California’s Zombie Campaign for Awareness

California’s Zombie Campaign for Awareness

California’s new ad campaign to spread awareness of the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone just released features zombies. Since 2008, fatalities from car accidents have been reduced by 22 percent.


Chris Murphy brings out the point of this ad that people realize that 1/3 of your brain is not there when your driving and talkign on the cell phone or texting.

This is what causes “inattention blindness where the driver is not even aware of what they are not aware or seeing.In the US 35 states have banned texting and driving and nine states ban cell phones and driving.


Don’t Drive and Text – Don’t Be a Zombie


Wind Powered Sky Sail Ships Reduces Fuel Costs on the High Seas

Wind power on the high seas is not a new concept, but propelling larger container ships to save on oil consumption when traveling across the oceans is an innovative technology.

Wind Powered Sky Sails saves up to 35% Fuel Costs -Trans Ocean 

In the world of desperate need for sustainable clean energy, SkySails headquartered in Hamburg, Germany are leading the path to wind power ships that can reduce if not eliminate the need for oil fuel.

The concept of floating a sail high above and where the wind has more velocity is the business of capturing wind energy that is free, clean and a savings to shipping companies. The carbon impact of a ship is reduced immensely and greatly lessens CO2 emissions.

SkySails has received the 2011 Environmental Technology of the Year, and is a member of the Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg.

Skysails is able to become the main source of energy for transporting ocean vessels without much need for fossil fuels. The estimated savings is anywhere from 10 up to 35 % fuel savings currently which adds up for larger fleets.

History of SkySails Wind Technology:

Skysails was the innovation that began in 2001 with two principals, Thomas Meyer and Stephan Wrage who are shipbuilding and offshore engineers.Skysails later has developed a partnership with DSM Dyneema and Gleistein Ropes for production and North Sails New Zealand for the towing kites.

The first ship MS Beluga Skysails was launched on December 17, 2007 almost five years ago, as the world’s first commercial cargo ship partially powered by sail and wind.

The Beluga set sail from Germany to Venezuela and during the voyage saved 10 to 15% in fuel costs or up to $ 1,500 dollars per day or a whooping $ 84,000.00 in fuel costs. Shipping companies have already started to slow the speed of ships to help cut fuel costs and reducing CO2.

Later SkySails was used on a fishing trawler, the Maartje Theadora which is Germany’s largest fishing ship that travels to the African coast and the South Pacific Ocean. As SkySails scales up to even greater energy savings it is expected to save approximately 50% of fuel costs on ocean going vessels.

Cost of Fuel for Ships Carrying Oil

Increasing oil price hikes in 2012 also increases cargo oil freighters who are using oil to fuel their ships carrying oil.

Higher Fuel Costs in 2012

Last year, bunker oil prices were quoted at $680.00 per /metric ton and for a VLCC – Very Large Crude Carrier this means in terms of dollars, $680,000.00 a day for fuel costs.  ( 

For large ship fleet brokers like MJFL & Associate one of the largest companies on the sea with 36 ships that fuel savings can be well worth investing in wind energy.

Currently, in the world there are approximately 550 VLCC’s using a vast amount of oil fuel and another 150 more ships added each year. The need for cost savings on this scale, cannot be ignored.

Shipping Pollution Rates are Underestimated

The Guardian Reported in 2009: “Confidential data from maritime industry insiders based on engine size and the quality of fuel typically used by ships and cars shows that just 15 of the world’s biggest ships may now emit as much pollution as all the world’s 760 million cars.

Low-grade ship bunker fuel (or fuel oil) has up to 2,000 times the sulphur content of diesel fuel used in US and European automobiles.”  That is 760 Million cars!

How it Works:

The sail or foil kite is approximately 3,400 square feet and flies up to 1,000 feet above the water that runs totally on automation. By flying so high the sail captures high velocity winds that carry the ship

The Future of Energy is In The Wind -SkySails

Video One: The Latest in Wind Technology fitted to a variety of vessels large or small capturing the high altitude winds all computerized and automated to reduce fuel consumption. Ocean going vessels are also being powered by solar power to save on energy.

The SkySail can produce a pulling force that is greater than that of an Airbus Jet A321 Engine

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Cries for Help on Tape Verified Not G. Zimmerman

The forensic voice analyst expert has just completed an analysis on the tape of the 911 call verified, that the cries for help were not coming from George Zimmerman.

MSNBC interviewed the voice expert Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services conducted a test of the tape and based on the voice analysis and the youthfulness tones of the voice he concluded it was not George Zimmerman’s voice.

What did the Sanford police investigate for 30 days that did not include real forensic evidence and why did they not do an in depth investigation?  The Sanford Police chief Bill Lee was on the job during those weeks after the shooting. He has since taken a paid leave of his job.


Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel asked Mr. Owen to perform the analysis of the tapes and he has prepared special tapes of the voices on that call to the police.

Owens said the voice quality on the 911 call was very clear and he could pick up the cries clearly and audibly. Mr. Owen has conducted other tests for prosecutors in the past.

Previously, the Sanford police had not requested to conduct a voice identification analysis in the last month.

Owen was asked to perform the tests by the Orlando Sentinel not the investigators both state and local but a newspaper did the study.

Mr. Owen said he had not been contacted by the Sanford police at all.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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April Fools’ Day

The history of April Fool’s Day dates back to the middle ages in Europe when New Year’s Day was actually celebrated on March 25 for one week and ended on April the 1st.

Then in France they switched New Years to January 1st and made fun of people who still celebrated it on April the 1st, hence April Fool’s Day was born.

Since it has been a Foolish Year so far and most of last year was the foolish GOP candidate race we all deserve a much needed rest from the Tom Foolery that went on in US politics.

April Fools Day is not a national holiday, unless your a fool of course and that could last all day long. Politicians are fools, who work for mostly people who give them money to run for office. The system is guaranteed to breed corruption and greed. Well one day that could all change if enough people want that changy -hopey thingy again.

Until then….

Here are some delightful prank video for what widespread mayhem may happen tomorrow.

Well actually its April 1st in the wee hours of the morning.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!






Mitt Romney Endorses Pink Slime

Updated: May 9, 2012

The manufacturers of Pink Slime are reported to be one of Mitt Romney’s campaign donors. Ensuring that if Romney is President you’ll be seeing more Pink Slime products at your grocery store.

The Flim Flam Pink Slime Man Mitt Romney Endorses Pink Slime

Mitt Romney Endorses Pink SlimePink Slime support from Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney received $200,000 campaign donation from Beef Products Inc., the makers of Pink Slime that are now fighting back the bad press for their unappetizing pink refuse disguised as hamburger filler.

You could say that:

Mitt Romney is tragically Slimed

Mitt Romney is Severely Slimed

Mitt Romney The Pink Slim Man

The head of Beef Products Inc., Eldon Roth  maker of Pink Slime is a firm, Romney supporter and has hosted fund raisers for Romney. You could call Eldon Roth the Food Domestic Terrorist we’ve all been fearing that has the full approval of the US Dept. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack who’s law firm defends Monsanto.

The food industry is an incestuous cesspool of corruption, greed, politics, mixed with an infection worse that e.coli. This business preys on the public health, costs the US in major export losses, economic loss, jobs and infects children with bacteria for profit.

At $5.00 a pound are you really getting beef hamburger or Pink Slime, consumers are not even afforded a label to discover what they are buying, and they are might angry at the USDA for allowing such filth to be sold at all.

It is the beef industry that are cheating the public, and it is the USDA that is complicit with that fraud by its approval of Pink Slime. 

The beef industries cheating, lying and greed has to stop before higher healthcare costs will cost taxpayers more than this five dollar hunk of slime. Next the beef industry will call it;

Slime Pate. Or they’ll call it Filet of Fine Ground Alternative Beef.

Photo: Courtesy of Esquire Magazine

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Slime Makers Fight Back with USDA Tom Vilsack

The beef industry is striking back at claims about the profits they make from Pink Slime, formerly sold to dog food companies and they used the USDA head Tom Vilsack and Rick Perry to do it.

In the media campaign the head of the USDA is again promoting a refuse product as safe, nutritious and he says it will help fat kids lose weight. Mostly from diarrhea.

Children are more susceptible to e.coli bacteria than adults and children eat hamburgers, a lot of hamburgers that contained pink slime as parents found out too late.

In children, e.coli bacterial infections can shut down their kidneys, they may require blood transfusions and can die from eating tainted food.

Along with several other red state Governors they put on a show to promote Pink Slime to the public after the entire nation went into a rage about unlabeled Pink slime in hamburger meat.

In this photo op, these republicans are seen eating what they represent as Pink Slime hamburgers, but they look like their going to choke on them.

A Sleazy looking Gov. Terry Bradstad,

Rick Perry choking on Pink Slime burgers – yummy.


Gov. Branstad and USDA Head Tom Vilsack fail to convince consumers Pink Slime is Safe and they continue to try to misinform the public.

The whole world now knows what Americans are subjected to, from the lowered US food safety standards of allowing refuse to be sold as “hamburger meat.

The man responsible for keeping US made agriculture safe for Americans Tom Vilsack, is also a former lawyer for the Monsanto Corporation responsible for Genetically Modified Organisms in US food.

Vilsack recently purchased 7 million pounds of the Pink Slime refuse from Beef Products Inc., with taxpayers money to be sold to schools for kids lunches.

When parents, consumers and food consumers found this out, they became enraged with their government and the USDA.

No wonder the beef industry loves him! 

Then, along for the ride was another beef industry good ol’ boy Rick Perry who ate a pink slime burger to show they are safe.  (It wasn’t really pink slime)

Gov. Branstad has a BPI production plant in his state of Iowa, hard to convince us that pink slime is safe just because they company made the mistaken assumption that slaughter house refuse can be used for human food.

If US food was safe there would not be as many food recalls as we’ve seen increasing every year.

Tom Vilsack fails to provide figures to substantiate his opinion and fails to provide safety inspections at these meat producers plants.

Vilsack also failed to report to consumers, that ground beef has been involved in a number of national food recalls.

The USDA media blitz gave these talking points to protect the beef industries right to use garbage and sell it as safe food for kids to eat.

We all know that children love hamburgers but are they taking greater risks with a former dog food product to help the beef industry make profits from garbage?

Tom Vilsack USDA Talking Points:

-The pink slime is leaner therefore better for fat little kids and will help them lose weight even with bacteria, and e.coli present.

-The Pink Slime is healthier that real hamburger made from real meat and Governor Branstad eats it and he says it is 100% beef.

-Bradstad  says it is safer because the ammonia kills the e.coli however Branstand doesn’t know that real, natural and clean meat does not contain e.coli only pink slime refuse.

-Beef Products Inc., has been making pink slime for over 30 years in the name of helping people lose weight.

-Brandstad omits the fact that it was sold as Dog Food in the past, they are just expanding the use of refuse for human consumption for more profits.

The USDA said “This Product is Safe” “this product is also a leaner beef product” that’s why Vilsack bought 7 million pounds of garbage from slaughter houses. 

Vilsack says “It’s less expensive that regular products”. Yes garbage is cheap.

The school districts across the country expressed concerns about the safety of the product, and now the USDA is offering a choice to schools:

1) Real Hamburger without Contaminated Refuse 


2) Pink Slime Hamburger- with ammonia and possibly e.coli -at your risk.


The national grocery chains have removed pink slime from their shopping list from Beef Products Inc. including: Publix, Costco, and Safeway.

The Facts About Pink Slime:

It was used as dog food before the USDA allowed it to be sold as food for humans.

Real hamburger from real meat -doesn’t require Ammonia to kill bacteria.

Brandstand and Vilsack are more concerned with corporate profits than the safety of children’s food. Already, many world countries have refused to buy US meat including Russia and China. 

Tom Vilsack says “we’re continuing to educate the rest of the population” and “people just don’t know”. Yes they don’t know they were fed garbage without labeling it.

Tom Vilsack cannot deny the fact that the district schools demanded that they be sold real hamburger, not pink slime. It was due to parental pressures and the real facts coming out that this scandal continues to worry parents across the nation.

Bradstad even thought it was some vegetarian conspiracy that are trying to hurt the beef industry for some reason which is absurd.

In this case this USDA media blitz failed to convince the reporters in the room that this product is safe and most likely will fail to convince consumers.

“When I go to the supermarket we’re looking for Lean Ground Beef” said Bradstad, however there is no warning on the label that Pink Slime is included in ground beef.

Vilsack again misleads the public by not requiring labeling by stating that it is not required.

It is clear that the US government has to revamp their standards,or cause more damage to the economy, job losses and grave diseases to spread raising healthcare costs.

It is also clear that the American public refuse to eat refuse and are angry at being lied to as to what is in their food.

The USDA needs to be cleaned up, staff at the top of the food chain need to go and a completely safer food supply needs to feed our nation healthy, safe and higher standards than this slop.

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