA to Do it’s Job Stop Antibiotics in Food Animals

Judge Orders FDA to Do it’s Job Stop Antibiotics in Food Animals

A threat to the economy and to the health of Americans is on trial and so is the FDA on the topic of antibiotic use in cattle used for human food consumption. The ruling strikes back at the FDA for not inspecting, regulating and enforcing safety standards in food production facilities. Large scale farming is free to operate in such a manner as to ignore the harm of antibiotics in human consumption while gearing towards higher profit margins, the wrong tactic.Last year a new health bill gave FDA more power, to shut down factory farms, but obviously they are not doing their job. #FDA More Power

Over 80% of the cattle grown in the US have been given antibiotics


In a rare moment, a US District Judge Theodore Katz,  admonished the FDA for not doing it’s mandated job to protect Americans from the over use of antibiotics in US farms.
The lawsuit, Number: 11-3562 was filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Union of Concerned Scientists in the NY federal Court last May, 2011.

The groups cited examples of how the rampant use of antibiotics in 80% of cattle is costing 20 billion dollars per year to the economy.

Judge Katz went on to say:

** “The FDA has not issued a single statement since the issuance of the 1977 (notices) that undermines the original findings that the drugs have not been shown to be safe,” MSNBC quote

In the use of antibiotics the drug companies make tremendous profits by selling drugs to farms, mostly the big factory farms and industrialized farm businesses.

The judge also ruled that if the FDA does not produce evidence that the antibiotic use is safe, they must withdraw approval for non-therapeutic uses of the drug. In his decision Judge Katz wrote:

“”In the intervening years, the scientific evidence of the risks to human health from the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock has grown, and there is no evidence that the FDA has changed its position that such uses are not shown to be safe,” end quote  MSNBC (see below) *

The Science on Antibiotics:

For decades there has been reports of the overuse of antibiotics in animals that are not sick, and it reflects the over use of drugs in the population.
The use of antibiotics in animals is now at 80% which is extremely high and the end result is bacteria that becomes resistant to antibiotics. Animals that are noted not to be sick are given antibiotic drugs. Ultimately due to the high bacteria counts in factory farms, the bacteria become resistant to the drugs which is ultimately a waste of money.

Heavy Antibiotic Use since 1946 in Farm Animals

Drug companies have for decades induced factory farms to use antibiotics to grow animals faster and become fatter, which ultimately increases profits. However, the adverse effects on the population. Antibiotics are used for cattle, pigs and chickens for the reason of higher profits.  The reason being is the large factory farms are unsanitary and subject to larger amounts of bacteria as a result of their size and neglect of safety standards in their operations. The antibiotics make their way into cow’s milk, chicken eggs and any product that is produced by these farm animals.

Antibiotics in Food Increases Healthcare Costs

In a nation that has 320 million people the heavy use of antibiotics is costing more in healthcare costs with a sickened population that is consuming way too many drugs in their food. The cracks are beginning to show in the way factory farms operate, from pink slime to salmonella eggs the bacteria in these two cases was caused by poor sanitary conditions which was allowed by the FDA and USDA.
ie) Wright County Egg and Beef Products Inc. These two massive producers of food either has poor quality standards or in the latter case used refuse as food.

What must be Done:

Write to the FDA and demand Better Quality -less use of Antibiotics in the food supply.

In 2006, the European Union is way ahead of the FDA and has banned the use of antibiotics for growing animals faster. That was six years ago. The US has been allowing heavy use of antibiotics in 80% of animals produced for human food which is a disastrous example of how much antibiotics are used today.

The FDA must enforce strict rules in the use of antibiotics only for sick animals not the whole herd and it must do the job mandated to perform, keep the food supply safe.

Sadly, the FDA has not protected the nations food, and has allowed the rampant use of antibiotics in all animals which is unsustainable. In fact, by favoring this factory farm policy it has purposefully and routinely shut down organic farmers instead. The priorities of food production is to provide wholesome, healthy food for Americans not drugged up, artificially grown animals that ultimately will harm human health.

What Consumers Can Do:
Consumers have the power to force change by boycotting stores that carry these products and when they have the knowledge of what is in their food. All uses of drugs, including antibiotics must be labeled and thereby offering a choice to consumers to purchase food with antibiotics or other harmful drugs.

1) Avoid buying food in large, big box stores, national chain stores who routinely buy these products.
2) Buy locally from organic farms that use sustainable farming methods without the use of antibiotics, drugs or non-standard farming methods.
3) Look for “grass Fed” or “Certified Organic” labels on food and inquire at stores where these products come from before they are sold.
4) Find local farmers, farmers markets in your city or town and buy directly from your local food producers.
5) Buy a freezer, buy bulk and stock your home with local foods which saves time and money and provides a healthier supply of food.
6) Tell your grocery store you will not buy food with antibiotics, drugs or from factory farms, and get involved in real food sustainability groups, and become a food activist to start the changes in quality of your food.

For more information on this topic the

Union of Concerned Scientists have more information here:

Antibiotics in dept- FDA on The Overuse of Antibiotics in Farms

What Are Antibiotics in the Food Industry

Curated News

Sustainable Table- What are Antibiotics?

Quote: “Over-prescribing antibiotics for viral-caused conditions like the flu or common cold, against which antibiotics are useless, contributes to antibiotic resistance. As the American Academy of Pediatrics notes, “When antibiotics aren’t used the right way, they can do more harm than good.”

UCUSA – Market Forces- Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Food Systems

Quote: “But locally grown food is not only good for your taste buds—it creates jobs, keeps money in local economies, promotes community development, and can reduce the environmental and public health costs of the food we eat.”

Buying from local farms increases jobs, helps the economy and raises the quality of food back to healthy standards. Buying from your local farmer keeps them in business and fosters the growth of local jobs.

Wired:  Breaking News: Judge Orders FDA to Examine Safety of AG Drugs

Daily Kos: Huge! Federal Judge Orders FDA to Cut Antibiotics From Animal Feed

* MSNBC Today Health: Judge: FDA Must Act to Cut Antibiotics from Animal Feed

Books on the topic:

Modern Meat by Orville Shell

Fast Food Nation

Food Inc The Movie



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Romney Donor-Pink Slime Maker

April 2, 2012 Just a little Salmonella Poisoning won’t hurt you.

Is the Romney Donor a Pink Slime Maker?

Lately a lot of scandal surrounding how the Pink Slime refuse, found it’s way in US hamburger meat has silenced the #GOP candidates for some reason.

Beef Products Inc was forced to suspend using slaughter house refuse and selling it “unlabeled” as Hamburger meat. The pink slime has little resemblance to beef, and the labels didn’t warn consumers what they were buying and paying for at hamburger prices was not “really hamburger as we knew it”.

A Very Sick Desperate Man – Mitt Romney

What BPI did was to gather refuse at slaughter houses, to turn a profit on what was used as dog food and selling it to American families.

If there was “any” beef in this garbage it was really low grade -not Grade A Beef and mainly consisted of: intestines, rectal parts, fat, and possibly even from cancer stricken animals who knows what they used.

The fact that BPI actually had to drench the garbage by-products with ammonia gas to kill off the bacteria and E coli – tells you plenty.

Major retailers bought it up especially mass production fast food outlets like: MacDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and others while Eldon Roth got richer off of garbage.

Not one of the candidates from Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich has mentioned the pink slime problem in hamburger meat.

You would think one of American’s industries that has has so very many recalls would be a topic that affects families, children and folks that just don’t want to get salmonella when they eat a hamburger which is as basic as American pie. A little further digging and the pieces all fit together for one leading candidate Mitt Romney. 

Just another example of how corporations run the political process in America is the silence when a scandal as big as this one draws not one comment from leading contenders for the White House.

The reason being that Beef Products Inc., the major leader of pink slime manufacturing is a big Romney campaign contributor.

Romney’s silence speaks volumes as to his relationship with the CEO of BPI Eldon Roth who has made a fortune in the beef industry. Likely it has more to do with the $200,000 campaign contribution to Romney’s run for the White House. After all, if Romney gets to be President the whole world will be eating pink slime.

Roth also threw a big party fundraiser for Romney and they both share jet ownership in common besides a total disgust for the health of children and American families exposed to e.coli bacteria from slaughter house refuse.

Romney and Roth the jet setting millionaire captain’s of industry know one thing -how to make a buck out of other people’s misery and if they cannot inflict misery they surely will try.

Mitt Romney made no apology for being wealthy and his allies are equally as undisturbed by yielding profits from garbage at the expense of infecting children with e.coli bacteria. No sure…nothing stands in the way of capitalistic conservatives.

Image Courtesy of Nerve.com

Updated: Oct. 20, 2012