2011 Tea Party Obstructionism

2011 Tea Party Obstructionism

The Tea Party -GOP Republicans won the mid-terms two years ago which was a shellacking against President Obama but what have they accomplished?

The GOP in the Senate and the House ended the year of this session with the smack down of being Taxers instead of Tax Cutters.

Since the 2010 midterm election this 112th session of congress has been called: The Do-Nothing Congress, The Obstructionists and ended 2011 with the label of voting against Tax Cuts.  A job well done!

2010-2012 Republican Track Record

Republicans in the House who won a majority ran in their campaign to “cut spending” “Cut the Deficit” and instead helped pass the 1 Trillion Dollar Defense budget for 2012!

The new speaker in 2010, John Beohner said he would end the Nancy Pelosi years and begin a new Republican phase. But what have they accomplished in two years while Americans have remained unemployed, jobless, lost homes and income?

The House Representatives, mostly the freshmen Tea Party refused to pass a debt ceiling increase, which caused a degrading of the US credit rating by S&P.  They simply accomplished nothing in two years, and nothing like their outline in campaign promises.

Waiting two years for nothing to happen is a lifetime for Americans without jobs.

While Congress obstructionism took hold, more Americans fell below the poverty line, and lined up at food banks for basic survival.
Months ago the House Reps also refused to pass a Jobs Bill but again had no problem passing a 1 Trillion dollar Defense budget bill for foreign wars, foreign spending but nothing for Americans.

No Jobs Bill?  The republicans again refused to have a strategy to create jobs within the United States, leaving the jobless to fend for themselves.

The Tea Party led republicans passed three free trade agreements which some say, outsources American jobs.

Many have said the Tea Party have missed opportunities to prove themselves, but rather took a path to destroy their own status as a viable political party.

Nancy Pelosi sums it up with:

” As we come to the end of the 112th Congress, it can clearly be labeled the Republican do-nothing Congress”. “It’s a year of missed opportunity and made-up crisis, 346 days without a significant job-creating agenda”.

It is clear that if the Democrats are to govern they must have the majority in both houses and Obama must be elected as President again.  In the next session, starting January 2013 with the health care bill out of the way, Obama would be able to deal with job creation and get the economy rolling again in the right direction. Not all mandates can be completed in one term, although if unshackled by the Tea Party, President Obama can accomplish the nation’s goals.

Nothing hurts more than the Wrath of Voters!

2011 Tea Party Obstructionism

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