Was Pink Slime in Previous US and Canada Meat Recalls?

On both sides of the border Canadians and Americans are now fully realizing what they are being sold at the grocery store which amounts to fraudulent pink slime refuse from slaughter houses.

Canadian Beef Recall -CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Canadian e.coli beef recall has everyone alarmed and checking their stores asking questions of where their meat comes from and what is in it for the first time, consumers are demanding answers.

What Happened to our Food?

Someone decided to make hamburger from rotting infected meat and some government agency approved it.


During the same week came a huge 135 product affecting both Canada and the United States that went unnoticed. 

The Meat Recall was due to e.coli in ground beef, cold cuts, frozen meat, and was across North America.

Buffalo’s Zemco Industries- Deadly Listeria

CNN reports that Zemco Industries in Buffalo, NY has recalled 380,000 pounds of deli meat contaminated and sold to Wal-Marts across the nation, tainted with a deadly Listeria bacteria.


Rotting Beef is now Called Finely Textured Slime

No matter what Tom Vilsack says, or Rick Perry says or the Beef Products Inc., company says; Rotting Beef is not nutritious or safe.  The beef industry is play fast and foolish with left over decaying meat that is sold for human consumption and hidden.

Why Not Label It?

The meat industry with the help of the US. Dept of Agriculture decided to hide this refuse in real hamburger, they cut corners for profits. The fact that the USDA knew this makes them a partner in crime.

Mainstream Media Calls This Lean Finely Textured Beef:

Mainstream media may call it : Lean finely textured beef but it really isn’t that nice.

Firstly it is not beef, it is left over garbage on rotting bones and that is the reason they use ammonia, to kill the bacteria before you eat it. 

Now, Americans don’t really want food makers to use some substance that they have to kill the e.coli first, and then you put it in your kids mouths! That is outrageous! The second problem is consumers were sold this crap at the same price as real hamburger meat.  That’s fraud.

The pink slime scandal continues to enrage consumers knowing that this hidden deadly refuse that was once sold for dog food is now in the human food chain.

Days later, major US and Canada retail chains began stating they are “not selling it anymore” and in reality made their confession of defrauding the public with this refuse.  McDonald’s quickly announce it will not be used in their fast food joints anymore, and everyone came clean of the fraud on consumers!  Can’t trust them much can you?

The top chefs and restaurants that cater to the very wealthy of course would never use such a product but the poor, the elderly and the less fortunate were left with the garbage of meat packers who are so greedy they would commit this fraud upon the most vulnerable of society. To this day, they continue to defend their right to make profits from garbage and sell it to you and your children.

Within weeks of the explosion of Pink Slime news stories another huge meat recall was announced which affects both countries.

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Obama To Congress Pass the Fair Share- Buffet Rule

Obama To Congress Pass the Fair Share- Buffet Rule

President Obama urged Congress to pass the Buffet Rule the “Pay Your Fair Share” rule, to offset the Bush tax cuts that have caused more deficits on the country’s balance sheet. 

Since the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy and corporations, the country has been sinking in quicksand deeper each year in debt until it is suffocating in it.

The billions of dollars missing from the coffers, has allowed the Bush credit card war to accumulate to the point where, the compounding interest payments are all we can pay back to China.

These of course, are the very wealthy billionaires such as Warren Buffet who pays less tax than his secretary. The BP, Exxon’s and Shell Oil Companies that receive tax subsidies in an industry that reports billions in profits each year and they need a tax break??

Last April, there were 793 members of the billionaires club, and they welcomed 114 new faces said Forbes Magazine for a total of 1,210 people.  The combined wealth of these people is 4.5 Trillion dollars which is more than the accumulated wealth of 4 billion of the world’s people!

This concentration of great wealth amongst a few individuals makes the whole global economy unbalanced and in a precarious position and is the greatest disparity in history. The concern is the power these individuals have in their closely knitted groups and their aim to maintain as much wealth for themselves, by whatever means necessary at all costs.

These are the wealthy class of billionaires that claim offshore investments, use overseas accounts to evade taxes, or successfully steal the natural resources of a nation such as: gas, oil, and make billions in profits.  The Koch brothers for instance would fit in this category, who ran a scheme to steal the state of Wisconsin’s resources for their own profit by attempting to break union jobs.

The big oil companies such as: BP, Exxon, Shell that also claim their head offices are overseas or through loopholes pay very minimal tax on billions in profits while taking natural resources they do not own.

The whole concept of resource investment profits go directly to a few corporations and their shareholders, very little is given back to the US citizens or the good of the country.

No Deficits if Everyone Pays Their Fair Share

Truth be told if all the oil companies, the billionaires, multimillionaires and wealthy of America paid their fair share of taxes, there would not be a deficit.

Bush Tax Cuts Added to the National Debt

Instead, each year the Bush tax cuts are in effect, the deeper in debt the country becomes. The United States as a world power engaged in a permanent state of war also benefits China and drains the country of financial resources to repair the recession damages.

These are times of great theft and corruption where government allows big corporate oil and gas campaign donors to get away with looting. However, the President’s biggest mistake is leaving everything up to a bunch of looters in Congress.

Obama Slacked off of Creating New Laws for The Rich Until Now

Is it a campaign dig at his own campaign contributors, or an election ploy that Obama waited until the 4th quarter to revise the Bush tax cuts?While he took two years to initiated health care reform, the clock was ticking on the debt time bomb which turned out to haunt him in 2010. No one was happy with him in his second year and he suffered a shellacking in the mid-terms.

President Obama has to do a certain amount of on hands management of where the country should be headed, and there has been a muddled road map full of contradictions.

The President’s Message on the Buffet Rule

What is the Buffet Rule Tax? 

The Buffet Rule tax makes taxation fair by enforcing a rule that the millionaire, billionaires pay just as much of their income as the middle class tax rate, that is of the average Joe.

IRS Too Lenient with Tax Evaders with Accounts in the Cayman Islands

The problem is that the IRS hasn’t really enforced tax evader rules on companies who make their “Greatest Profits” within US borders.  That is a company like BP claims their head office is in the UK, but they make most of their money raping US oil out of the ground for which they pay very little tax on.

Large Corporations that Pay No Taxes

The country is left without it’s resources, the government gets no taxes on BP’s profits from selling gas and oil to Americans at high prices and they jolly well go back to their head office in the UK and count their money!  What’s wrong with this picture? The BP, Exxon’s and Shell Oil Companies that receive tax subsidies in an industry that reports billions in profits each year and they need a tax break??

Meanwhile, the debt gets larger, the interest payments continue to accumulate the US is still involved in several wars around the world, the military industrial complex gets richer every year and creates the non-taxed billionaires we are trying to tax now. A little too late for Americans.

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Healthcare for Iraq SCOTUS Must Decide for Americans

The Supreme Court after a three day trial, wrapped up a hearing that could disrupt a Healthcare plan for 30 million Americans, who have no coverage for health coverage in the United States.

USA Healthcare 2012- A Supreme Court Challenge by Republicans

The Republicans are leading the charge against the Obama Health Care Reform bill, the same party that spent millions ensuring Iraq’s had a right to universal health care by a constitutional clause.

The Iraqi Constitution was written with the help of a republican government under George W. Bush while he plundered the country then tried to rehab it’s government. 

That healthcare as a part of the rebuilding of Iraq was also paid for, by the American taxpayer. Instead of creating a healthcare plan in America George Bush decided Iraqi citizens deserved it more.

George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld sponsored Healthcare Reform for Iraq

The Bush Healthcare system for Iraq also included special provisions in it’s 43 pages for: the elderly, the disable as well as handicapped adults and children.

While the USA lost trillions of dollars, stole millions if not more from Saddam Hussein’s banks the US government also funded this healthcare program for Iraqi citizens.

The Constitution of Iraq reads:

1) *** “First: Every Citizen has the right to health care”, that reads “A Right” to health care.

“The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions.

2): Individuals and entities have the right to build hospitals, clinics or private health care centers under the supervision of the State, and this shall be regulated by law”.

American blood was shed to provide Iraqi citizens with a universal health care plan and over 4,000 men and women died for it.

These same Republicans are attempting to destroy any chance for Americans to have the same rights as a country they invaded, destroyed and insisted upon a universal health care plan which does not exist in the USA.

Here is a republican US government, demanding and ensuring that “every citizen has a right to health care” by a government decree and the country’s Constitution but only in Iraq.

You can read the entire document that shows this information and more here:


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Emergency Tapes Show George Zimmerman was Not Hurt

The emergency tapes show George Zimmerman was not hurt the night of the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

From the accounts of the police, the records and George Zimmerman’s lawyer, he claimed that he was injured with a broken nose, in a scuffle with Trayvon Martin.

Emergency Tapes Show George Zimmerman was Not Hurt


EMS Report -Showed No Need for Ambulance for George Zimmerman

The reports from that night’scall to the EMS

The Emergency tapes from a response that night that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, show George Zimmerman was not hurt.

In fact, the ambulance was cancelled from arriving to the scene of the violent death of a young teen Florida boy.The EMS report shows in their determination that George Zimmerman was not injured enough to go to a hospital for further medical treatment. Although, Zimmerman claimed a self-defense situation, there was no physical evidence that night of an altercation that would cause a man to shoot a teenager when neither of them were injured with life-threatening wounds or a claim of a life-threatening altercation.

No injuries on George Zimmerman later when he was taken away in handcuffs he arrived at the Sanford police station either.  Zimmerman entered the police station without injuries to his head or a bloody nose and showed very little discomfort from any injuries he claimed he sustained. 

No Injuries on Trayvon Martin’s Body or Hands

Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy, George Zimmerman was a 230 pound man with a strong build. Trayvon Martin’s coroner’s report showed he was not injured either before he was killed by a single bullet to the chest.

The coroner Richard Zurtz included in his report on the death of Trayvon that he had no bruises, cuts, scrapes or injuries to his body form that night, except for the bullet hole.

George Zimmerman has three previous charges on record for violence, two for domestic violence and one charge that involves a police officer, which were all closed cases without trial and without punishment.

The case files are still on record at the Orange County Clerk’s office but were never tried in a court of law.  George Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman is a retired Florida judge. The Department of Justice is conducting a parallel investigation as well as the State of Florida’s Prosecutor’s Office in the case but no charges have been levied yet.

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Mega Millions Lottery over 640 Million Dollar Jackpot

Update: March 30, 2012 12: 30 p.m EST The jackpot for Mega Millions just went up to 640 Million Dollar Jack Pot, the biggest in US History.


The odds are 176 million to one today, of winning the super Mega Millions which is now going over 540 million dollars as a jackpot.

A 7 time winner says it has nothing to do with luck, and has a method to winning lotteries, even though lotteries are a game of chance, with a bad economy you never know when your luck is coming.

Tips and Secrets from Richard Lustig the Seven time Lottery Winning

Richard Lustig has some tips for buying tickets:

Do not pick quick picks.

Choose your own numbers that are meaningful to you.

It is the set of numbers that you play and he suggests picking numbers that have never won before. 

Play consistently with those same numbers.

Every time you chose Quick pick your getting a different set of numbers which decrease your chances.

Richard suggests you play the same numbers, every time you play them you get better odds and he’s done the research.

Mega Millions Drawing is almost half a billion dollars tonight. 

Don’t get lottery fever do not spend grocery money, do not spend rent money.

He suggests getting into lottery pools at work or at home. You can buy Richard Lustig’s book here:


[easyazon-image asin="1452077460" alt="Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51NRvha44bL.jpg" align="center" width="300" height="400"]

Batman Stopped by the Cops in Maryland

It is not often you meet a Super Hero driving down the highway but there have been a few sightings of Batman in Maryland.

Even Batman gets stopped by cops once in a while and in Montgomery County, Maryland the police pulled over this Lamborghini Batmobile because of the license plates.  A man dressed as Batman explains his story.

When Batman is pulled over the cops were more than intrigued after they discovered the license plate tag said Batman.

The police officer is heard describing a black Lamborghini and a guy dressed up in a Batman outfit, not knowing what to make of it all.

As the police pull Batman over, he jokes to the dispatcher:
“You can send me Robin” and the dispatcher starts laughing:
When the police officer walks up to the car, he asks:

“Where’s your tag, brother?”

Batman responds:

“I’m on my way to Georgetown Hospital. I do this for charity”.

As the police chat Batman up, they ask him for his registration for the Bat mobile.

The police officer is gushing with compliments:

I like the outfit, man”
“I just need your registration brother.”
How long does it take to put that outfit on?”

“So the kids like ya?”
“It’s a nice car dude”.
As Batman retrieves his registration the cops get more details from Batman.

“You got a front tag there, Batman?”
“What’s your name other than Batman?”
Batman responds “Lenny.”
“You have a front tag for the vehicle or no?
“Okay you can get the registration, man”
“What time are you supposed to be at Georgetown hospital?”

“We’ll get you out of here so you can get to Georgetown hospital.”

Then two more officers appear, now there are three officers to talk to Batman.

Batman Stopped by Cops

The dispatcher comes on the radio again, the Batman is coming thru and he’s on his way”.

More giggling and laughter. ha ha ha ha!

Alright Buddy, you get to the hospital buddy, take care of those kids”.
Then they pull out their cameras, and

“Lenny, you mind if I take a picture, buddy?”

Batman Lenny responds: ” Not at all”.

They break out their cell phone cameras and all take pictures.
When they get home they’ll have proof to show their kids they stopped

They break into song and sing the Batman theme “

All right, I gotta get my camera up.
“Lenny what do you do for a living besides being dressed as a Batman”.

At the end Batman says “I haven’t been pulled over before but I had a flat tire on Halloween.
I was on my way to the National hospital and my tire blew out and there was no spare. There was nothing I could do so Howard county helped me out but the next thing you know it was all Facebook and Youtube and I made the DC News”

Batman Has Flat Tire on Halloween:

Nov. 2011 Fox DC captures the news on our Super Hero Batman when another motorist called in a 911 to report Batman had a flat tire to Howard County police who had to tow the Bat mobile to the shop. This time Batman had to get a ride from a friend to make it to the hospital on time. Two officers attended and assisted Batman to get on his way and get towed.

All in a days work for Maryland police, the cops who say:

“You wait long enough you’ll see everything”. Now on to the donut shop.

Batman Stops for a Light in His Lamborghini, long enough for a fellow motorist to catch a pic. 

 Batman in real life is Lenny Robinson a business dude who buys $ 25,000 worth of toys and visits the hospital for sick kids each year bringing smiles to kids fighting cancer and other horrible diseases.

Lenny does this as an honorable deed and he’s giving back to his community bringing some much needed fun to the faces of little sick kids.

The Montgomery Police department posted the Batman photos on their Facebook page.

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USDA Still Selling Slime to Consumers

There is something definitely wrong at the US Dept of Agriculture and the whole world by now has become intimately familiar with the sale, promotion and endorsements of the agency of Pink Slime. In fact even after the whistleblowers, the outrage by the public the USDA insists that:

 The USDA on The Truth Meter is Lying to American Families:

USDA: Pink Slime is perfectly safe to eat by human beings.

Truth Meter: No actually it used to be used for dog food.

Pink Slime is “good” for you and your kids, and nutritious.

Truth Meter: No, there is no nutritional value in ammonia and refuse.

Pink Slime is so economical its better than real beef.

Truth Meter: Pink slime was sold at the same prices as real hamburger ground beef, but that’s fraud.

What Pink Slime Represents is:

Fraudulently passing off a refuse product as real meat

Fraudulently selling it without labeling it as refuse meat Falsely calling it : Finely Textured


The very least we can expect as Americans with growing children that need all the nutrition they can get is for our own government – not to try to poison us.

The very least we can expect is that our government would not lie to us about the very food we eat, but that’s expecting too much. 

Today, this administration has purposefully hired ex-corporate insiders like Tom Vilsack an ex-employee of Monsanto couldn’t have been a worst choice for Barack Obama to make. 

By hiring industry insiders who are “cozy” with lobbyists from the beef industry, Monsanto and other factory food manufacturers.

In this case, the USDA has been lying to Americans, has been committing fraud upon the public and has purposefully allowed the food quality and standards of the USA to go into the trash.


Tom Vilsack, USDA

Mr. Slime Ball


Still Pimping Garbage for the Beef




You wonder how people like Tom Vilsack sleep at night, knowing they are responsible for contaminating the food supply with slaughter house refuse, and also he is responsible for approving Agent Orange, GMO and heavy duty poisoning of the food supply.

This is the same guy who bought 7 million pounds of Pink Slime with Taxpayers money, to buy this garbage from the beef industry. The money worth millions of dollars went into the Beef Products Inc who took refuse from slaughter houses and tried to pawn it off as “real meat”. 

Unfortunately, the public outrage at both the fraud of this slime being passed off as nutritious is just the end of the line for operators like Tom Vilsack. His total destruction of American food quality, and his ties to lobbyists makes him one of the most diabolical, ruthless people in America. Obama should fire this guy, who is working for corporate profits not American Food Safety.

Reports Show Foxconn Violates China’s Labor Laws

For months now we’ve been reading about the dastardly conditions at China’s Sweat Tech Shops where workers receive little pay, work in dangerous conditions and commit suicide for the US technology product market.

The initial reports were said to be false and exaggerated but a new audited report from the Fair Labor Association proves that laborers are being abused, to the point of slavery.

Some of the Worker conditions reported several months ago were:

Working 60 or more hours per week, 7 days a week
Working 12 hours a day without breaks, or lunch breaks
Working in dangerous chemical exposed areas without safety equipment
Breathing in Aluminum dust, deadly chemicals at their work stations
Living on the factory premises in labor camps housing up to 70,000 workers
Working non stop without holiday, vacation, or breaks like machinery.

The strain has been so huge that it has driven poorer workers to commit suicide rather than face their life in these sweat shops.

Most workers have never seen an ipad let alone being able to afford one, or a Sony PlayStation or an Amazon product.

Foxconn even went so far as to use deadly chemicals to cut costs with the purpose of increasing their productivity and profits.

These chemicals such as n-hexane which is basically a gasoline, if inhaled on a daily basis will make people commit suicide simply due to the intoxication of the brain. The labor laws of most countries were prohibit this type of abuse of workers in a very dangerous workplace.

These strong smelling solvents are used to produce a nice shiny finish on smartphones, games, tablets and iPads for American consumers but at what cost?

Within Foxconn’s sweatshop factories there is no ventilation which makes matters even worse and the constant aluminum dust that pervades the work areas cannot be washed off their bodies each day.

There is no wonder why major US technology corporations have taken full advantage of the slavery of China’s workers to increase profits. The two greatest costs in business is: parts and labor period. 

Parts can be made cheaper at the cost of poor quality, labor costs can be fought by paying lower wages, moving factories offshore to third world countries and using the vulnerable.

Companies that have moved US American worker jobs offshore are reaping the financial benefits, but suffering a far more greater loss of their image, ethics, reputation, honor and basic support of human rights.

The Report from the Fair Labor Association said that these Chinese suppliers of major US firms like Apple Inc., Amazon Company, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo games. the company has promised to change it’s ways but that remains to be seen. 

The Fall Out of Abuse of Workers in China’s Tech Shops

Still if the big corporate leaders in technology continue to do business in this manner, of profiting from a vulnerable and poor work force,  the public will not buy their products.

Therefore, the whole exercise of moving jobs offshore will hurt them in the end in lower sales due to bad press.  While Apple has recorded billions in profits each year as well as Microsoft, Amazon they must realize that the house of cards will fall one day.

 70,000 or 100,000 workers live in the factories of Foxconn a supplier of US Technology

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Best Buy Closing Stores After Reporting 1.7 Billion Losses

Best Buy one of the major tech and appliances retailers is closing down fifty stores, and laying off 400 management and support staff, as the latest quarterly figures show it is bleeding money.

A list of which stores are closing is not available yet or in what countries their operations will be closing due to cost cutting. 

Best Buy was originally established 46 years ago starting out with the name Sound of Music, Inc., and changed the name in 1983 to Best Buy.

Following in the tracks of Circuit City in 2009, and the diminishing retailers such as Sears,which closed 53 stores including its Hometown Store in Connecticut.

Best Buy is facing fierce competition from online retailer giants such as Amazon. Best Buy’s (BBY) stock price was off today by more than 8 percent with new stores showing a decline of 2.4% and a staggering 1.7 billion dollar loss for the period of 12 months.

Instead Best Buy announced it will add some 305 Best Buy kiosk type stand alone mobile stores with smaller footprints and costs to a total of up to 800 this year. Next year another 100 smaller mobile stores will be opened to help keep us the flow of revenue.  This cost cutting measure will assure the reduction of 800 million dollars by 2015 and a quarter of a billion this year.

Currently, world-wide in it’s 4,100 stores, the entire company employs 180,000 full time employees, as well as part-time and season staffers. The retail chain is going out of business gradually and moving into a mobile store format.


Best Buy Closing 50 Stores to Start


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Romney in 2004 Called John Kerry a Flip-Flopper

Mitt Romney had the audacity in 2004 to call John Kerry a Flip-Flopper is the pot calling the Kettle black. But what Newt Gingrich says about the Massachusetts Moderate are far more revealing coming from the Republican party, who needs any opposition?Romney in 2004 Called John Kerry a Flip-Flopper

In this stump speech to help George Bush get re-elected for another four years Romney ridicules Senator Kerry for backtracking and flip flopping.


Newt Gingrich Calls Mitt Romney A Liar:


In January, 2012 his opponent in the GOP Race former Speaker Newt Gingrich flat out calls Mitt Romney a liar.

Gingrich tells CBS after the Iowa caucus these gems:

“Some who’d lied to you to get to be President, will lie to you when they are President”.

Question: “Are you calling Mitt Romney a liar?”

Gingrich: “Yes”.

Gingrich: “This is a man who’s staff created the PAC, his millionaire friends fund the PAC, he pretends he has nothing to do with the PAC -its baloney, he’s not telling the American people the truth”.

“It’s just like this pretense that he’s a conservative. Here’s a Massachusetts moderate, who has tax paid abortions in Romneycare, puts Planned Parenthood in Romneycare raises hundreds of millions of dollars of taxes of businesses, appoints liberal judges to appease Democrats and wants the rest of us to believe somehow he’s magically a Conservative”.

“I just think he ought to be honest with the American people, and try to win as the “real Mitt Romney” not try to invent a poll-driven consultant guided version that goes around with talking points and I think he ought to be candid. I don’t think he’s being candid and that will be a major issue from here on out for the rest of this campaign.

The country gets to decide, do you really want a Massachusetts Moderate who won’t level with you to run against Barack Obama who frankly will just tear him apart -I mean he will not survive against the Obama machine”.

But Gingrich would support him against Barack Obama if he wins the Nomination which is shockingly how Washington works.

The interviewer asks:

“But you just said Mitt Romney would lie to you as President, how can you support that!!”

Romney and the John Kerry Big House Problem

At a Republican Governor’s Association Dinner in 2004, only eight years ago Mitt Romney quipped about big house democrats.

Mitt Romney who has six houses and is installing a Car Elevator in his new renovation plans costing 12 Million dollars once ridiculed Sen. John Kerry for having “too big a House”.

Unfortunately, that comes back to haunt the frontrunner of the GOP race for the White House because Romney has six big houses!

The epitomy of the hypocrisy from Romney considering he made his 300 million by evading taxes with offshore investments and bank accounts which earn him an easy 20 million per year in income.

Romney’s Big House Problem

Romney has no concept that 99% of Americans are not in his wealth bracket, nor view him as a man who will help their financial losses if he were elected. Romney’s gaffs are a long list of evidential statements that present him as a just another Wall Street supporter who caters to the 1% rich multimillionaires and wealthy Republicans.

Romney’s Big House Problem over shadows his legitimacy as a President for all people when he also said he likes “firing people”. In a telephone town hall he laughed when recalling a story of how his father the CEO of American Motors shut down a plant in Wisconsin and fired all it’s workers!

Outrageously, he laughed when recalling that story just days ago in the middle of the US worst recession since the Great Depression.

Romney’s Homes Now Number Six Big Ones:

1) The New Hampshire Estate

Romney's Big House Problem

The Hub Home as the Romney’s call this is 6,434 square feet, with 6.5 bathrooms.


2) The California La Jolla- Reno House, 12 million in renovations, with a Car Elevator



3)The Boston, Massachuetts  Townhouse


4) Romney’s Park City, Utah Home- The Ski Home



5) Romney’s New Hampshire Home


6) Mitt Romney Childhood Home-in Detroit, Michigan-born with the silver spoon of Privilege


Silver Spoon Romney’s Dad’s Home in Detroit, Michigan

Mitt Romney accuses others of being “Jealous” of him for his wealth and famous offshore bank accounts, however he displayed some jealousy himself in this clip from the 2004 Election while stumping for George Bush.

Mitt Romney -just doesn’t get it and doubtfully his problems with connecting with voters in his own party are already showing cracks.

If ever, he was to obtain any votes from the independents it would be so miniscule because of his disconnect with the realities facing American families.