NSA A Failure Detecting ISIS Threat

Sept. 29, 2014 The National Security Agency that garners billions in taxpayer dollars has failed to collect the intelligence on ISIL insurgence in the Middle East. This new ragtag group have stolen US military gear, stolen over 500 million for Iraqi banks, without a peep from the NSA.


Iraq, a country that the US has invested billions to protect and the NSA had not released any data that shows a growing threat from ISIL. It was only when the group gained power, strength and great financial backing that it became known. Only after ISIL had taken over large areas of Syria and Iraq did the slowly dripped information in the past few months but by then it was too late.

Fear Is A Great Motivation for War

The recent flashes of images of beheadings were attention getters floated by ISIL/ISIS and the US national media has ensured that fear would continue to be televised to the world.  For months, the media has flashed these images to internet users and televised news outrageously falling into the ISIS plan.

The NSA employs data from browsers worldwide and has yet to pin point where the ISIL/ISIS network originated and grew to such an formidable opponent.

The NSA is an expensive private enterprise, that supposedly was necessary but this ridiculous notion that it keeps America safe is a fallacy.

Today,  scary network media has done an excellent job via people like Mike Rogers, to instigate fear and dread of an onshore attack from ISIL.  A long time critic of the Obama administration, Rogers has been sounding the “security” alarm bells for years and the need for an NSA organization.

It is an insult to Americans and people around the globe, that the richest security agency in the world, failed to detect, deter and obstruct the threat of ISIL/ISIS in Iraq. A a Dept. of Defence contractor.

Here’s Where It Get’s Tricky For NSA Cheerleaders

Republican congressman from Michigan Mike Rogers who is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has been a promoter of the NSA. He has outlined the need for the NSA to collect private information on 320 million Americans to ensure their safety from terrorist threats.  However his wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers is/was tied to the Aegis LLC as a CEO which benefits greatly from security government contracts.  Mike Rogers has made claims that hackers are responsible for the “greatest transfer of wealth” from the rich.  (See: TechDirt- 2013)

The entire NSA debacle has grown from spying on other world leaders such as Chancellor Merkel, to charges of illegal spying on members of the US government to now a gigantic failure to detect terrorist groups.

The NSA’s illegal spying started with the Bin Laden threat and has multiplied in size but offers very little protection or security. In fact, the failures of NSA have encouraged more US military action in the Middle East. The public is outraged at the failures of the NSA to track “real terrorists” but is now selling private patented technology to corporations.


The NSA has been accused of sharing “raw intelligence data” with Israel on details of the lives of American citizens without their knowledge. (The Guardian  2013)  The NSA, a contractor made a deal with the government of Israel to hand over collected, private data (phone calls, emails) with no limits.

Here is a US corporation not a government, making deals to sell out private information about the taxpayers paying for the NSA to keep them safe.  Does anyone monitor the NSA to keep watch on what they are sharing, no there is no oversight on the NSA from the US government.

In August released documents shows that the NSA has build a “Google like search engine”, to share it’s 850 billion records on any individual.

The Growing Call for Internet Privacy

There is a growing anger at the NSA, the US government agency from snooping into people’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo accounts to ultimately “sell your data” to the highest bidder.  What was claimed to be so necessary on data collection for security purposes, has turned out to be a colossal and costly failure.

The NSA has failed to fulfill it’s mandate, there are huge numbers of criminals, drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists and yes even ISIL terrorists using social media.

There are more people “snooping” the internet that it has become a new industry on to it’s own.  It has lead tech giant Apple to make it’s newest iphone 6 totally private from itself and the NSA. Google has now encrypted it’s email services making it tougher for the NSA to violate privacy at will without a search warrant on the entire world of internet users.

The NSA program has cost money in productivity when all these tech companies could be producing products they spend hours trying to appease the NSA.

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NFL Domestic Violence After The Superbowl

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally spoke after 10 days of silence, on NFL players incidents of domestic violence and the arrest of players.

In an increasing amount of public outcry the league won’t be handling these cases, until after the Superbowl when they attempt to get it right for a change.

After many calls for his resignation as Commissioner, Goodell remains defiant and refuses to self-deport from the NFL.  Under his 8 years as Commissioner, the domestic violence charges have only increased greatly and have been covered up.


Photo: Roger Goodell, 8 years as Commissioner saw an increase in violence against women but he won’t resign.

“I got it wrong” “I’m sorry” he said after the sound of money walking out the door, when sponsors came out against the increasing violence from NFL players was too hot to handle.

As Goodell fumbled the ball in the 10 billion dollar football entertainment business, the sponsors became very concerned about the bad brand of the NFL.   One player Adrian Peterson lost the endorsement of Castrol Motor Oil, Target pulled sales merchandise from their shelves in a panic over his beating his 4 year old son and police charges. A jersey switch was offered to fans for Ray Rice’s jersey in an attempt to appease an angry public.

Big sponsors like: Verizon, Campbell Soup, Radisson Hotels, Procter and Gamble, McDonalds, Nike, Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch have either pulled away or discontinued their association with players and the league ad campaign revenues will suffer.

After weeks of almost daily news of NFL players being arrested for child abuse, the incidents of domestic violence is rampant throughout the league. Women’s groups reacted strongly to the coverups of actual videos of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend in a casino was seen by the NFL back in July.

The NFL Saw the Entire Rice Video 

But the NFL won’t admit  they say the entire video and today, Roger Goodell is in a sorry state of apology still has not indicated he saw the entire hotel elevator video.  Ray Rice and his girlfriend went into the elevator, the elevator video caught Rice socking her in the face rendering her unconscious. The second video shows a body on the floor of the video as Rice kicks it and handles her like a sack of potatoes while she was knocked out. It was violently disgusting to the public.

Specifically, Rice claims he described his knock out punches to his then fiancee Janay Palmer to the NFL, which were indeed described as life threatening and extremely violent.

A Light Sentence for NFL Players in Violence and Rape Cases

In the courts, the prosecutor also under scrutiny gave Rice a light slap on the wrist not offered to any other citizen, due to his stature on the Ravens team. The NFL has a battery of lawyers to handle these court cases, most through influencing judges are washed away or given light sentences of community service. NFL players hardly ever get the same justice as an ordinary citizen, they just produce too much revenue for the league.

The Ray Rice video was played over and over again on national TV networks and on the internet but has not seemed to knock any sense into the NFL executive, Roger Goodell.

NFL Sponsors Get Terrible Branding from NFL Violence

Most of the big sponsors like Campbell Soup, have family consumers and showing that they support violence directed against women is a terrible cost to their image.

Even as big time sponsors such as Anheuser-Busch Bush are withdrawing or making statements it was the sponsors who finally got to Roger Goodell, not the amount of violent attacks from the players.

Women Sports Fans -A Target Market Are Deeply Turned Off the NFL

A slew of complaints against the NFL for mishandling domestic violence against women from sponsors is the only action that has induced changes.

There are significant social media signals to the NFL and sponsors that proves this is “not a fad” but a loss of respect, trust and belief that the league handlers are taking this very seriously.

I’m Sorry Doesn’t Cut It With Abused Women 

Roger Goodell’s statement on Sept. 19th, a Friday afternoon news dump, includes his “I’m Sorry” for mishandling the violence against team girlfriends and wives and in one case violence against a player’s own mother.

After Goodell’s statement on Friday, another backlash against his handling of the violence against women continued and it is not going away any time soon.

Roger Goodell Had No Concern About Violence in the Past 10 Years 

Whether the players, coaches and a Commissioner, believe they are above the law, above reproach since the NFL has stood by these violent players for decades, domestic violence is not a biggie for them.

Goodell’s speech was one of an attempt to repair the brand, rather than hold their players accountable, some players facing the courts are allowed to play while others are suspended or banned for life. There is no real policy in the NFL however the response from sponsors threatening to leave millions in ad revenues behind, may change the tide.

Goodell Refuses To Resign – It’s About the NFL Ad Revenue

Goodell who has been the NFL commissioner for 8 years, has not offered to resign, a move that will be costly going forward to the Superbowl. His statement indicated the NFL will not be able to handle this mess until January 2015, after the season is finished.

Memo to Players “Don’t Punch Out Your Girlfriends or Wives”

He has sent out a memo to all players that “ Domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong. They are illegal. They are never acceptable and have no place in the NFL under any circumstances”.
Will that stop players who are beating up their children, wives, girlfriends, acquaintances or even mothers?

Goodell also claims to team up with (throw money at) several women’s groups such as the NOW-National Organization of Women to show some empathy towards battered NFL women. He is financing a National Domestic Violence Hotline and supports the National Sexual Violence Resource Center for his own players to get psychological help for their violent behaviour.

Domestic Violence Calls on The Increase Since Ray Rice Video

The calls to rape, violence centres across the country have risen greatly since the Ray Rice video was released by TMZ which was easily obtained from the casino where the attack occurred.

A New Panel to Handle NFL Policies 

The NFL also hired three women advisors to the league to help write new player guidelines on conduct, violence, assaults and outline the new programs for the future.

Players Still Draw A Big Pay Check Worth Millions After Violent Acts

While Goodell finally suspended Ray Rice, he and others still draw a pay check, they are just not allowed to play the game which is a poor investment. Rather than qualify new players during the draft, doing background checks that would reveal violent behaviour the player’s value is more important. Goodell outlined an education process, a first offence 6 week ban, a second offence is a banishment for 1 year only, which is hardly enough.

NFL Brand Damages – The Viewers

Although fans will continue watching the “only game” in the USA the league’s brand has been badly damaged by it’s allowance of domestic violence. Some fans, both male and female will not be watching NFL games this season as these chaotic scandals continue to rise.

A Growing List of Violent Players in the NFL

More recent players charged or allegedly committing acts of violence include: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Dwyer, Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy.

There are numerous other players such as Thomas Henderson, Melvin Hall, Michael Vick, Darren Sharper, Aaron Hernandez who was charged with murdering two people and many others who have been protected by the NFL.

In April 2010 Ben Roethlisberger was charged with three rape charges but never faced any criminal charges nor any punishment by the NFL. Four years ago, Roger Goodell met with Pittsburg Steelers player and his lawyers which resulted in no suspension or changes in policy.

It’s all about the game and after the Superbowl, after the money pours into the league will they attend to their players who commit heinous crimes against women.

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City of Ferguson Buffoon Officials Face Angry Citizens

Sept. 10, 2014   Since the shooting of Michael Brown August 9, 2014, a black teenager shot for jaywalking by officer Darren Wilson and the riots that ensued later it appears the City Council of Ferguson is still in “deep trouble”.

Yesterday, the Ferguson City Council held their first meeting and that city’s council “does not racially  or morally represent the people they are supposed to serve”.

The Mayor of Ferguson one Mr. James Knowles III (the Third sounds imperialistic) is not aware of any racial problems in his town. Really?  This man had the audacity to claim there were no problems when riots occurred every night, under his nose made worse by a militarized police force courtesy of Homeland Security and Governor Nixon.

jackass mayor of ferguson

Photo: The  Mayor of Ferguson –  James Knowles has said to reporters “There are no racial problems in Ferguson”. The photo speaks for itself.   Courtesy of  Dilip Vishwanat NYTimes

The peaceful protesters were beaten, fined, arrested, tear gassed and hit with rubber bullets including an Al Jazeera media crew.

We all watched in horror on national media television, as reporters from MSNBC, CNN, ABC and Al Jazeera were harassed and told to stay away from the protesters. We watched in horror as women, old and young and even children were tear gassed every night in horror.

We watched a militarized cop city turn into basic violent aggression against it’s own citizen and we formed opinions on what African Americans go through each day in the southern states of The United States of America.

The anger and outrage moved John Oliver to do this video on HBO in which he shows how imbecilic the Mayor of Ferguson is:

The outrage was and still is enormous world wide.

We watched in agony, in horror for hours deep into the night, night after night, over live stream recordings and brave souls who dared to video tape this horrific example of a  Police State American city that no one recognized anymore.

video of ferguson mayor

Photo Video Shot: HBO: Knowles says “there is no history of racial tension”.  John Oliver calls him out on his false and ridiculous statements.

There were many Constitutional Violations in Ferguson, too numerous to mention here.

Ferguson Military Tear Gassing the Media 

In this photo, Al Jazeera American TV was hit by tear gas when they were told to stop filming the police activities of brutality, when tanks, military cops repeated their offences every night for weeks.


The police then dismantled Al Jazeera’s cameras and equipment to stop them from reporting the Ferguson protests. The journalists then had to run away to escape the tear gas fumes which is what police wanted them to do.

Then police moved in with military armoured cars and swat teams.

armored swat teams

After taking down the lights, the police take very expensive camera equipment off the street. They had no right to even touch this equipment -No Constitutional Right to stop the Freedom of The Press.

a1 taking equpment from reporters

Silencing the Press

This is not democracy,  when Missouri state and city police tried to cover up their deeds in the dark of night when they attacked citizens to stop the protests.

Photos: Courtesy of KSDK -First reporters got hit with tear gas to stop filming Ferguson military attack on civilians.

Then, the police dismantled private corporate company Al Jazeera’s equipment to stop them from recording the events in Ferguson and ensure they would not come back again.

police dismantling cameras

The police took the equipment from reporters to stop their video taping – Ferguson Police, Missouri State Troupers are among these officers that had no name tags.

a1 taking equpment from reporters

You have to notice that while these officers of “the law” were taking away the Freedom of Speech they did so with AK-47’s in their hands and had the authority under Missouri State Law to do so.

Apparently in Ferguson -Free Speech, Journalism and filming police activities of a military nature against American citizens is not allowed.

The City of Ferguson availed itself of “Free Military Gear” from Homeland Security, billions of dollars of free military equipment given to cities across America “to keep citizens in line – especially black African Americans”.

The protests began when Ferguson Cops left Michael Brown’s body in the street for five hours, refused to file a police report, kept the officer’s name secret who shot Mike Brown, and then released no information on the investigation.

The Governor’s Failure -Jay Nixon’s Blunder and Homeland Security

A little known fact about Democrat Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon in that in 2013 he was named the Chair of “National Governor’s Association on Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee”.

That could explain the massive amount of militarized equipment he used to “try to stop a peaceful protest in Ferguson” which it was -until he sent in an army of police brutality and violence.

The Governor Jay Nixon, also a Democrat  refused to stop sending in the police and then the National Guard, refused to appear before citizens in Ferguson and refused to investigate the Ferguson shooting.

Jay Nixon wanted the “protests” stopped he wasn’t willing to get down to the issues which caused this national and international outrageous act of murder by a Missouri cop.

The Governor in fact is the Chair of the Homeland Security Governor’s Association and in part is responsible for the “militarization of cops in Missouri”.

The Ferguson Police, state police were OUT OF CONTROL.

The harassment of black people in Ferguson presents itself in multiple ways:

1) Excessive Fines Against Black People

2) Excessive Harassment of Black People

3) Shooting, Killing, Arresting Blacks for No Reason

4) Treating Black People’s bodies like Garbage.

5) Police threatening black citizens and media journalists.

6) Police misrepresenting Mike Brown with character assassination.

7) Police, City and Coroner refused to release Autopsy Report, Crime Report, Police Report, Incident Reports – any report release requests were denied by city officials.

It got so bad in Ferguson that the Department of Justice had to open several investigations on civil rights violations, the death of Mike Brown and more gross violations of the Constitution including media -free speech violations.

Officer “Go F…. Yourself”

Then there was this officer, a St. Ann Missouri cop who’s name is Ray Albers, seen here pointing an assault rifle at innocent protesters who are standing by filming the police.

a fertguson go fuck yourself

Photo Courtesy of: Mashable   Officer Go F Yourself Points Assault Rifle at crowd

When asked for his name, he replied “Go F…yourself” and was aptly named ” Officer Go F Yourself ” thereafter.  He threatened to kill the protesters and has since resigned from the St. Ann’s police force.

But who knows, Mr. Ray Albers may pop up again in another Missouri city near you.    Officer Go Fu Yourself apparently worked in the police department for 20 years and has a nice fat pension to retire on for his abusive violations of law enforcement.

Ferguson A City Council  -That Encourages Racism

The audience composed citizens of Ferguson turned within 10 minutes into an angered and justifiably so started shouting at their elected officials.

The angry questions came fast and furiously:

There Are a Multitude of Problems in Ferguson City Council

Where are the cop cameras to record every officer?  Where are the dashboard cameras on city police vehicles? Why are police hiding their badges while on duty? Why are police fining black people for traffic violations in greater numbers than white people? Why is officer Darren Wilson not arrested? Why are there so few black people on city council? Why are residence of Ferguson not elected to city council?

The city council has no answers, but when you have a jackass Mayor at the helm, James Knowles the Third – what do you expect?

It will take the DOJ a while to sort the violations but indeed, this calls for the expulsion of the Mayor, City Council, Police Chief and requires hiring 50 % of the all white Ferguson police force to minorities.

It requires the Ferguson police force  “To Protect and Serve” the citizens of Ferguson – not the Military Industrial Complex of America, selling war equipment for profits.

It requires a complete tear gassing of Ferguson’s City Council and then starting over.

iPhone 6- Hands Free and More Bigger

Sept. 10, 2014 The new iPhone 6 a feature that users will love is to go totally hands free besides the other upgrades.  Tim Cook calls it “the Next Chapter in Apple stores” the iPhone 6 and 6 plus introduced for their fall marketing and roll out campaign yesterday.

You can now control your iPhone 6 with your head, instead of banging it against a wall trying to fix problems. Hands Free.

A bigger screen, faster operating system, thinner, beautiful design, lighter weight reminds Android users what they are missing.

iPhone 6 – is 4.7 inches

iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches

A bigger screen become a hybrid of a tablet and phone becoming what some in the industry are calling a “Phablet.” Apple has finally admitted that going smaller on devices isn’t always a good idea. Most Apple buyers are not nimble with their fingers and that creates problems. Bigger is Better in 2014 phone designs but not too big that you need a container to carry your phone.

The camera on iPhone 6 Plus is better, becoming a plus for photographers.

iWatch – New for 2014 – Apple’s Watch

Then There is the iPhone Watch another device to keep you informed of where you are located and your daily activities.  Available in 18K gold, with interchangeable bands and faces including a Disney Mickey Mouse face.



Apple iWatch can even tell you how fit you are, tracking your activities, collecting data and measures your body movement. It can track your heart rate, your travel distance and gives an Activity App that measures your exercising, calories burned which should be beneficial to athletes. The Watch – That Get’s To Know You, sort of like your own mechanical personal trainer.

The Apple Keynote – September 9, 2014 – a new line to feed Apple Crack to Apple Addicts -just in time for another Christmas Splurge.

NFL and Growing Violence Against Women

Sept 10, 2014  The need for laws on domestic violence began twenty years ago, with the VAW Act, Violence Against Women Act to stem the tide of the violent abuse of men against women. Apparently, this law does not apply to football, basketball or baseball athletes.

The NFL player Ray Rice’s violent act against his girlfriend, depicted in a TMZ video again highlights the need to stop NFL players in particular athletes misconduct and debasement of their wives, or girlfriends.

The list is long of NFL players who have attacked, killed or raped women, their wives, girlfriends and even mothers who have been punished or are dead.

In 2012,  Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was arrested for assaulting his own mother reported by ESPN. 


There have been many high profile cases involving athletes, celebrities and even judges who physically assault women in American culture. Even with federal laws in place, there is still much work to do to cease this disturbing cruelty towards the fairer sex.

Another example is Kansas City’s Jovan Belcher who shot his girlfriend to death then committed suicide. What is making these players so violent off the field, are they are drugs, is it the pressure to win, at any cost? What about head injuries, do they play a role in violent conduct off the field? Is it the culture of the NFL, the brutal culture that allows violence, drugs, alcohol and fighting off the field?

San Diego Union-Tribune Database of NFL Violent Players:

There are so many cases which now are recorded in a player database, collected arrests reported of NFL players since the year 2000.

NFL Players DataBase of Violence, Arrests, Citations reported since 2000 

Is the NFL out of control? It seems apparent that the NFL  is without regard to the laws of this nation to protect their players.

It is difficult to believe that the NFL, with its massive resources and funds that they did not see the entire video capturing Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancée Janay Palmer,  like a prize fighter would smack an opponent in the ring. Janay Palmer was not only hit twice, knocked to the floor, her lifeless body dragged out of an elevator and then her legs were kicked twice by Ray Rice.  To protect her man and his NFL career, she even married him after he was indicted. She has had to suffer the humiliation of his violence in the press for months again due to her now husband’s violent behavior.

Most domestic violence crime goes unreported due to economic circumstances, children and the limited resources women have when reporting a spouse or boyfriend for a violent act.

As social media is ablaze with revulsion at Ray Rice, the NFL Commissioner and the entire league with hashtags such as:


The anger against the NFL only grows stronger after Rice was suspended initially with only a two game penalty. After TMZ released the “entire video” which was readily available to the NFL did the firestorm ignite.

The Raven’s NFL team cut Ray Rice indefinitely but it came way too late for fans.  There are calls for the NFL Commissioner to step down, resign or quit but also the judicial that gave him “just a slap on the hand” for his deeds.  Rice received a

We also have to thank a Supreme Court that in 2000 struck down the provision in the VAW Act, that allowed victims to sue their assailants.

Why Women Stay in An Abusive Relationship:

The reasons outlined below explains why women stay in a violent relationship and why light sentences to NFL players just doesn’t cut it anymore.

best tweet of the night

Seriously, Roger S. Goodell who has been the NFL Commissioner since 2006, for the past 8 years has done nothing to stem the violence of his players. He has instead, protected “the shield” of the NFL, protected the revenue, of advertisers and “for the game” has allowed no major penalties to players who commit illegal acts of violence against women. That explains why many fans want Goodell to resign now.

The firestorm won’t stop, the NFL will fail to win fans, will lose fans and has lost its honour, reputation and is now a disgraced league where glory means you beat up on women off the field.

The new NFL emblem courtesy of Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan means just what it says:


Mike Brown Waiting For Justice in Ferguson

Aug. 20, 2014 Day 11 and Mike Brown is not only waiting for justice, he’s waiting to be buried by his family in Ferguson Missouri. To end the grief of another African American family that has to bury their young black son, a son who was looking forward to going to college to start his way in life.

The Civil Rights of All Americans -Freedom

The slaying of a young teenager, an African American in the small town Missouri of Ferguson on August 9, 2014 has garnered world-wide outrage and horror.

1mike brown

Photo: Mike Brown,  a student, 18 years old was supposed to start college a week ago.   Photo Credit: His Facebook Account

Police Officer – Shoot First -Obey Commands and Mis-Using their Authority over The Public

If you don’t immediately obey a police command in today’s America you can be shot, tapered, ticketed, abused, punched, kicked or choked by a police officer.  This is unacceptable unless you are at war with the public those are strong handed tactics that are meant to incite anger by people.

There were many options in this case, may ways to diffuse the attitudes of young people, it requires training, proper police procedures that don’t involve antagonistic methods. In New York a black man, Eric Garner was choked to death by police officers on the street and died. Garner was approached in the “Stop and Frisk” style that a new mayor has banned, for selling cigarettes on the street.

A choke hold is banned by the NY Police Department and that case is going to the Grand Jury for the indictment of murder.  Mr. Garner was also left on the street to die, with no emergency unit at hand to try to revive him, they just watched him die on the street.

Ferguson Police Try To Justify Murder As A Way to Keep Blacks In Line or Intimidation To The Point Where they Disobey the Police 

The teen was shot after a police officer saw him walking on a road and told him to “get the F off the road” witnesses say. His friend Dorian Johnson walking along side him, is the closest witness to the many versions coming out in the media of what happened.

Many witnesses at the scene say Mike Brown was assassinated, shot with 6 bullet holes one which was the fatal shot to the top of his head. Witnesses say he had his hands up in the air, surrendering after running away from the police car. The officer’s account has never been given to the public and until it has been offered in a court of law is hearsay.

Mr. Brown’s body was left on the street for 5 hours as one man approached to try to revive him if that was possible was turned away by the two police officers at the scene. The blood flowing from Mike Brown was left to be photographed until someone put a sheet over him.  It was indicative of the inhumanity in this case, the total disregard by the City of Ferguson for a human life.

a funeral

Photo: The site on road in Ferguson where Mike Brown was shot and killed remains a site of mourning and grief

It spoke volumes to those who witnessed the murder, by the many times the photos are show and the callous way to any observer.

There were no photos of a coroner arriving and later Brown’s body was summarily put into a police SUV not a coronor vehicle and not an ambulance if the coroner vehicle is not available.

There was no video tape by the police of their attention to the body after the shooting and preserving any evidence, there is no count of bullet shells found on the ground. Nothing.

Any evidence collected at the scene such as stippling of bullet powder, hair samples or other forensic evidence has still not been released by the Ferguson police or coroner. No autopsy has been released by the City’s Coroner’s Office, that had to be done by the Brown family.

The police finally had to release the name of the officer after five days or more, since other names were being mentioned in the media to identify the officer.  All of this information was being kept from the public to protect the cop.  Mr. Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department was finally revealed to be the shooter, after he had the opportunity to leave his home under death threats.


Photo: Darren Wilson, identified as the shooter of Mike Brown from PD files

The officer claims he was attacked by Mike Brown at his car and while Brown was walking away he had no choices but to shoot the unarmed teen six times until death occurred.  When he shot Mike Brown, witnesses say  that he had his hands up in the air and said “Don’t shoot”.

In most incidents, lethal force is not warranted, or necessary but police are killing people for the smallest of infractions.  Another solution would have been if the officer had shot “near to Mike Brown” but not directly taking aim at his head or body, as a warning shot.  Apparently,  the officer made to statement to warn Mike Brown, no pronouncement of what was to come next – he just kept firing off his gun at the body in front of him.

Even in a war zone, when a person puts their hands up, that is a universal sign of not shooting them, it is well known through history and it is always granted to a human being.  The officer had many options including talking to the teen, a taser gun, or simply driving away but he did not.

The Chief of Police in Ferguson, had chosen to not release the name of the police officer for many, many days after the shooting for the officer’s safety. This also enraged protesters who feel this case will be swept under the rug, or legally botched on purpose to allow the cop to get away with another murder of a citizen.

The officer has left his home and gone into hiding but has co-operated with two investigations on the shooting-murder of Mike Brown.

The police have not been open, nor ethical and have purposely released a video of Mike Brown to smear the victim.

The Family’s Undue Agony – No Answers – 3 Autopsies 

All this time, the family have asked for justice, have not been able to bury their son and have not had any information on the many reports missing in this case, namely the facts.

In most cases, the name of the police officer who has to file an Incident Report are both released in short order. That simply didn’t happen in this case which led to a public outcry for transparency by the community.

The results of course led to peaceful protests for the past 11 days, turning the small town of Ferguson, population 22,000 into a world media circus of anxiety, needless stress and keeping police reports private.

When this lack of transparency, the lack of releasing police reports, the lack of releasing an autopsy report, police incident report has led to the outrage for almost two weeks now.

So far Mike Brown has undergone 3 autopsies, the Brown family, the city and the Justice Department all have conducted an autopsy on his body.


Photo: Lesley McSpadden, Mike Brown Sr, Parents of Mike Brown, Photo Credit: Reuters

The entire chaotic scene in Ferguson  is unprecedented secrecy, mysterious videos released that are not related to the case by the Police department has provoked the public. The police department do not give any details of the shooting nor have they asked witnesses for their statements, it is all an undercover operation.

A Prosecutor With Ties to the Police Department 

Also, many are asking that the St. Louis County prosecutor assigned to this case, Robert McCulloch recuse himself due to his past history. That includes not prosecuting a case involving an African American.


Photo: Prosecutor Robert McColloch won’t recuse himself

Another reason, is that, McColloch’s own father was killed by an African American when he was 12 years old. These two pertinent facts would have bearing on a decision to recuse, however McCulloch will not recuse himself.  He also predicts it will take until September to complete the investigations at hand, which of course the public are dismayed at why he has not made an indictment yet.

Department of Justice Launches Investigation into the Mike Brown Case

The attorney General Eric Holder arrives in Ferguson today, after the Justice Department has also filed an investigation into the civil rights factors that involve this case.  Holder intends to learn more about how the case can be assisted  and ensures in a “fair and thorough manner of -exactly what happened.”

There are 50 FBI special agents amongst other personnel gathering information, interviewing witnesses going door to door for any details on the case.

Ferguson’s Long History Of Racial Inequality

There is a history and generations of stories about racial inequality in Ferguson and America, especially applicable to this case.


Photo: Ferguson is just one town where social justice is absent and economic problems are at the core.   Photo Credit: Kathleen Caulderwood

Just one glaring problem in Ferguson is that there are 50 white policemen and only three African American policemen.  Police are routinely stopping black Americans for ticketing and generally harassing them for no good reasons. It has become a routine to the black community to be summarily approached many times by police officers. That has to stop.

There seems to be a long standing pattern of racial problems in Ferguson which has been seriously overlooked by state politicians. The state also has a joblessness problem, where people turn to crime due to the lack of jobs and a future. This not only applies to Missouri, but to many US states that are languishing in poverty since the Wall Street crash in 2008.

Militarizing Police in America -Creates More Chaos And Threats

Many states like Missouri  are also obtaining free hardware from Homeland Security, left over from the Iraq and Afghan invasions. This has turned small town USA cops in to soldiers with military tactics and equipment and acting like the public is their sworn enemy. Congress is attempting to re-visit these multi-million dollar give-a-ways to cities of armored tanks and tear gas. But it seems from the example of Ferguson, it has turned police against the public by their ability to use more powerful weapons, bullets and less community with the people they are supposed to protect.


Photo: Police in Ferguson dressed as soldiers in Ferguson Aug 17/2014 Photo Credit Reuters

State Turned Ferguson Into A War Zone 

In this case however, the state of Missouri trying to stop protesters have botched their attempts to reach out to the community but rather approached them at gun point.

A Governor Out of Touch With Reality and Racism

Since his death which presumably was for walking on a street, has also caused a mis-directed Gov. Jay Nixon to use military force agains the voice of protesters.


Photo: Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has never been to the area of Ferguson shooting in 11 days. Not once has he showed support for the family, no apology for the murder of Mike Brown

Outside provoking trouble makers have arrived to make matters much worse by looting, throwing objects at police to incite a riot.

The mistakes of the Governor Jay Nixon, a democrat in this case are both glaring and alarming in his use of excessive force against civil protesting.  The Governor was no where to be found on the first night after the murder when the flames of unrest were burning.

Mr. Nixon has been severely criticized for his use of military cops and also has called in the National Guard to cease the protesting. His judgement comes from the fact that Mr. Nixon is also on the Governor’s Committee for Homeland Security. This is also where states have obtain the “free stuff hardware” from HS that is enraging the public, turning cops into military soldiers.  To see tanks, armored cars, war tactics used on his own constituents was a sight to behold.

Nationally, the media has been either arrested, accosted or threatened by city, state and federal National Guards in what everyone is calling the “Ferguson War Zone”.

The number of Civil Rights, Human Rights and proper police procedures that have been broken is astounding to the world media and the public.

Homeland Security On The Loose in America

Since the invasion of Iraq has been winding down, military hardware owned by the US government, who grossly overspent taxpayers money has seeped into small cities for “protection” against incidents. But has this equipment made the public more likely to rebel especially when treated like the enemy as in Ferguson?

american police at war

Photo: The Militarizing of America’s Cops – courtesy of The Daily Beast

Have American city police forces been too aggressive and broken the Constitutional right of the people’s freedom of speech and freedom to assemble? Indeed, the answer is yes.

The use of Homeland Security equipment used in the protests didn’t make matters any better. That equipment includes: police officers loaded with automatic rifles pointing at protesters, riot gear helmets, bullet proof vets, batons, shields, tear gas and armored vehicles to quell the protesters. The amount of tear gas lobbed at reporters, protesters including children is a complete example of a Police State.

Billions of dollars are being spent by Congress, which approves the Homeland Security budget, should be geared towards their sparse use in foreign wars.  However, what has transpired since 2007 or later, is the assault on the public by these menacing looking Militarized Robo Cops who have nothing to fear from unarmed or armed citizens.  But if you see the reality, if the government isn’t doing anything wrong, then there wouldn’t be a protesting public.

Mostly 98% of Americans want to live in peace, want to earn a living,  want to raise their children and want to retire some day.  They do not set out to harm their government unless there is a visible and continuous abusive government who are misusing power and taking away their civil rights.

Ferguson Becomes A 2014 Kent State Shoot To Kill Protestors All Over Again

During the Kent State incident in 1970 where students in Kent University protested the Vietnam war four students were shot to death.


Most of the entire country wanted an end to the war, but Nixon would not withdraw troops.  Instead, he sent in the National Guard to stop the protesting and bust some heads at the school.

The entire country was in protest mode and so was the rest of the world, but still Pres. Richard Nixon kept sending troops to their certain death which at final count was over 60,000 dead American soldiers.  Four students were shot by the National Guard and that did not stop the protests, that only infuriated people to protest more which they did of course.

In the meantime, the Brown family has had to hire lawyers, a forensic pathologist to perform an autopsy on their son. In their grief they have been asking for Mike’s civil rights to walk on a US street, without being shot. They are asking for non-violent actions and to stop any rioting or looting in Ferguson.

If the civil rights of the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and so forth have taught us anything it is that governments “must listen to the will of the people or perish”.

All the Brown family is asking for is justice in the death of their son and for the government to come clean, fix the problems and to bury their son in dignity.


Virginia GOP McDonnell Marriage of Luxury and Bribery

Sept. 10, 2014 Republican former Governor of Virginia was found guilty of 11 corruption charges by a jury of his piers. Mrs. McDonnell didn’t escape justice either garnering 9 guilty indictments on her participation for a corrupt Governor’s Office.

Both face decades in jail, as the state of  Virginia seeks to tighten the vast loopholes in accepting gifts while in office and stemming future corruption.

Ethics in Virginia legislation means politicians are free to accept gifts from donors, friends and influencers which tarnishes the state’s ethics and honour. The charges lit a firestorm that requires full disclosure for state politicians and a revision of current laws.

The case also proves that claiming you have a “lousy marriage” is not a defence against a possible conviction of bribery and corruption.

July 30, 2014 It will be a very long trial. Bob McDonnell the former republican Governor of Virginia stands charged with accepting gifts from wealthy CEO Jonnie Williams of Star Scientific.

But is his 38 year old marriage in trouble also?


Photo: Bob McDonnell and Wife Maureen McDonnell Courtesy Daily Herald

Did Maureen McDonnell have an affair with the wealthy Jonnie Williams while accepting lavish gifts when she already lived in the Governor’s Mansion? There were private meetings between the two in the Governor’s mansion, and Jonnie was known as Maureen’s “favorite playmate”.


Photo: Jonnie R. Williams Senior and Maureen McDonnell
Photo Credit: Michaele White/ Office of the Gov. of Virginia, via Associated Press and New York Times

The McDonnell case is not the first but it is a typical example of how power, position in government corrupts and how money affects politics.

We’re Innocent the McDonnell’s both claim, of course there are hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages that the NSA can help find to provide evidence for the prosecutors.

The McDonnell’s claim they are both innocent and that these gifts were a result of the lavish generous friends they have, whom they also endorse products for in return.

While this was all going on, McDonnell in 2009 ran on a very conservative plank that women who sought an abortion had to undergo an wand inserted in their vagina as a legal requirement before the abortion could be performed.

The Vagina Wand Governor of Virginia

Bob McDonnell then became known as the Vagina Wand Republican Guy that sent women voters into convulsions and anger.  Women’s rights advocates made sure he would not be re-elected for another term and his bill was the laughing stock of America.

Almost Famous

McDonnell rose to the heights of being considered as Mitt Romney’s running mate for 2012 or even a bid for the White House as a President in past ears.

He also was known as an anti-feminist candidate as well as anti-gay while favoring his christian values that of course would allow accepting bribes, cash and the creature comforts he did not disclose.

Bob McDonnell Close Encounters With A Wealthy Donor

The Star Scientific company also made donations in excess of $28,000 to Bob McDonnell’s campaign in 2009 for Governor of Virginia or possibly more funding for his campaign.

The Case of Accepting Bribes -Now Called Gifts

In May, the judge decided that the feds would not throw out the corruption charges, why would he -this was a case of massive amounts of political influence peddling and cash benefits in return. It is an old political problem, politicians getting wooed by money, fame, sex or other monetary joys in exchange for political endorsements of products, laws or defending a company by a state Governor.

As a Governor McDonnell earned a salary of $ 175K, benefits, travel expenses and the use of state assets of travel, planes, cars and he lived in a mansion with staff which obviously wasn’t enough.

The prosecutors slapped a 43 page -14 counts of conspiracy against the former Governor, accepting loans, gifts, trips, luxury cars, cash, food for his daughter’s wedding, rolex watches and more gift stuff.

Separate Lawyers – Same Case of Corruption in Virginia

Maureen McDonnell has her lawyers, Bob McDonnell has his lawyers, both claim they were sort of taken advantage of by slick Jonnie Williams. In return for all the cash and loot, Williams expected the endorsement of his company’s products,  While Governor, McDonnell’s staff asked Williams for the use of his “private jet”.

Whether it was Mrs. McDonnell who encouraged the relationship with her husband or not, they are both equally charged and are up for a trial. Mrs. McDee ran up the credit card bills at high end fashion clothing stores while her husband enjoyed a ride in a Ferrari, golf trips, luxuries, watches, tickets to games, Christmas gifts which amount to more than $ 165,000 bucks.

Mrs. McDonnell even asked for his ( Jonnie’s) assistance in finding herself a designer dress frequently and to outfit her daughter’s wedding, or any other function that she needed new clothes.

Mrs. McDonnell Appearances for the company have also been called into question plus the selling of 6,500 shares in the company to avoid having to report same.

The plot thickens when you add in the McDonnell’s real estate company called MoBo, which stands for Maureen and Bob and another loan of 50K from Jonnie Williams.

Star Scientific the company manufactured diet supplements and has co-operated with the feds on the investigation. Their product called Anatabloc was promoted by the Governor even offering to use government staff as a case study for promotions.

Star Scientific Co-Operates With the Feds To Avoid Prosecution

The company has turned over their books, expenditures to federal investigators about the McDonnell’s, mostly to avoid criminal charges against Jonnie Williams.

There are many witnesses to be called and more lurid details of how this much publicized corruption can ever be considered “acceptable” in Virginia state law. The McDonnell’s especially are exposed to criminality when it comes to the full disclosure requirements they failed to meet. The state requires any give over $ 50.00 to be disclosed but the McDonnell’s didn’t make any disclosures.

If they are both convicted the McDonnell’s will be facing a long stint in prison approximately 20 years in jail and fines up to $250,000 bucks to a million dollars for their indulgences.

The Daily Herald reported that Bob McDonnell, was accepting rides on Jonnie’s private jet, getting accustomed to the “good life ahead”even before he ran for the mansion.

All ends well if this makes a clear example to other politicians that accepting bribes is a crime, but it probably won’t change a thing in Congress.

OK Cupid -Ok We Fooled You – Internet Social Experiments

July 29, 2014 Ok – We Fooled You – So What – Everybody Does it On the Internet

After the fall out on the revelation that  Facebook conducted secret experiments on their users, the internet has again become the subject of a social experiment gone wrong.

Facebook admits it conducted an experiment on 700,000 users without their knowledge. The website altered news feeds with injecting either bad news or good news to test users reactions in their mood.  (More at CNET)

This study on Facebook  is under FTC investigation of deception but Facebook has made billions on users personal information, therefore very little will be done by the FTC.

The founders of a website called OkCupid is a youngster by the name of Christian Rudder, who announced that his company experiments on users also.   The site is operated by OkTrends which collects data from the major traffic generators of Google, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter on millions of users online.

OKtrends is just another meta data online researcher that now freely admits that experimentation of internet users is very common in today’s world.

OKCupid has admitted that it set up dates for people that were totally incompatible to see their reactions and duped users into thinking their prospective dates were at least 90% compatible.

Therefore, OK Trends – OK Cupid conclusion from this experiment was that the “myth of compatibility works just as well as the truth”. Big deal.  All they’ve really accomplished is the fact that “all people can be duped if fed a lie online” and it’s easy to rinse and repeat what Facebook accomplished.

They should change the name of the site:

OK – You’re Duped or Ok – We’re Fooling You

Not What the Internet Was Established To Do

Any internet user should be aware that part of the internet is a scam, it is foolery and since it’s inception the internet was never meant to be used to profit from people’s personal information or actually set out to deceive them.

The number of users on Twitter or Facebook isn’t a real measure of worth, it is a game of foolery and numbers don’t mean anything. You can have 10,000 followers on Twitter but they are all fake accounts, which actually means Twitter is fake. But they make money on fakery, so does this new generation of usury, which actually manipulates and experiments with humans.

If someone walked up to you on a park bench with a paper bag over their head, you are a part of a social experiment.


Social Experiments on Dating – With A Paper Bag Over Your Head

Dating Online is similar to this: You don’t really know if you are dealing in reality or truth but more of well – it is like a game of foolery.

Ha…Ha….Fooled You. Now what?


(Video courtesy of Daily Mail UK)

Republicans Argue Against Refugee Children Fox News

July 29, 2014 Only On Fox News can an exchange so clearly illustrate the discord of the republicans and their media icons.

Bill O’Reilly a child anti-immigration fan argues with Juan Williams on Fox News, a show that illustrates why Congress will not reform immigration.

On his show he got into a heated debate on immigration refugee children and stated that 50% of immigrant families are receiving entitlements” which he doesn’t support with any facts.

If Bill O’Reilly had the real facts, he would know that red states (governed by Republicans) are the highest recipients of welfare in America. Bill O’Reilly may talk a good game of misinforming the public but the facts do not bear the truth.  (See Business Insider).  Talk about Right Wing Socialism?

fox news

Photo: Fox News Show -The O’Reilly Factor -argues over immigration of refugee children from South America

George Will another republican shows that some right-wingers want children to assimilate into the USA.

Will said on Fox News Sunday edition ” I think we ought to to say to these children “Welcome to America. You’re going to go to school and get a job and become Americans”. “The idea that we can’t assimilate these 8 year old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous”.

Without reforming immigration will continue this migration at the border will continue with current laws.

Current laws allow refugees from other countries to have a hearing in court to determine their claims of refugee from their country. South American countries are teaming with crime, drug lords who rape, abuse and even kill children who do not join the drug world. Children who are mostly living in poverty, due to corrupted governments of Panama, Guatemala and others.

There are over 100,000 children who have entered the US under refugee status instituted by a bill written by former President George W. Bush.

“You are an open border guy” says O’Reilly to Juan WIlliams.

symbol of the USA

Photo: The message on the Statue of Liberty which is the principal upon which the United States was established says:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-ost to me – I life my lamp beside the golden door”….

Only On Fox News has the right wing shown how incapable they are of governing the country, let alone agreeing with themselves. The borders now must be closed to appease the right wingers who just don’t like Brown People.
This is why the republican held House of Representatives will not work for a living and pass bills that will fix immigration.

Amazon Launches 3D Printing Store

The largest retailer in the world has launched a new 3D Printing Store directly on Amazon, to download and make products in the comfort of your home.

amazon 3 d

The Shop of the Future Amazon 3 D Store,  can create dozens of products in a variety of choices  and styles particularly useful in fashion items. Also useful are kids toys, jewelry, toys, novelty items,  games, tech accessories such as  iphone cases and geometric objects or tablet cases.

3 D printing is a special method of making products by way of a 3 D Printer which could eliminate manufacturing of plastic goods.  3 D printing allows consumers to make a product using custom designs using their own choice of materials, colors, sizes to produce a three dimensional product usually made of plastic or metal.  The design can be altered in thickness and prices of these products will usually be under the $ 25.00 range.

3 D Printers are quickly becoming useful in creativity, design and creating models for presentations of new products.

See: Amazon’s New 3 D Printing Store


Fist Bump Safer Than A Handshake

July 2014  The social way to greet has always been a firm handshake but these days people are passing around more germs and bacteria on their hands.


The Fist Bump has been praised for spreading less germs amongst the populous than the old style handshake with fully pressed hand flesh to flesh style of greeting.

A research team at the University of West Virginia have concluded that the Fist Bump is less hazardous in spreading germs than the old style handshake.  Of course that makes sense since there is less skin-to-skin contact with a fist bump than covering someone’s entire hand with yours.

In a handshake you have to assume the person you are shaking hands with has washed their hands which is risky business these days. The majority of the public don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom, eating food, touching animals or using handrails in public transit.

 Flu Bugs and Dirty Money: Dollar Bills That Carry Germs

Then you have to think about the flu bugs on people’s hands before a handshake, which of course people never do.  A person is more likely to have “less germs on the top of their fingers than on their inner palm or fingers” which does make sense.

Even handling dollar bills or coins can be dangerously carrying bacteria and fecal matter. Yuk.  See:   Chicago Tribune report from 2012.

Air Kisses: are even better.  Or just say Hello.


The Degraded Of US Food Safety -FDA Warning Letters

The FDA is supposedly an agency to protect the public from tainted food and so far it has done a remarkably terrible job in the past 10 years.

canada new food bill

More food recalls are issued everyday, more sickness from the natural process of merely eating food for human life is as tainted, dirty, disgusting as ever in history.

In the latest slap on the hand by the FDA, Food Safety News reports that five US food producers received letters in the mail.

No sense of urgency, no enforcement of the law and no inspections the FDA sent them a letter, via US post.

The dairy farm was cited for using unacceptable level of antibiotic or other drugs in their cattle.  There is no mention of whether other diary products such as cheese or milk contain these drugs as well with these producers.

The seafood processor was cited for allowing temperature of seafood to present a clear health hazard.

The process of FDA warning letters is that, the producer can respond in writing within 15 days on how they’ve fixed the hazard and that’s the end of the process.

Today, the FDA does very little inspecting of the large factory food producers that make the majority of US daily food supplies.

Here is a Long List of Letters from Food Producers on the FDA Website

FDA Food Safety Warning Letters – updated daily

On the CDC website its the same long list of recalls, violations, daily outbreaks, more people rushing to the hospital and increased sickness from eating food.

Twenty years ago, these recalls were very scarce and standards were enforced but through the weakening of laws, the corruption in government, standards are now so low that you can expect to get sick from food at least once a week.

Dairy, Meat, Vegetable factories are all free to inspect themselves without government standing over them, which of course is a big mistake. It is a system that almost guarantees failure to comply and actually encourages food producers to cheat, cut corners and increase profits.

The FDA, USDA takes no action to prosecute the offending corporations that are making US made food not only substandard but “deadly”.

Food Hazards on The Increase:

There are several US government agencies that are not doing their job:

FDA  – Food and Drug Administration
USDA – US Department of Agriculture
NIH – National Institute of Health
CDC – Center for Disease Control

All these billions of dollars gone to these agencies has failed to protect the public from disease and it is the increased amount of bacteria in their food consistently that is raising health care costs.

These four agencies protect the corporate profits of big factory food makers and factory farms so they don’t have to produce “clean” food, they can produce garbage and bacteria in food and it gets passed by the government as safe.

Food Safety Laws are Not Enforced: There is little more than a slap on the hand for violations, while food lobbyists and politicians slap each other on the back in Congress to deregulate Food Safety.

The Lack of Control of Unsafe Food In The United States:

Basically the US food supply is unregulated, inspections are few and more people end up in the hospital after having a meal.
Companies are not shut down permanently after violations
No legal repercussions – just a fine paid out of mega-profits
Fines Don’t Work – failure to stop bad producers
Lobbyists in Congress prevent abuses – Food Lobby is powerful
No Reporting on Factory Farm Filthy conditions – it’s against the law
Funding Cuts prevent inspections, which reduces food standards.

In fact US food has become a mixture of dangerous chemicals
and rotting bacteria in food and it is allowed to continue it will be more common to get:

Listeria, Botulism, Ecoli, Fecal Matter, chemicals, petroleum
antibiotic levels, salmonella, drugs and more germs in your food.

The FDA fails to rule in favor of public safety, rather they favor the food
manufacturers to produce cheaper more chemicalized foods through
the use of antibiotics to fatten animals before slaughter.

The use of antibiotics, is actually increasing the bacteria’s resistance levels
and in many ways this affects human health negatively.
Most of the drugs given to feed animals is for growth purposes to make
animals bigger, fatter and  so they weigh more before slaughter, but has very
little to do with food safety and more about profits.

The food industry continues to argue in favor of more drug use and the FDA complies with their request due to a very corrupted food safety system in the US government.

Read More about the numerous Food Safety Recalls  at:  Food Safety News

Recently an appeals court ruled in favor of Animal Antibiotic Use, barring the FDA to hold hearings on the matter.

Without Laws – a Society is Lawless and hopeless.